Finding Your Niche on IG: What’s Your Feed’s Main Theme?

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Instagram 101 | May 21, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

If you want to be successful on social media, you can’t spread yourself too thin. You can’t post glamorous fashion content, tech reviews, and funny Reels in one day and expect a solid, targeted following. All that’ll do is confuse your potential followers and have them scratching their heads about what your brand is about. That’s why finding your niche is so important.

Focusing on one specific topic or niche on Instagram is the key to attracting your target audience. Instead of trying to be everything all at once, streamline your efforts to one theme. That way, your followers will always get relevant content that resonates with them from your page.

But in the digital world, there are hundreds of potential niches in which to operate. How do you know which one is best suited for you and your brand? Keep reading to learn how to choose your niche and shine in that industry.

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What Does Finding Your Niche Mean, and Why Do You Need To Do It?

It’s easy to say that you need to be an expert in something to be successful on social media. But what does finding your niche mean anyway?

Figuring out your niche means choosing a specific theme or topic for your overall content strategy. A niche refers to interests and passions people might be interested in seeing and learning about online. This can be anything under the sun, from books to photography to yoga to food.

Instead of posting a little about everything, niche marketing allows you to create relevant content with one specific focus. That way, you can build up your reputation as a key influencer and thought leader in that space.

When you post content within a specific niche, you attract a specific target audience. These people are genuinely interested in the type of content you churn out. As a result, you’ll get loyal followers who are more likely to engage with your posts.

Settling on one niche also makes you more attractive to brands looking to collaborate with influencers. When companies look for brand ambassadors for their projects, they look for people aligned with their brand’s niche. Tech brands will tap tech influencers; publishing companies will activate “bookstagram” creators, and so on. Niching down puts you on the radar of the brands that operate within that industry and presents many partnership opportunities.

5 Popular Niches Blowing Up on Social Media Right Now

Do you want to thrive in a profitable social media niche that gets people going? Here are some of the most popular niches on Instagram today and why people gravitate toward them so much.

1. Beauty

Instagram users—women especially—love beauty content, whether it’s skincare-centered or more focused on hair and makeup. This type of content teaches people to enhance their natural beauty and practice self-care confidently. Influencers who operate within this niche include makeup lovers, skincare experts, and self-proclaimed beauty gurus. They often curate product reviews, “get ready with me” videos, and makeup tutorials.

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2. Travel

According to a forecast by UN Tourism, international travel looks like it’s heading back to pre-pandemic levels soon. That means more people will be exploring the world and thus might be interested in travel content on Instagram.

Travel influencers create visually stunning and practical content to help people as they discover new cities and countries. They make travel guides, restaurant recommendations, Reels, and cinematic photos and videos that showcase different countries’ cultures.

3. Fashion

Fashion content has always been a huge pillar of Instagram’s lifestyle community. That’s why so many retail brands are active on the platform. This type of content helps people stay on top of the latest clothing and accessories trends. It also allows them to discover new brands in the fashion space they otherwise wouldn’t have heard of.

Fashion influencers include designers, models, stylists, and anyone who loves sharing their OOTDs. These people will typically post content such as try-on videos, lookbooks, clothing brand reviews, and styling tips and tricks.

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4. Pets

According to the American Pet Products Association, 66% of households in the US have a pet. They also found that 33% of pet owners are Millennials—aka one of the generations most active on social media. So, it’s not surprising that the demand for cute pet content is on the rise.

Who doesn’t want to see cute puppies and silly cats while scrolling through the internet? Niching down on pet care allows you to share your favorite photos of your fur baby while gaining a following. The content you can churn out if you choose this niche includes stories about your pet, product recommendations, and cute videos.

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5. Business

Instagram pages in the business niche help aspiring small biz owners build their empires from the ground up. These content creators provide insider tips and insights about being an entrepreneur to help other business-minded people succeed. Posts you might find under this niche include money and productivity tips, business success stories, and industry trends.

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How To Find Your Niche in Business: 3 Tips for Niching Down as a Brand

With so many potential niches to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your brand. It’s already challenging enough to niche down for your brand. What more if you’re trying to build a profitable business?

Learning how to find a niche when you mount a business from the ground up is crucial to its success. You must commit not only to an industry but also to target audiences to serve and products to deliver. There’s no room for error when choosing your niche in the business world.

Do you need help finding your niche in business to make sure you get it right? Here are three tips that can help you make more sense of the best niche for your business ideas.

1. Pinpoint Your Passions and Interests

Our first and most important tip is to think of what you’re passionate about. You won’t be able to start a business and create content catering to a niche you don’t feel strongly about. Assess your skills, interests, and hobbies. What do you like doing in your free time? Is there an advocacy or industry you have a soft spot for? Answering these questions can give you clarity on which potential niches to consider for your business.

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2. Look for Customer Pain Points You Can Solve

Once you know what general industry you want your business to play in, think of the gaps within that industry. Do research on your target audience and find pain points and problems they might have. Once you find a compelling, interesting pain point, build your brand to offer a solution to your niche market.

For example, let’s say you want to put up a beauty brand but don’t know what kind of business to start. You could cater to a broader market but are thinking of niching down to a more specific audience segment.

Upon doing research, you learn that curly-haired have a hard time finding products that are right for them. Most hair products in the market either target straight and wavy hair or aren’t moisturizing enough.

You could consider niching down on curly hair products and catering to this ultra-specific niche market. That means your only focus is on one particular group of target customers—curly-haired women. In the long run, a targeted, intentional hair care brand like that can build a loyal customer base.

3. Use Google Trends To Validate Niche Ideas

Google Trends is a query and keyword research tool that is perfect for validating your niche ideas. The tool allows you to look up any trend to see its search volume over a specific time. If you see that a specific keyword is steadily increasing in search interest, it might be a profitable niche. Basically, it helps you see the demand for certain topics.

Let’s say you want to start a career in wellness but want to narrow it down even further. You can look up fitness-related terms like “vegan,” “yoga,” and “meditation” on Google Trends. The tool will then show you how popular these keywords are and whether there are trends in their search volume.

You don’t want to niche down on a topic with no following. Instead, look for topics with tons of searches; this means it’s a topic with a growing interest!

With these insights, it’s easier to see whether these potential niches have a sizeable audience. It’s an awesome tool to use when deciding what niche you want to commit to.

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Promoting Your Brand: How To Find Your Niche Market on Instagram

Putting out content within a key space or topic also means marketing your brand to a specific audience on Instagram. It means curating all your social media efforts so that they cater to one particular segment of the market.

Since you’re tailoring your content to your niche and target audience, you must ensure that the latter actually sees it. To do that, you need to know how to find your niche market on Instagram so your posts reach them. Here are a few tips for reaching your niche audience so you know your content is reaching the right people:

  • Use hashtags in your post captions. Hashtags help boost the visibility of your posts by a lot. Those following the tags you use might see your content on their feed even if they don’t follow you. Plus, hashtags help the Instagram algorithm determine the niche your posts fall under. If your content gains a lot of traction, people interested in your niche might see it on the Explore page.
  • Run paid ads to reach your target audience. Investing in ads is the fastest and most accurate way to target your niche market with your content. When setting up an ad set, you get to choose the specifics of the audience you want to target. That includes their demographics (age, gender, geographic location) and psychographics (behaviors, interests, hobbies). That way, you know that those who are interested in your content will see it.
  • Collaborate with businesses and influencers within your niche. Working with these brands helps increase your visibility to an audience interested in your space. It’s a terrific way to expose yourself to people who might not yet follow you but gravitate toward your niche.

Find Potential Customers and Fans Who Love Your Niche Content With Path Social

Picking out just one Instagram niche to focus on might sound constricting. But in reality, it opens a lot of doors to help you engage your specific target audience. In doing so, you strengthen your reputation as an expert in your niche, boosting customer loyalty and trust from fans.

Once you’re done finding your niche, focus your energy on making the best, most exciting content for your niche market. And if you want more eyeballs for the high-quality posts you put out, work with us at Path Social.

Our team helps you find your niche audience based on how your previous posts have performed. Then, we use effective promotional strategies to ensure these people see your content. Not only do you get higher reach and engagement for your niche content, but you gain more followers, too. So, what are you waiting for? Build a solid Instagram community with our help today!