Instagram Growth Tools: Automate Your Way to Success

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Instagram 101 | May 16, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

With so many brands trying to dominate social media platforms, standing out and growing online can be challenging. Sometimes, even the most impressive content strategy isn’t enough. On Instagram specifically, some smart brands are bringing out the big guns to boost their brand. How? By enlisting the help of reputable, technologically forward Instagram growth tools.

Third-party tools are an excellent way to support and complement your overall Instagram growth strategy. With impactful technologies like automation and AI, it’s much easier to reach your target market and grow on Instagram.

Do you want to learn how to find the best growth tools in the market today? See a round-up of our favorite ones in this guide!

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Tips for Finding the Best Instagram Growth Tools

There are a lot of factors to keep an eye out for when choosing the best Instagram growth tools online. Naturally, they have to be credible and reputable. Don’t work with any services that look sketchy and don’t have any decent reviews from previous customers. They also must offer secure payment methods. Never give your financial information to payment gateways you don’t trust. But when assessing the actual features of a growth service, what should you look for?

First and foremost, check to see whether they have seamless integration features for Instagram. You won’t be able to work with these platforms if you can’t link them to your Instagram account.

If you’re new to growth platforms, find one that has a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface. A platform like that makes the learning curve a lot less intimidating. This allows you to learn how to man the tool and get going right away.

It’s also a good idea to opt for tools that have customer support ready. That way, if you have any questions about your dashboard and any of the app’s features, you can ask immediately. Many reputable tools will give you access to 24/7 support. Just pick and choose the ones you trust the most.

But above all things, it’s best to choose growth tools that are powered by artificial intelligence, also known as AI.

Tools driven by AI have advanced capabilities when it comes to collecting and analyzing large amounts of data. They take information, spot important patterns and trends and then suggest actionable insights and solutions for your brand.

This allows you to fine-tune your Instagram marketing strategy with ultra-precise data to meet your goals. The best part is that AI does the work incredibly fast, so there’s not much waiting around to see results!

Harnessing the Power of Tech: 5 AI Tools for Instagram Growth

AI can sometimes get a bad rap, especially when it threatens people’s jobs or human creativity. But in some cases, it helps out a ton—especially when it comes to social media growth.

AI tools for Instagram help enhance your online presence so you can get more followers as efficiently as possible. They have the power to generate important analytics reports, spot industry trends, reach targeted audiences and help you create content. By integrating tools like these into your daily Instagram operations, you can lighten your load and continue to grow.

Are you ready to bite the bullet and see how AI can help enhance your growth strategy? Elevate how you run your Instagram page with the help of the following AI tools.

1. For Reaching the Right Target Audience: Path Social

One thing AI does tremendously well is find your target audience and serve your content to them. AI can segment users by their behaviors, interests, and audience demographics and recommend posts that resonate with them. This helps improve a brand’s post-engagement rate and can even lead to more conversions and sales for businesses.

Do you want to use an AI-powered growth service to help you reach your target audience and get more followers? Try working with yours truly. At Path Social, we help you grow your following by reaching real, genuine users interested in your content.

With our proprietary AI algorithm, we pinpoint the type of people on Instagram who relate to your posts. Then, we use all kinds of promotional strategies to make sure they know about your page. These techniques range from influencer shout-outs by our in-house creators to adding your content to our daily newsletters.

At Path Social, we only work to reach real people. That means all your new followers will be 100% targeted and organic, never fake or bot accounts. If you want to get authentic fans fast, it’s the best Instagram growth tool to use!

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2. Best AI-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform: HypeAuditor

There are plenty of influencer marketing platforms out there that help connect businesses with potential brand ambassadors. These platforms are known for their huge databases of influencers. From there, brands pick and choose who to reach out to and invite to be a part of their campaigns.

While these platforms are convenient, brands still need to sift through many influencers to find the perfect ambassadors for projects. But with AI integrated into these systems, they can analyze influencer data to help you find the best ones quickly. AI influencer marketing platforms basically do the legwork for you.

That’s exactly what the AI-powered influencer platform HypeAuditor does. The site has a database of over 138 million influencers that you can easily sort through with advanced filters. The platform analyzes all of these influencers’ accounts, from Instagram to Twitter to Twitch, to show how effective they are. These data and insights make picking out and working with influencers a breeze.

And that’s not all! HypeAuditor is a one-stop shop for all things influencer marketing. Aside from identifying key influencers, you can also manage your campaigns and check their performance metrics straight from the platform. It’s the perfect AI tool to use if you want to grow your account through influencer partnerships.

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3. For Social Listening and Consumer Insights: Brandwatch

One surefire way to grow on Instagram is by finding key consumer insights and trending topics. By informing your content strategy with those, you’re sure to churn out interesting, engaging, high-quality content that lures people in. To do that, you should work with AI-powered social listening software.

Brandwatch, powered by—you guessed it—AI, is one of the most popular social listening tools today. Brandwatch collects and analyzes over a trillion online conversations with the accuracy and speed only AI can promise. Then, they look for trends, hot topics and opportunities your brand can leverage to make outstanding content.

Brandwatch also fills you in on what people are saying about your brand as well as your top competitors. They can find millions of conversations about your business and then segment them into specific topics. This allows you to see in a snapshot what conversations people are having surrounding your brand. Not only are these insights useful for brand reputation management, but also for creating the best content strategy moving forward.

4. For Fast, Easy Content Creation and Caption Writing: Ocoya

Creating high-quality content is one of the most effective ways to grow your page. But making stellar content requires a knack for creative work, from caption writing to photography to graphic design. Are you not confident in your creative skills just yet? Use an AI-powered content creation growth tool like Ocoya.

Ocoya helps you with every step of content marketing all by using AI. With thousands of creative templates, the platform helps you cook up stunning images and videos for your page. They also have an AI writing assistant who comes up with engaging, witty captions to go with each post. It’s like having Canva, ChatGPT and a video editor on one platform!

Don’t forget to utilize its content scheduling feature to make publishing your creative posts even easier!

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5. One of the Best Messaging Automation Tools for Instagram: Manychat

Brands that engage a lot with their audience tend to be more successful on Instagram. That’s because they work hard to reply to messages and comments from fans and customers.

This allows them to build a solid relationship with their follower base, boosting loyalty. At the same time, when new people see how responsive and engaging the brand is, it will pique their interest. That means more potential followers ready to patronize and support your brand!

But not everyone has the time to reply to DMs and comments all day. That’s where automation tools for Instagram come in. These tools automatically respond to your followers.

This is exactly what Manychat does. This AI-powered DM marketing tool replies to conversations for you 24/7. Their messaging automation systems can answer FAQs, engage with post comments, reply to Instagram Story mentions, and more. The responses are prompt, personalized, and expressed in your brand voice. It’s an awesome way to ensure your fans get a reply fast, even when you’re not on your phone.

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Don’t Like Automated Tools? Here’s How To Drive Real Organic Instagram Growth

Do you still prefer gaining followers the old-fashioned way? That’s fine, too. Focusing on organic follower growth is a slow but steady and sustainable way to lure in genuine fans and customers.

Not everyone will be comfortable with incorporating AI into their social media marketing strategy right off the bat. Do you want to grow your page independently of third-party tools? Here are our top tips for driving real organic Instagram growth without the help of automation.

1. Post at Optimal Times (Aka When Your Audience Is Online)

Instagram prioritizes content that gets tons of engagement as soon as they’re posted. One way to ensure that your posts get many interactions is by posting them when your followers are online.

Check your Instagram Insights to see your audience’s most active times. Next time you upload a post, make sure it falls within one of those times. That way, more people see it and engage with it right away.

The Instagram algorithm will push out your post more on the feed, boosting your overall visibility. As a result, more people may stumble upon your page while they scroll through Instagram. If they like what they see, they might just follow your page!

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2. Add Relevant Hashtags to Your Captions

Another way to boost your page’s visibility to users who don’t follow you is by using relevant hashtags. By using hashtags your target audience is interested in, your posts are more likely to appear on the Explore page. This expands your reach, allowing you to find people who can potentially be new followers.

Make sure to use a combination of super popular and niche hashtags in your caption. And whatever you do, never use banned hashtags, as these can limit your post’s visibility. Yikes!

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3. Invite Your Followers To Create User-Generated Content

People perceive user-generated content (UGC) to be more authentic and reliable than traditional ads and branded posts. So, encourage happy, loyal customers to make UGC centered on your brand. This can be anything like reviews and testimonials, unboxing videos, “get ready with me” content and more.

When they post UGC for their friends to see, these people will be more likely to trust your brand. After all, it serves as social proof that your brand has top-notch offerings and deserves their attention. Reaching all these new users also increases your likelihood of getting new followers.

4. Engage With Your Followers in an Authentic Way

Using automation tools to respond to your followers’ messages and comments may be super convenient. But there’s nothing like making a human connection by having real, authentic conversations. When you have the time, make sure to go through people’s messages to your brand and give genuine, authentic replies.

Not only does this improve your relationship with your followers, but It also drives more traction and engagement on your posts. The higher your engagement scores, the more Instagram will push your post to people’s feeds. That means higher visibility and potentially more new followers lured in.

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Start Using Growth Tools for Instagram Today—Starting With Path Social!

It’s quite noble to want to stick with organic growth strategies for your brand on Instagram. After all, these techniques are known to drive sustainable growth and success. But investing in third-party social media tools can help boost your page and increase your following, too. So, it might be a good idea to start incorporating both in your social marketing strategy.

Experiment with some of the tools in this guide to see how they can serve your brand. Make content creation easier with the likes of Ocoya. Find the right influencers through AI-powered systems at HypeAuditor. Listen to what people say about your brand over at Brandwatch. And, of course, reach your target audience effectively with Path Social.

Here at Path Social, our goal is to push out your content to people most likely to resonate with it. This can drive more interest and engagement on your page. As a result, you’ll get more followers, allowing you to build the online community of your dreams. It’s one of the must-try Instagram growth tools anyone needs to give themselves a leg up when starting their brand. Work with us today to get more followers fast!