Instagram Saved Posts—All You Need To Know

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Instagram 101 | Mar 04, 2024

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The importance of Instagram Saved Posts recently accelerated when the platform hinted at removing like counts. Today, brands and influencers measure the ROI of their content by the number of people who saved the post.

Who would have known this feature, launched in mid-2017, would gain so much popularity? In this guide, you’ll learn why people save posts on Instagram and other important details related to the topic.

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What Are Instagram Saved Posts?

Saved posts on Instagram means saving something you like so you can see it again. Users can save photos from Instagram by clicking on the bookmark icon in the right-hand corner of any post. You can find them by clicking the hamburger menu on your Instagram profile and tapping “Saved.” 

Why Do People Save Instagram Posts?

Have you ever wondered why people save Instagram posts? Instagram doesn’t have a built-in downloading feature for static content. Thus, users keep them to form an ‘in-app gallery’ that they can revisit later. They usually save posts like tricks, hacks, or recipes and try them in real life. 

When people save content on Instagram, the platform considers it high-quality and valuable. Instagram promotes the content with the most saves on its Explore page so more people can enjoy it.

Saves on Instagram are like super-likes. When people like posts, they move on. But when they save, they intend to come back. Although it’s not visible who’s saving your post, the impact is still profound. The more saved your post gets, the more boost Instagram provides to your content. 

Can People See Your Saved Posts on Instagram 

Do you also wonder if people can see your saved posts on Instagram? It depends on the user’s preference, as private and sharing options are available. Instagram introduced a feature in 2018 that allows you to pool your favorite posts in shared albums. It enhances content discovery and emphasizes Instagram’s focus on community and collaboration. However, this feature is exclusive to mobile users. 

Setting up a collaborative collection is easy. You can create Instagram Groups, a convenient way to DM all your besties and share collections.

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How To Delete All Saved Posts on Instagram?

Often, users want to erase all the posts they once saved. So, are you also wondering how to delete all saved posts on Instagram? The process of deleting saved posts on Instagram is no big deal. Here’s how: 

For iOS and Android:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the three lines and your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  3. Click “Saved” and then select the collection you wish to delete.
  4. Tap the three dots and choose “Edit Collection.”
  5. Select “Delete Collection” and confirm by tapping “Delete” to remove all posts from your Saved folder.

For Chrome:

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then select “Saved.”
  3. It will display all saved posts. To unsave a post, click the “Saved” button next to the photo you want to remove.

How To Save Instagram Post As Drafts?

When Influencers leave a post incomplete, Instagram saves it in drafts. Do you know how to save Instagram post as draft? Let us walk you through it. 

  1. Create Your Post: Create a post as you normally would on Instagram. This involves selecting a photo or video, editing it, and writing a caption. 
  2. Click the Back Button: If you’re not ready to publish your post, tap the back arrow at the top left corner of the screen. Instagram will then prompt you with options.
  3. Save Draft: Among the options presented, select “Save Draft.” If you don’t see this option, ensure you’ve made some edits to the post or added a caption or location. Instagram requires at least one of these elements to enable the “Save Draft” feature.

How To Create Save-Worthy Content?

It is easy to get likes by creating content according to the trends. But saves are another matter. Instagram prioritizes quality over quantity. If you want people to save your posts, you must go the extra mile. This means creating content that users can relate to for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you create engaging and valuable content people want to save. 

1. Provide Value

Regardless of the niche, create content that provides value and inspires. Try adding catchy captions and relevant images when making your content calendar. They should help you in the long run. Infographic style, tips, or how-to guides and tutorials can help. Create valuable content that your followers would need to recall for reference.

2. Win With Captions

Words are powerful, and when it comes to captions, less is more. Micro-blogging is the way forward if you want people to save your post. It makes the content valuable. Write a helpful step-by-step guide or a unique recipe, or share the latest updates. Users are likely to save such content. 

3. Quote It

Quotes are super popular on Instagram. We often get inspiration from the CEO’s life-changing ideology. Other times, a daily stoic reminder via Instagram keeps us motivated. Likewise, try to hook your Instagram audience with quotes. Why? Because it provides you with space to create compelling content that users will save. 

4. Ask To Save 

While closing your posts, you can ask your followers to save them. Many people often forget to save it. You can remind them to save the post at the end of your caption. If it’s a reel, request your followers at the end of our short video. 

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Does Instagram Notify When You Save a Post? 

Many users wonder, “Does Instagram notify you when you save a Post?” The answer is no. If you have a business account, you can see the number of people who saved your post. 

When you send a creator’s content to someone in the DM, Instagram does not notify the creator. However, the creators are notified when users like, comment, or add their feed posts to stories.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? 

You cannot see who saved your Instagram post. The platform has no feature that unveils the secret. However, you can see how many people save your content with a business account. 

Select “Account” and switch to a business account to enable this feature. There, you will see a “View Insight” option. It will show you likes, comments, and the number of people who saved the post. The feature also tells how many people visited your profile after viewing the post.

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post via Third-Party Apps? 

Are you searching for how you can see who saved your Instagram post? No third-party app or hack could help in this case. No matter what, you cannot learn the identity of those who saved your posts.

Instagram neither sends notifications nor provides users manual ways to see people who saved posts. It only provides the number of saves your post gets. 

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How To Find Saved Posts on Instagram?

Do you know how to find saved posts on Instagram? It’s important to track saves to assess your content’s success. The posts people are saving are the content you should be targeting. 

Here’s how to find drafts on Instagram after you have saved them.

  1. Go to Instagram Insights.
  2. Open the content tab, and tap See All below Feed Posts.
  3. Apply the filter to track Saved Posts.

The Instagram algorithm works when you save a post. It understands that a specific type of content is valuable for you. When you check your feed again, Instagram will push relevant posts high up in your feed. Thus, you will often see the same type of content you save on your feed. 

Many influencers calculate engagement by evaluating the likes, comments, and saves. You can do it with this formula:

Engagement = (Comments + Likes + Saves) / (Impressions x 100).

It often seems Instagram makes it tough for businesses to reach the maximum audience for their content. 

What if Instagram Saved Posts Are Not Loading?

If the saved posts fail to load, try clearing the cache first. It removes the temporary files and makes the app run smoothly.

If you use Android, go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > and Clear Cache. However, iPhone users will have to delete and reinstall the app. There is no option to clear the cache directly on iOS.

If the problem persists, check if Instagram is down. You can visit Instagram’s official Twitter support channel or websites like Down Detector. Here, you’ll learn if you are the only one facing this issue or if the application is down worldwide. You cannot help if Instagram is down—patience is the only option.

Many times, the problem resolves when users delete and install the application. Some glitches keep you from viewing the saved posts. When you reinstall the application, it starts fresh and works smoothly. 

Troubleshooting Techniques

Sometimes, troubleshooting techniques help resolve problems with saved posts on Instagram. Usually, other applications interface with Instagram’s functionality, which causes the glitch. Disable the recently installed app on your phone because it might cause a clash.

The wrong time settings on your device can also cause glitches. Adjust it to resolve the issue. Go to your device settings and select the correct date and time. This syncs your device with the network’s time and fixes the problem.

In most cases, the issue is basic—network settings. Reset your network settings to deal with connectivity issues. To do this, go to Settings, select “General” or “System,” and click “Reset Network Settings.”

Reminder: Clearing network settings will erase all your saved Wi-Fi passwords. Be sure you have them handy to log back into the saved applications again.

How To Make Instagram Work Smoothly?

We all want to find what we saved on Instagram without facing hitches. You can keep it smooth with regular updates. Instagram updates ‘renew’ the website after resolving the bugs. When you run the latest updates, you are using the finest model of Instagram, providing the best performance.

Organizing saved posts is another crucial step. When the saved section becomes cluttered with content with no folders, it can cause problems. Remove what isn’t worth keeping and organize what’s valuable. Excessive data slows down the performance. Cleaning it will help you run Instagram smoothly.

If things are still going south, Instagram support is the last resort. Their team is active, and after listening to your concerns, they will try to resolve them. 

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