AI Instagram Growth: Harness the Power of Tech for IG Impact

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Karen Lin

Instagram 101 | Jun 05, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

There are many effective growth hacks out there that will let you promote your page and gain more followers. However, most of them require putting your back into it and investing lots of time and money into those methods. But what if we said technology can make it easier for you to grow online without you lifting a finger? Well, AI Instagram growth is completely possible with the digital age’s newest automation technologies.

Artificial intelligence typically gets lots of flak, especially among artists and content creators who value the human social media experience. But social media AI is a huge help for any brand that wants to put human-centric content in the forefront. You just need a firm grasp of what it can offer before you can see it in a positive light.

Today, we’re delving into AI, a powerful marketing tool, and how it can help brands grow on Instagram. Keep reading to see how these new technologies can assist in all things Instagram, from content creation to boosting engagement.

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Should I Use AI Tools for Instagram Growth?

Yes! Once you thoroughly understand what AI can do for your page, you might be convinced it’s the best move.

More and more people are starting to have confidence in how AI can help them navigate the online world. According to a 2023 survey, 73% of people feel positive that AI can improve digital experiences for humans. At the same time, the survey also shows that 77% believe that customer experiences need a human touch.

Luckily, AI gives people the best of both worlds when used for social media growth. It makes complicated, repetitive processes way easier while highlighting human-created content.

AI tools for Instagram growth can do plenty of cool things to help you strengthen your social media presence. Some of these include automating actions, reaching wider audiences, and even helping you make the most engaging content possible.

And at the end of the day, AI also helps you gather information about your page. This allows you to improve your creative strategies and content distribution as you go.

The best part is that these growth tools operate with extremely high accuracy, thanks to the advanced nature of AI.

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7 Different Kinds of AI Instagram Growth Methods on the Internet Today

What’s awesome about AI’s role in helping brands grow online is that it can do so in many ways. Instagram AI growth tools take on many forms, each with its unique benefits and features.

Do you want to know what AI can do for you as you navigate your way to success on Instagram? Here are some of the different types of growth methods any Instagram brand can enjoy with the help of AI.

1. Promoting Instagram Pages to a Specific Target Audience

One of the most common ways AI helps Instagram pages grow is by promoting brands to their specific target audience. This allows potential followers to discover your brand for the first time and see if it piques their interest.

An AI-powered Instagram growth service—like Path Social, for example—harnesses advanced technology to find your niche audience. Basically, you define your target audience’s demographics and psychographics. Then, AI pushes out your content so that it can reach users who fit your target market’s parameters. Not only does this get you a higher follower count, but it boosts engagement rates on your content as well.

Other social media AI tools use their targeting prowess to engage with your audience through likes, comments, and page follows. This can potentially push these users to give your page a follow in return, thereby growing your page.

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2. Creative Content Creation and Optimization

Creating engaging content is one of the most effective strategies for growing your Instagram page. But any content creator will tell you that content creation can take a huge toll on you if done daily. Luckily, you can use AI tools to create and optimize your content strategy and plans, making growth so much easier.

Many AI tools will provide content ideas related to your niche that they think will fly with your audience. Some will even go the extra mile of writing captions and producing visual content for you. Of course, they always base their recommendations on data-driven insights about your previous content and target audience.

With tools like these, you’ll never have to stress about producing high-quality content at the last minute. Plus, by providing engaging content ideas, AI tools also make it easier for you to build your content calendar. This is useful if you’re feeling burnt out from producing content daily and need a temporary break.

And don’t worry about the content looking or feeling too out of place from your regular content. Tools that specialize in content creation assess your page and personalize the content they make to fit your brand personality.

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3. Scheduling and Publishing Posts Automatically

Scheduling posts in advance is yet another awesome practice that helps brands grow. If you plan ahead with your line-up of posts, you become more consistent with your content. The more regularly you post content, the higher your chances of growing on the platform.

Did you know that AI can also help you schedule your content easily? There are plenty of AI-driven scheduling tools out there. They let you schedule your posts, so they will post automatically on the date and time you set. Not only that, but they also recommend the most optimal times for you to upload content. That’s super helpful in driving engagement as soon as you publish your posts.

Some AI-powered scheduling tools can also integrate your Instagram page with other social media platforms, such as Facebook. That way, you can schedule posts for multiple channels at once at your utmost convenience. Then, you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the tool to publish your post when the time comes.

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4. Automated Replies To Direct Messages and Comments

Another awesome way AI helps strengthen your social media presence and drive consistent growth is by automating replies. These tools send out personalized replies to queries on your page. Brands typically use this AI service for direct messages,  but they can also use it for replies to comments.

Getting AI to reply to your followers when they reach out automatically is a terrific way to drive real-time engagement. Here’s how it works. The AI tool will likely ask you for some trigger words or phrases. Then, you can write whatever reply you want to messages that include those triggers. The AI algorithm then works to detect those trigger words and automatically reply with your responses every time.

Setting up auto-replies driven by AI allows you to respond to questions ASAP. No message goes unanswered, and this shows your audience that you value their feedback and prioritize their concerns.

5. Hashtag Recommendations According to Your Niche

Hashtags are popular for helping creators and brands a chance to grow by boosting their post visibility. When you use the right tags on your posts, it increases the likelihood of potential followers discovering your page.

That’s why some AI tools specialize in hashtag research and recommendations according to how relevant they are to your content. They’ll do a quick scan of your image, video, caption, and more to assess it. Then, they will find relevant hashtags related to your post that your target audience is likely to be interested in. From there, just copy and paste the recommended tags to your caption.

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6. Identifying the Best Influencers for Your Campaigns

Collaborating with influencers is another awesome way to grow your brand’s follower base. However, one of the hardest parts about collabs is finding the perfect influencer for each project.

Fortunately, there are plenty of AI-powered influencer marketing platforms that can help you do exactly that. These tools house huge databases of influencers, their niches, audience demographics, follower counts, engagement rates, content quality, and more. After assessing your brand and project details, they’ll scan the database and recommend the best influencers to partner with.

AI’s quick and convenient influencer analysis makes partnering with multiple content creators for big campaigns a breeze. It streamlines the process of researching influencers and picking a few from the thousands on the platform today.

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7. Instagram Analytics Reports for Improving Performance

Last but not least, AI is the driving force behind the many Instagram analytics tools available online today. AI crunches your page’s numbers and gives you insightful data and detailed reports about your content strategy, engagement, and more. It shows you which posts are doing well, which aren’t, and what you should do about them moving forward.

These learnings can help you tweak your strategies and improve your page’s overall performance. As you continuously adjust how you approach Instagram according to these, you’ll see improvements in your overall growth.

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Are AI Instagram Followers Legit?

Yes, for the most part, the followers you get from AI growth methods on Instagram are authentic and legitimate. Social media AI technology works hard to reach your intended target audience. So, you can rest assured that, in most cases, these people are genuine fans, not fake followers.

That said, there are still situations wherein AI Instagram followers might be low-quality. This happens when you use AI tools that do more harm than good for your page. Examples of these “bad” tools include automating or buying likes and comments for your page, thereby generating inauthentic activity.

These disreputable services may lead to ghost followers, spam accounts, bots, and other low-quality accounts in your follower count. Our advice? Steer clear of sketchy AI tools like these at all costs.

Maximize AI for Instagram Growth Using Reputable, Tech-savvy Tools

Now that you know what AI can do, it’s time to hunt for the best AI Instagram tools. Go for whatever best fits your brand’s needs, whether it’s content creation, automated DMs, hashtag recs, or more. But to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the reputable AI tools designed for Instagram.

Of course, if you’re gunning for a higher follower count, go for a trusted, AI-powered growth service like Path Social. We use AI technology to find your niche audience and promote your page to them. So, you can be sure that the people who see your content are the same users you make it for. None of your energy and promotional strategies go to waste. Plus, you’ll reel in tons of potential followers who love your posts!

Do you want to see quick, effective, sustainable AI Instagram growth? Work with Path Social to gain more followers and build a solid online community today!