What Does WTW Mean: Meaning in Text & How To Respond to It

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Instagram 101 | Jan 03, 2024

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Instagram is a popular platform for users to share content. Users send pictures, videos, and messages to each other or post them on their stories or accounts. It has a user base of over 500 million daily. 

But Instagram is more than just a photo and video-sharing platform. Instagram is also a hotspot for various acronyms and slang terms that users use to communicate faster. So, if you’re not in the loop, you may find the platform extremely confusing. 

One term you may have come across in your DMs is “WTW.” But what does WTW mean? 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about WTW. This includes what it means on Instagram and in text, how to use and respond to it, and more.

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What Does WTW Mean? WTW Meaning in Text 

WTW meaning in text is ‘what’s the word?’ It’s an informal way to start a text chat with a friend. 

This phrase is slang for checking in on someone, asking how they’re doing. Or if anything exciting is happening in their lives that they’d like to talk about. 

WTW is one of the popular phrases to use while speaking to friends in person. So, it’s no wonder people use this acronym in social media posts and other online conversations. 

Here are a few phrases that are used alternatively with WTW but have the same meaning;

  • How are you?
  • How’s it going?
  • What’s a good word?
  • How are things?
  • What’s happening?
  • What’s up?
  • What’s new?

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How To Use WTW on Instagram?

Here are a few ways you can use WTW in texts (including direct messages), Instagram, and other social media platforms:

  1. To Start the Conversation

When you use WTW for ‘what’s the word,’ you can start a conversation. It’s a great way to ask people about their day and what they are up to. The slang ‘what’s the word’ indicates you want to chat with another person.

For instance, you might send ‘WTW Brian?’ to a person with whom you want to strike up a conversation. 

  1. Chat Casually

WTW does more than help you initiate the conversation. You can chat nonchalantly in ongoing discussions or resume it from where you left off. 

For instance, you can send WTW to your friend to discuss other topics or follow up on unfinished plans.

  1. Make plans

Wondering what your friends are up to? Drop a casual “WTW” to make plans or check if they have all the details. 

If you’re not making plans, you can use it to ask for more information. For example, sending “WTW tonight?” in your text or on Instagram could mean you’re asking if there are plans for the night. 

You can also plan a get-together with your friends. Are you wondering how to send WTW to your friends’ group chats?

For example, you can send a message like “WTW everyone? How about a movie this weekend?”

  1. Show Surprise

You can use WTW to express your shock or surprise. When used this way, you don’t have to reply specifically—it’s like saying “huh” or “wow.” 

You can use it in captions, comments, and even hashtags to express your astonishment or disbelief about something. For example, caption a post with “Did you see that?! #WTW?”

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Other Meanings of WTW Abbreviation

WTW is a versatile abbreviation used in Instagram in various contexts. Some use it to show surprise, while others use it to initiate conversation. Here are the three common meanings of ‘WTW’:

  • What the What?

One of the alternative but common meanings of WTW is “what the what?” Although the phrase is akin to ‘what the heck,’ it helps send your message/text more subtly.

You can use it to express your emotions when someone makes an unexpected move, such as committing a crime. 

  • Worth the Wait

Instead of using WTW for ‘what’s the word,’ use it to convey that something was ‘worth the wait.’ Often, it means you gained maximally from the activity by being patient for a long time.

For instance, when you wait patiently for a game to release. And when you finally play it, you find the plot, graphics, and pace satisfying. If a friend asks about the game, you could simply say it was WTW, indicating it was ‘worth the wait.’

  • Walk the Walk

WTW can also mean ‘walk the walk.’ This means you prove your point with actions instead of just words. 

This way, you show that you will do what you say in your posts. This textspeak-acronym demonstrates your seriousness.

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How To Reply To WTW?

If your friend sends you this cryptic message while you’re texting, you might be unsure how to reply to WTW. No worries! Here are three cool responses you can use:

  • Nothing much on my end. How about you?
  • Pretty tied up at the moment. Can we chat later?
  • Lots going on! Up for a quick call?

A common go-to response when you get a “WTW” is a simple “Nothing much on my end. How about you?” It works well if you want to show interest in what your friend is up to.

If you’re busy but still keen on a chat, go for “Pretty tied up at the moment. Can we chat later?” It’s friendly and lets them know you’re still up for a conversation when things calm down.

And if you have something to talk about, try “Lots going on! Up for a quick call?” Calling can be faster than texting, so suggesting a call might be a good move.

Feel free to tweak these responses based on your relationship with the person and the situation. These ideas should help you figure out how to handle a “WTW” message from your friend.

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