Followers vs Following Ratio’s Impact on Instagram

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Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

On Instagram, users often judge each other by the number of Followers vs Following. It’s even more serious for Instagram Influencers as follower counts show their success on the platform. These numbers are the first impression of an Instagram profile, followed by the bio

Are you an influencer looking to gain more followers? Or do you want to generate more sales and brand following through your business account on Instagram? Using the best ways to get Instagram followers to build good followers vs following ratio is important.

While everyone focuses on the number of followers, the people you follow are also important. It tells the algorithm about your niche and interests. The balance between followers and following the followers-to-following ratio. But why should you care about maintaining this ratio, and how does it impact your Instagram account?

That’s what we learn in this blog. By the end of this guide, you will know the difference between followers and following. We’ll also tell you how to maintain the perfect follower ratio and give you many helpful tips for influencers. So, let’s begin. 

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What Does Follower Mean on Instagram?

Followers like what you post and want to keep up with your updates. When users follow you, Instagram notifies them of Live sessions, Reels, photos, and other posts. In short, it keeps them in the loop about what’s going on in your profile. 

For content creators and influencers, the number of followers matters. More followers mean connecting with more people who share your interests. For example, people interested in travel will follow you if you post travel content.

A healthy following can also boost your credibility. It makes you more attractive to sponsors and advertisers. Yet, it’s not just about numbers–your followers’ quality is also crucial. Having more followers is good, but only if they actively engage with your content.

We can divide Instagram followers into the following categories: 

  • Active Followers: The real deal! These followers actively engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares. It’s a sign that they genuinely like your posts.
  • Passive Followers: These are quiet observers. They follow your account but engage minimally. It is like a silent appreciation of your content with no direct interaction.
  • Fake Followers: A big “No.” These are robotic followers created for spamming purposes. They add to your follower count but contribute no real engagement or value.
  • Brand Followers: They are brands interested in businesses. These followers connect to stay informed about new products, services, and updates.

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What Is Meant by Following on Instagram?

The following count refers to the accounts you follow on Instagram. These accounts mostly include friends, family, and often colleagues. Other than that, these are celebrities, influencers, streamers, or athletes.

How To Follow the Right Audience

In the flashy world of Instagram, content creators are always looking for inspiration. And who better to turn to than the social media platform’s top influencers? 

For instance, @Ninja and @xQc are popular in the Instagram gaming world. Users scroll their feeds to soak up new ideas and strategies. Meanwhile, Cosplay enthusiasts can double-tap the creative posts of @alysontabbitha and @myrtlegail. It can inspire them for their next big costume.

Users don’t just follow accounts for inspiration. On Instagram, networking is very important. Following the right accounts opens doors to potential collaborations and partnerships. 

How To Maintain a Following vs Followers Ratio

It always feels good to have a large number of followers. But it is very important to strike a balance between followers and following numbers. 

To calculate your following vs. followers ratio, divide the number of followers by the number of following accounts. For instance, if you are following 100,000 but only 10,000 followers, your follower ratio is 10. 

Having more followers than those you follow is good. This high follower-to-following ratio can be a badge of credibility. It suggests that you’ve got a certain influence and that your target audience likes your posts.

But it’s a different ball game if you are following more accounts than you have followers. This low ratio might be a wake-up call, hinting that your content has no appeal.

Your audience may not find your posts good enough to follow you. It can also signify that you’re too generous with your own ‘follow’ button. Adding accounts at a pace that outstrips your growing follower base is a bad idea.

So, What’s Ideal? 

Well, there is no specific formula that works, but here’s a vanity metric to get started: 

  • For Personal Accounts: Aim for a ratio of around 5. Keeping it personal and connected is key.
  • For Business Accounts: Go for a ratio of about 10. It shows authority and an engaged following.
  • Content Creators/Small Influencers: Keeping it between 10 and 30 is a sweet spot. It signifies your influence and a dedicated audience.
  • Mega Influencers/Celebrities: Go for 30 or more. A high ratio screams influence and star power.

While many assume that a higher ratio means better conversion rates, the devil is in the details. There are accounts with impressive follower-to-following ratios on Instagram, but most of their audience is fake followers or bots. 

So, don’t fixate on the numbers. Instead, track your engagement rate, reach, and impressions. These metrics give you the real scoop on how your account performs. It also helps you gauge how impactful you are on Instagram.

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How Does Instagram Follower Count Impact Your Account 

A large number of followers helps the growth of your account in numerous ways. Let’s discuss in detail how Instagram follower count impacts your account. 

  • Establishing Credibility 

A big chunk of the Instagram audience judges a brand’s credibility by the number of followers it has. Potential customers take more interest in brands with a significant following. It provides them with the room to trust your brand.

  • Better Visibility and Engagement

A high Instagram following means a wider reach and more engagement opportunities. More followers translate into higher and more consistent engagement.

  • Increased Influence

A good Instagram following not only boosts your credibility but also enhances your influence. It allows you to establish yourself as a trendsetter and engage with a larger audience.

  • Fostering Loyalty

An impressive follower count can position you as an industry expert. It fosters trust and encourages meaningful connections. It can also turn your followers into brand ambassadors. This way, they will market your brand on Instagram via Stories and word of mouth.

  • Boosting Sales

A high Instagram following has a direct impact on sales. It attracts more users, increases brand awareness, and generates leads. A big following instills trust in potential customers. It will make them buy what you sell.

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How To Handle Instagram Unfollowers Smartly

It is very simple to deal with unfollowers on Instagram. It’s tit for tat—unfollow the ones who unfollow you. There is no need to hold grudges or mourn the loss of followers. 

A simple way of checking who unfollowed you is by visiting their following list. But manually checking every follower may seem like an impossible task. Don’t worry! Some apps can help you see who unfollowed you on Instagram. 

  1. Followers Tracker Pro (iOS) 

It comes with a monthly subscription cost of $5.99, $17.99 for six months, or $23.99 per year. This tool makes it very simple to track your Instagram followers. It tells you who unfollowed you and highlights those you follow but who don’t follow you back. Note that it’s only available for iOS users.

  1. Follow Cop (Android) 

If you’re an Android user, this app is for you. Follow Cop lets you see who has unfollowed you since your last log-in. Expect a few ads along the way, but it’s a reliable tool for monitoring your lost Instagram followers.

  1. InstaFollow (iOS and Android)

InstaFollow is a free tool that offers additional paid features. It’s a versatile app that lets you track new followers and spot unfollowers. You can also see accounts you don’t follow back and pinpoint users who don’t follow you back. Moreover, it provides detailed follower reports along with engagement analyses. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

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