National Boyfriend Day: Post Ideas To Show Your BF Some Love

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Instagram 101 | May 16, 2024

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Boyfriends pamper their girls 365 days a year—or at least the good, gentlemanly ones do. They buy gorgeous flower bouquets, hold open car doors, and treat their ladies to dinner dates. But for one day each year, the tables turn and they get to be spoiled by their romantic partners. Yup, we’re talking about National Boyfriend Day—a modern “holiday” getting more and more popular as the years go by.

This day is the perfect opportunity to show your romantic partner how much you love them. You can take him out to his favorite restaurant for dinner or whip up a meal for two at home. If his love language is gifts, think about getting him a watch or those new shoes he’s been eyeing.

But celebrating this day for boyfriends doesn’t require grand gestures and expensive gifts. You can also show how thankful you are for your man with something as simple as an Instagram post. A little PDA never hurt anybody!

Are you stumped on what to do for this quirky, unofficial holiday? Keep reading to learn more about it and what you can do to lift your man’s spirits on this day.

A man holding his girlfriend’s face as they look up smiling at each other in a garden.

When Is National Boyfriend Day?

If you’re not familiar with this modern holiday, you may be scratching your head, wondering, “When is National Boyfriend Day?” This day for boyfriends falls on October 3rd of each year.

Nobody knows for certain when this holiday was created. We don’t even know where it originates. It’s also unknown why people chose that specific date to celebrate the occasion. All that we know is that in the mid-2010s, people started making it a thing on social media.

Although it isn’t an official holiday, girlfriends around the world gear up to make their boyfriends feel special that day. They send gifts to their man and even take them out on dates and post about it on social media!

National Boyfriend Day Post Ideas: Show Your Boo Some Love!

Many will argue that you don’t have to post anything on social media to show love to your significant other. And that’s very true. Just because a couple posts so much PDA, it doesn’t mean they’re in a perfect relationship. Shotkit research shows that only 10% of people posting excessively about their partners say they’re “very happy” in those relationships.

But while that’s very valid, it’s also still a good idea to post some healthy PDAs from time to time. Who wouldn’t love a cute photo and sweet caption on Instagram from their love on their birthday or Valentine’s, right?

So, even if you’re not one to do public displays of affection, consider posting something online on Boyfriend Day. It’s a cute, easy, affordable way to express love and gratitude for your partner and the life you’ve built together.

Are you thinking of posting something endearing on Boyfriend Day to show your partner that you love him? Here are some National Boyfriend Day post ideas for you.

An Instagram Reel of Your Favorite Video Clips of Him

Is your camera roll full of funny videos of your boyfriend? Why not make an Instagram Reel of your favorite clips of him to post on Boyfriend Day? This is an awesome way to show people your partner’s personality while expressing love for him online.

Go through your videos of him and choose your favorite ones. Make sure there’s a good variety of clips in there, from hot date nights to silly moments at home. Then, collate and stitch them together in a Reel. Don’t forget to add text overlays, transitions, and one of his favorite songs to the Reel to set the mood!

A Photo Dump of Cute Moments You’ve Shared as a Couple

You could also post a photo dump of your cutest couple photos. In true photo dump fashion, these pictures don’t have to be glamorous or posed. They can be candid moments that show your everyday life together. Even if they seem mundane, your boyfriend will love your effort of putting together heartwarming images of you guys together.

The best way to post a photo dump is by uploading a carousel post on Instagram. This allows you to post up to 10 photos (or even videos) in a slideshow. This set of photos and videos will surely get a huge smile out of your partner. Your followers can also swipe through this “album,” giving them a glimpse into your loving relationship with your man.

A man taking a selfie with his girlfriend during a hike.

A Series of Instagram Stories With Sweet Messages

Do you have a lot to say about your man on Boyfriend Day? Think about posting a series of Instagram Stories showing your cutest moments together while sharing sweet messages alongside each one.

The idea behind this is simple. Post photos or videos to your Story to show people your most precious moments with your boyfriend. Then, add some text to add a thoughtful message to your beau. You can also add text to give your followers extra context on the photo or video in each Story.

Are you having a hard time crafting this series of romantic Stories? We recommend typing everything you want to say in your Notes app first. Then, choose which photos or videos you want to post on your Stories. Then, plan out which of the messages you’ve written down you want to post alongside each photo or video. That makes it way easier to put the Stories together later on.

Don’t forget to personalize your Story posts by adding romantic stickers and GIFs like hearts and kiss emojis. This adds more charm and flair to your post!

A Throwback Post From When You First Started Dating

Have you and your boyfriend been together a long time? Posting a throwback photo from when you started dating might be a fun way to greet him on Boyfriend Day!

A throwback post is an awesome way to honor how long you and your beau have been together. Choose one or multiple photos from the early stages of your life together, like when you had just met. These photos will definitely be a walk down memory lane for your boyfriend. It’s perfect for childhood friends turned lovers, high school sweethearts, and any couple who has been together for ages.

Throwback posts are also super engaging on Instagram. Your followers might be surprised to know that you and your boyfriend have been together for so long! If you want to give people something to talk about, upload a funny photo of you and your beau. It can be something like photos where you both had ridiculous hairstyles or questionable fashion choices from ages ago. That’s sure to get a laugh from your friends and family!

A couple happily looking through their old photographs together.

A Q&A Session on Stories With Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is up for it, consider hosting a Q&A session on Instagram Stories about your relationship. This one’s not really for your boyfriend per se. But it’s a terrific idea for content creators who have an audience that’s curious about their love life. By hosting a Q&A, your followers get the chance to send in questions about their favorite couple—you and boyfie!

Encourage your fans to ask their most burning questions about your relationship through the Q&A sticker on Stories. Then, go through the questions with your partner to see which ones you’re comfortable answering. Film a video together answering these questions to give your followers a sneak peek into your relationship.

A Q&A session is an awesome way to put the spotlight on your loving relationship on Boyfriend Day. It allows people to see your dynamic as a couple in a relaxed, candid environment. This makes them see how genuine and authentic your love is and can drive tons of engagement. Plus, it’s a cute, unique bonding experience for you and your boyfriend!

National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas

Aside from posting about your relationship online, you can also get your boyfriend a physical gift for this unofficial holiday. Are you stumped on what to get him? Here are a few cute National Boyfriend Day gift ideas to inspire you.

  • A customized keepsake, like a leather wallet or necklace with his initials engraved on it.
  • A handwritten letter telling him how you feel about him and how grateful you are for his presence.
  • A curated playlist on Spotify that has all the songs that remind you of him.
  • Subscription services to something he’s interested in, like games, snacks, books, or coffee.
  • Fitness equipment if your boyfriend loves exercising and sports.
  • Flowers and chocolates—hey, guys might like them, too!

Your gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. Remember—Boyfriend Day isn’t even a real holiday. Plus, your boyfriend will likely love anything you get him as long as it is from the heart. But it speaks volumes if you go out of your way to get your man a pick-me-up for that day.

A girlfriend looking at her boyfriend as she hands him a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Calling All Boyfriends: Don’t Forget About National Girlfriend Day!

For the guys out there, don’t get too comfortable! Just because Boyfriend Day is all about you, it doesn’t mean you can forget about your ladies. National Girlfriend Day is also a thing, and people around the world celebrate it on August 1st.

As with Boyfriend Day, Girlfriend Day isn’t exactly an official holiday. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to hype up your wifey on social media. Don’t forget to send some flowers and make a cute post for her on that day so she feels cherished.

A man about to give his girlfriend a wrapped-up gift.

What About National Fiance Day? Is There Such a Thing?

No, there’s currently no widely celebrated National Fiance Day. There is, however, a National “Kiss Your Fiance Day,” which people celebrate on March 20th.

That said, engaged couples should still celebrate National Boyfriend or Girlfriend Day if they wish. It keeps the spark and excitement of the relationship alive as you take it to the next step—engagement. Posting about your fiancé on Boyfriend Day is a charming way to honor how far your relationship has come. So, don’t make him feel left out on this day for boyfriends!

Show Your Main Squeeze Some Love on Instagram for National BF Day!

This unofficial holiday for boyfriends might not be as important as Christmas or your romantic partner’s birthday. But it’s a great opportunity to flaunt him to the world and make him feel a little more special than usual. It’s not that hard to make a National Boyfriend Day post on Instagram. And believe us—he’ll be super grateful for the show of love.

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