Instagram Story Ideas: Your Best Bet To Keep Those Followers

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Instagram Tips | May 29, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

If you’re an influencer or a business that uses Instagram to drive sales or increase brand recognition, you should, without a doubt, be using Instagram Stories! Do you need some Instagram Story Ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Using Instagram Stories is a fun and easy way to interact with your audience and post material that only requires a little preparation. However, while you may use it to share unedited photographs and videos from the instant they were taken. It may quickly become repetitive for the people viewing them. 

Do some planning and creative thinking to keep your followers interested while utilizing Instagram Stories. You can do this without using costly story ads or limiting story templates. Keep reading for our best Instagram Story ideas.

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Get Creative With Your Instagram Story Ideas

Having an aesthetic Instagram feed is essential to any brand. Still, straightforward feed posts can’t compare to the level of intimacy and sincerity that can be achieved via Instagram stories. This is why companies and influencers should make use of this feature. When experimenting, stories provide more significant areas for wriggle room.

Instagram Stories is one of the most effective methods for maintaining people’s interest in your company or product. A small fraction of your audience will only view your Instagram Stories, but those who do view it are more likely to maintain their connection to you and your company.

Stories aren’t just about capturing events. If you have the right ideas for your Instagram Story, you can use them to advertise your company. You could significantly increase your brand’s visibility online by doing this.

However, you must use your creativity to captivate and hold the audience’s attention. When posting an Instagram Story, you can use components such as filters, polls, movies, or stock pictures; nevertheless, you are still responsible for knowing how to utilize these features and when. You’re in luck since we’ve compiled a list of Instagram Story ideas to help you attract more people to connect with your posts on Instagram Stories. 

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Instagram Story Ideas: Time To Open the Chapter of Your Branding

We are big fans of Instagram stories here. We even have resources on how to see old stories. If you aren’t utilizing Instagram Stories yet, start as soon as possible since they are crucial. Luckily, we have tons of Instagram story ideas to help you out.

Instagram Stories are multimedia posts that can be short video clips or photographs and last a whole day. They don’t go in a feed but are featured in a banner before the feed begins. When you open the Instagram app, the Stories tab will immediately appear at the top of the home screen.

The buttons for stories can be found at the topmost level of Instagram. The stories are shown with the most recently updated story coming up first on your screen. After that, when you select it, you’ll be sent to the first story that the account published in the most recent twenty-four hours.

Instagram stories are incredibly crucial for companies and influencers for many reasons. Still, the essential reason is generating interaction, promoting your feed updates, and communicating with your followers. It is essential to keep a consistent social marketing strategy. This plan should consider the design of stories and the degree to which they can remind people of your brand and the things you sell.

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Instagram Story Ideas: Making the Best of 24 Hours as a Business Owner

Even though Instagram Stories are only viewable for 24 hours, their influence can linger for much longer if created correctly. Adding the appropriate educational content to your Story at the right moment may engage consumers, increase brand recognition, and get more followers. Who doesn’t want that? If you’re interested in these Instagram story ideas, keep reading.

  1. Share customer reviews
    No matter what you’re trying to market, social proof is one of the most critical conversion factors. When you get a particularly glowing review, broadcast it to as many people as possible on your Instagram Story. This kind of content generates itself, so take full advantage of it.
  2. Advertise your sale
    Who can refuse a deal that saves them money? Use Instagram Story to spread the word about a forthcoming sale, but be sure to set a time restriction that is short enough to motivate users to take action. You may not want this repeatedly plastered across your aesthetic Instagram feed. Utilize your stories.
  3. Advertise and promote
    Is there an upcoming event? The Instagram Story is the perfect place to host a timed countdown sticker. You can use the Countdown sticker on Instagram for an automated version.
  4. Highlight a product
    Need to get rid of stock? You can highlight a particular product and tag it in your Instagram Story or encourage users to browse your online store or website in general. Include a promotional code for a limited-time offer to sweeten the transaction.

As a business owner, the Instagram story is excellent for real estate to make the best of.

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Cute Instagram Story Ideas: Light-Hearted Content Ideas for Your Followers

You don’t have to take Instagram stories too seriously. Feel free to create light-hearted content, especially if it aligns with your brand. Here are some cute Instagram story ideas you should consider:

Bloopers and Behind-the-scenes Content
Something about content from behind the scenes appeals to humanity on a fundamental level. Posts that humanize your brand are some of the best ideas for Instagram Stories you can discover. Give your followers a sneak peek into behind-the-scenes at your company or viral reels.

Share About Your Days
Describe a day in your life that is typical for you. What kinds of intriguing things are you working on right now? Give your followers a sneak preview of a new product or any client work you are working on.

Use Polls with a Jovial Attitude
The ‘Poll’ sticker will be one of our favorite features that can be found on Instagram Stories. This a terrific way to receive clear answers to find out what your followers want to see from you. It’s also a simple method to encourage your followers to connect with you and encourages engagement! You can make your polls humorous and entertaining, but you may also take a more serious approach and use them for market research.  

Promote Other Brands
Have some respect for another company in your industry? Why not include them in your tale and explain to everyone why you enjoy their page so much? They will adore you for it, and your engagement will increase, especially if the person, influencer, or business shares the post or story with their network. They will love you for it.

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Birthday Instagram Story Ideas: To Give Them a Special Day

Check out our Birthday Instagram Story Ideas. They’re sure to make your significant other feel extra special!

  1. Nostalgic Photos
    Instagram Stories may be personalized with graphics and text to convey how much someone means to you on their special day. Rare images paired with amusing captions are a popular post, as are flashback photos that take the reader down memory lane. Put up a photo showing you having a good time together. This could be an extravagant event or a casual get-together.
  2. Music
    Don’t forget about the soundtrack when you commemorate a family member’s or friend’s birthday on Instagram. The right music to play in the background of your Insta-story may make it much more memorable!

    The perfect selection of music may quickly transport me back to those priceless moments of joy and happiness.  What could be a cuter or more heartfelt way to send birthday greetings to a loved someone than an Instagram story that has been lovingly created?
  3. Animated Collages
    If you are celebrating a longtime friend, you undoubtedly have many photos to choose from. You don’t have to use the standard collage. Try something creative.

    Still, photos can get boring. Adding some levity provided by an animated photo collage could benefit your stories. With an animated collage, you can have each photo load independently or add movement components in phrases and stickers. You don’t need to worry about having any design abilities because making one is so simple when you use a photo collage creator at Picsart.

These Instagram stories ideas will help to make their day memorable.

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Instagram Story Collage Ideas: The Solution To Share Multiple Photos at Once

There is certain to be a picture collage corresponding to what your audience is interested in seeing, regardless of the occasion. Your story could be a great outlet if you’re awash with photos but don’t want to dump them on your Instagram feed. Interested? Read up on our Instagram story collage ideas.

Firstly, do you know how to create a collage? Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Instagram Story application. Scroll down to the option labeled “Layout” at the bottom of your screen and pick it.
  2. Pick the format that best suits you. You have the choice of between 2-6 photos in a grid. You also have a choice of photo shapes.
  3. To add a photo, simply hit the image box in the bottom-left corner of your screen. This will bring up your camera roll in your device. Pick any picture that you wish to see.
  4. Are you unhappy with how your photograph is arranged inside the square? You can alter its position. To move or reposition an image in a photograph, place both thumbs on the snapshot and then move it around by dragging it. You can zoom in and out of the picture.
  5. Swipe your finger left or right to add a filter to the collage. On your collage, you will notice that the filters have been applied. Pick the one that best suits you.

Remember: if you aren’t sure, you can always save your story as a draft and return to it later.

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Instagram Story Ideas: Aesthetic Captions for Your Beautiful Images

We can all agree that a good Instagram theme will keep your audience scrolling for a while. Well, good Instagram story aesthetics are the same. Regarding Instagram story ideas, the aesthetic is high on the list. Taking high-quality photos is a given, but the words you pair with these images are also important. If you have a message to convey, you must ensure the words you use are just as appealing as the image you share. Consider these Instagram Story Ideas:

The Font
When selecting a font for your Instagram Story, the text’s readability is the most crucial consideration you should keep in mind. Otherwise, no one will want to look at the stuff you have!

When the font is smaller, it is more difficult for others to notice what is in your Instagram story ideas. As a result, they are more likely to skim over it or not pay as much attention to it. In addition to this, check to see that the contrast between the typeface and the colors is not too severe. 

Ensure that your Instagram post’s content and the typeface are intriguing and distinguish themselves from other Stories.

The Words Used
When writing a caption, you need to keep things in mind, the intended readers and the subject matter. Your objective should be to maintain the reader’s interest so they will continue to read what you say or continue to the next photo. Instagram is not primarily an app for sharing text, so you need to ensure you are engaging and let your personality shine!

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Cute Couple Instagram Story Ideas: Stories Are the Perfect Place for a Soft Launch

Do you know what’s awkward? Having a bunch of old relationship photos on your timeline after a breakup. They’re woven into core memories you don’t remove from your timeline. Still, you don’t like the jumpscares on your journey down memory lane. This is what stories are for. We have Instagram story ideas for the private and bold couple.

The Private Couple
We present to you the soft launch. Consider soft launches on your Instagram stories instead of putting your relationship on official Instagram feeds. The soft launch is one of the best cute couple Instagram story ideas.

A “soft launch” refers to making your significant other’s debut on Instagram with an ambiguous, obscure photo. It could be blurry or dark, but it won’t be tagged.

A soft launch may take various forms, such as the subject’s arm being propped up by the driver’s seat or their hair appearing briefly in the frame. You might publish it to your Instagram story or, for a “harder” soft launch. But for self-preservation, we recommend this for your stories.

Both options are available, of course. But in every situation, it will be a very understated photo that will leave your relationship status (at least) unclear. 

The Bold Couple
Don’t care about plausible deniability? Lucky for you, we have Instagram story ideas for those couples who want to risk it all and let the world know they’re in love.

  • While embracing one another and stealing glances
  • A stroll with the person on the beach or in a park
  • A bear hug given from the back

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Instagram Story Ideas Will Set You Apart

Hopefully, you found this blog post on Instagram Story Ideas helpful. Did you find any story inspiration? Great! Bring those stories to life. Path Social’s skilled social media team has worked hard over the past ten years. They have been developing an exclusive artificial intelligence targeting algorithm and an internal platform for Instagram influencers. The feedback we’ve received from customers speaks for itself.

Through this method, we can attract organic consumers that are focused, eager and engaged. If you follow our advice, you can cultivate a strong Instagram community. No one else has effectively replicated our findings to this yet. Start immediately growing the number of followers you have on Instagram. Begin expanding your Instagram audience and collecting followers right away.