4 Best Repost App for Instagram to Reshare Content You Like

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Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Instagram is an effective social media network to improve brand reach and scale your bottom line. But, it can be time-consuming to consistently post content to see the engagement rate grow in the long run. This is exactly why you should know about the best repost app for Instagram. 

Do you want to know what repost apps are best for your brand? Read on! 

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Why Should You Repost on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites worldwide, with over 2 billion people using it every month. 

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, using Instagram for marketing can reach wider audiences. Moreover, you can gain visibility quicker compared to other social media networks. 

However, you have to post quality content consistently with such an audience. Often, this can be challenging for brands as it requires a lot of effort, time, and resources.   

As many users post 3 to 4 times a week, you should have a content backlog to meet the demand. 

In addition, user-generated content performs extremely well. According to one report, 90% of customers trust UGC content more than emails that promote products.

Reposting on IG is a great way to show off when your customers, fans, or employees endorse your brand. 

UGC is more trustworthy among people because the person sharing it doesn’t gain anything by promoting products. They just tell their followers that they love the product or service.  

Now that you know why reposting is crucial for brands and influencers, let’s learn the best repost apps. 

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Best Free Repost App for Instagram You Can Use

There’s a range of third-party apps available on both Google and Apple stores that you can download and use. They help you repost reels, photos, videos, and more directly within the Instagram app.

Here’s a list of the best free repost apps for Instagram you can leverage: 

Repost for IG

Repost for IG is a popular repost app for Instagram. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to repost from various accounts—whether public or private.

Originally called Regram, the app also lets you save and archive videos. You can add overlays, change attributes, and even share videos on Instagram Direct.

Are you wondering how to repost with this app? 

You can either open Instagram through the repost app or manually find the post and copy its link. Paste the link into the app. 

Now, tap the ‘slider button‘ and copy the post’s caption. You can also adjust the watermark’s position or change color. 

Click ‘Share,’ and it will direct you to finish sharing on Instagram.

As a bonus, you can download and save your pictures for backup. And the best part is that it’s all free to use. But if you choose their paid version, you won’t experience subscription prompts or ads.

Repost for Instagram: Jared Co

Repost for Instagram—also called Jared Co—is an IG repost app available only for Android users. The app enables users to repost videos and photos without a watermark. You can save IG pictures to your smartphone and repost reels, stories, and posts directly. 

The app functions independently and doesn’t allow you to repost if you have a private profile. A cool feature is that it automatically credits the original poster. 

Copy the post’s shared URL into the app, and you’re ready!


If you want a straightforward repost app for Instagram, Reposta fits the bill. It’s easy to use and doesn’t come with a flurry of features—just the basics.

Many people like Reposta because it’s free and uncomplicated. When you open the app, it guides you through the steps to copy and repost a link. 

You even get a preview of the whole reposting process. Reposta also lets you copy captions to your clipboard. 

However, one downside is that it doesn’t offer many options to customize your repost. You can’t do much to the original post except repost it manually.

Repost: For Posts, Stories

Repost: For Posts, Stories is one of the most downloaded Instagram repost apps. Not only does it let you create unique AI avatars for yourself but also your friends. 

The app offers 100+ story templates and additional features to boost your Instagram presence. It even suggests the best hashtags for growth and provides cool text and symbol art for captions. 

When it comes to reposting, you can repost from private accounts, too. It lets you repost all media or select the current photo or video. 

That said, you can easily repost several media options and save either the audio or video of a repost. 

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How to Repost on Instagram With a Screenshot

Instagram doesn’t let you repost its content directly. Fortunately, there are ways around this other than using third-party apps. 

One effective option is the classic screenshot method. Just take a screenshot of your favorite content and then upload it to your Instagram. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to repost on Instagram manually:

  1. Take a Screenshot: Open your Instagram app, find the post/picture you want to repost and screenshot it. If you’re an iOS user, press the lock and home buttons till the screen flashes. In contrast, Android users can simultaneously hold the volume and wake/sleep buttons to take screenshots. 
  2. Upload the Screenshot: Once you have the screenshot, go back to your IG account. Click the ‘new post button’ in the top-right (the ‘plus sign’ inside the square). Then, choose ‘Post.’ Other quick options include Story, Reels, or Live.
  3. Resize the Image: Resize your post within Instagram or crop the photo using your phone’s editing functionality to focus on the image.
  4. Edit, Add Filters, and Citation: Make sure to edit and filter your post as you normally do for any Instagram post. Since reposts don’t automatically have the poster’s name, add one to credit its original poster.
  5. Add a Caption: You can preview your post at the top and add a caption. If you wish, you can tag people and add a place. 
  6. Click Share: Once you fully customize the post, click ‘Share’ to make it go live.

When reposting through screenshots, credit original content owners within your story or post description properly. 

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How to Repost a Story on Instagram

You can repost other people’s stories on your own IG story. However, there are some limitations.

Instagram doesn’t allow reposting to permanent parts of your profile like your feed, videos, or Reels. It only allows temporary sharing for up to 24 hours. 

If you want to keep someone else’s content permanently, include it in “Instagram Story Highlight.”

Without further ado, here’s how to repost a story on Instagram:

  • Find The Story You Wish To Repost: First, choose content that you can share with followers. You can only repost an IG story if someone tags you. Once tagged, you’ll get a notification in your direct messages. Make sure to repost stories that match your brand.
  • Click The “Paper Airplane” Symbol: Find the paper airplane symbol on the Instagram story between the three dots and the ‘Comment’ button. 
  • Tap ‘Add To Your Story’: A pop-up menu will show up with various options. This includes adding an IG story and replying to posters (provided they allow it). Click the ‘add to your story’ option. 
  • Show Or Hide The Story’s Caption: By now, you can see your story’s draft. You can either hide or show the caption—whatever suits you. 
  • Add Hashtags, Stickers, Text, And Other Stuff: Add text, stickers, and other elements to your story to improve engagement and alignment. In addition to that, you can include call-to-actions (CTAs) or links. 
  • Click ‘Your Story’ To Share: Scroll down and tap the “Your Story” button. This will instantly share without any additional steps required. If you want, you can choose “Close Friends” for a specific group to see your story. Or, you can tap the right-hand arrow for more options, such as sharing it through DM, etc. 

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Best Instagram Reposting Practices

You now know how to repost on IG using different methods, from screenshots to third-party apps. Let’s explore some key practices for effective reposting:

  • Keep the Feed Aesthetics in Mind

When you repost content, ensure it aligns with your feed’s aesthetics. Choose high-quality content that complements your overall style to engage your audience effectively. 

For UGC campaigns, it’s best to use Instagram Highlights and Stories to prevent clashes with your feed’s theme.

  • Provide Context To Reposted Content

In addition to copy-paste captions, add relevant context to your reposted content. This helps your followers understand the post better and enhances engagement.

  • Credit the Source

It’s crucial to credit the source when reposting. Include the original user’s username in your caption. 

Since Instagram captions may truncate after three lines, try to place the credit within the initial three lines for visibility. 

Here are a few examples you may consider:

Credit: @username

Photo credit: @username

Moment captured by @username

Following these practices ensures your reposted content maintains quality, engages your audience, and acknowledges the original creators. 

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Reposting on Instagram can help your brand increase visibility and follower count. 

Whether you’re an influencer or a regular user, these top-rated apps make it simple to share and repost content. They’re all legit and well-reviewed on the App Store and Google Play.

In addition to the best reposting apps, you can use various other methods to repost on Instagram. However, make sure to give credit to the original post’s source.

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