How to Boost Instagram Followers Using Our Growth Tactics

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Instagram 101 | May 30, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

The pressure to perform on Instagram has never been heavier. Everyone is trying to grow their numbers on IG. The platform determines which posts will be on the Explore Page, and how they decide this is somewhat obscure. Fortunately, we have some surefire tips on how to boost Instagram followers.

Based on the existing patterns, the postings that rise to the top are the ones that garner the most significant engagement. Receiving hundreds of comments and likes on a post within the first few minutes of its publication propels postings to the top rank. We can help these posts reach the top.

For example, a profile lacking crucial information will only garner a few followers. Take a few minutes to finish setting up your Instagram profile before publishing your first post, story, or reel. You may do this at any time. If you optimize your profile, it will have a better chance of appearing in search results.  It will also make it more likely that members of your target audience will follow you if they come across your profile or content. 

Begin by making any necessary adjustments to your Instagram display name. Consider providing your company’s name and a catchphrase or a brief explanation of your company’s services or products. Utilize search terms that are likely to be looked up by your readers while maintaining a natural and approachable tone in your writing. Your Instagram stories highlights should be a good summary of it all! This is just the beginning. We have loads of helpful tips on how to boost followers on Instagram. Keep reading for more!

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How to Boost Instagram Followers: First, Know the Type of Followers You Want

Before you delve into how to boost Instagram followers, the number of people that follow your account is essential. The quality of those followers is more important in the long term. Many different kinds of people follow you on Instagram, including the following:

  1. Fake Accounts: Some Instagram users inflate their follower count by using bots or phony profiles to create the appearance of having more followers than they have. We don’t judge here; we even offer tools to buy followers safely. However, Instagram’s service rules prohibit users from engaging in this behavior. IG can identify fake followers. Violators risk being shadowbanned or having their content reduced in some other way. If the platform’s algorithms discover the activity, it may result in suspending or canceling user accounts.
  1. Inactive followers. These are often known as “ghost” followers, accounts that do not interact with any material posted on the site. There is a possibility that ghost followers were active at one point, but they are no longer engaging with content. These followers could be more valuable to the overall growth goals or engagement rates. The numbers look good, but there’s nothing more to it.
  1. Organic Followers follow your account because they are interested in the material you post and want to interact with it. These users are known real people who deliberately decided to follow and interact. They have the potential to become invaluable assets in the process of constructing a genuine community about your business.

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Knowing How to Boost Instagram Followers  Will Give You Many Opportunities 

Knowing how to boost Instagram followers involves understanding the various types of followers you can encounter. A more significant number of followers can serve as social proof and increase engagement. 

Nevertheless, it is necessary to prioritize high-quality, organic followers over the acquisition of inactive or phony accounts. Those give very little value to reaching development goals. You will be better prepared for revenue opportunities and general success within the framework of Path Social. We will help you attract real people interested in the material you provide.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to become an influencer or the owner of a home-based company looking to expand. Expanding your Instagram following is vital to optimizing your reach and accomplishing your goals on the platform. This is for the users who want to make IG more than a hobby. In this piece, we will go over a comprehensive collection of methods and tips you can implement. They will help you improve the number of organic followers you have on Instagram.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Instagram. We will find out how to attract and keep more followers by optimizing your profile. We can create content that others will want to interact with.

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Boost Instagram Post Numbers Through Targeted Promotions

We know you’ve been following our tips and are putting quality content. Do you want more people to notice excellent posts or Instagram reels? You can’t have it go to waste. While you want to know how to boost Instagram followers, explicitly knowing how to boost Instagram posts is part of this growth journey.

Do you want to increase the interaction your existing posts receive? It may be time for you to start promoting your posts. Instagram promotion is an excellent method for exposing your material to more individuals and accumulating those coveted likes, comments, and shares.

Instagram has built-in tools to boost an Instagram post. Keep reading. We will provide you with some pointers on promoting your Instagram posts to ensure they have the most significant possible reach and effect.  

You can promote an Instagram post by paying a fee to increase the number of people who see it. When you “boost” or promote an Instagram post, it will show up in the feeds of individuals who do not follow you. There is also the possibility that promoted content will show up in the Stories or Explore tab.

​​Promoting your great IG post allows you to reach a wider audience and generate greater engagement with your content, which may increase the number of people who follow you.

Beyond simply your usual audience, promoted Instagram posts may also provide information on who else is viewing your material. You get to see how well it performs on Instagram through Instagram Insights. Put it this way: you could pray for a viral moment or invest in promotion tactics for your brand.

Classic Growth Tip: Boost Instagram Followers Using Hashtags 

On the other hand, using paid advertising to boost Instagram followers could not be accessible to young companies just starting. Regarding growth initiatives, having a restricted budget for advertising also means having fewer alternatives. You should know how to boost Instagram followers using next to no resources. Luckily, there are affordable options. Hashtags associated with certain brands are exceptionally effective marketing techniques. 

Hashtags are an essential component of the Instagram marketing plan for your brand. No matter how much Instagram changes, hashtags are a tool that should stay in your business plan. If you utilize specifically generated hashtags, it will be much simpler for you to participate in a conversation or an issue relevant to your brand. 

They also help Instagram categorize the material that you publish to their platform. When people search for or browse a specific hashtag that piques their interest, your posts may appear in the results of such searches or browses. Given its popularity, Instagram has evolved into a directory. People come to the site to find out information about celebrities or businesses. It’s almost second nature. Hashtags will help you be in those search results.

Users can find new products and content on the network using hashtags, but hashtags serve a far more important purpose. They also allow your small business to establish recognition and awareness of its brand. Users may search for new brands and content on the site using hashtags in the search bar. Because of these factors, you should constantly incorporate hashtags into your ideas for Instagram posts. Instagram growth could be as simple as doing some hashtag research.

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How to Boost Instagram Followers Using Individual Posts 

In learning how to boost Instagram followers, sometimes you must promote individual posts first. It may seem tedious initially, but it is ultimately worth it. There are several different reasons why you would wish to promote a post on Instagram, including the following:

Want to drive traffic to your website? You may track the number of individuals who click through to your website if you promote a post that has a link to your website.  Additionally, advertised postings may increase the number of sales or sign-ups. 

Promoting a post is a beautiful approach to broaden the audience exposed to your brand. It helps you connect with new individuals likely to be interested in the goods or services you offer. Boosting an ad that they would be interested in closes the gap.

Promoted posts help you obtain more likes, comments, saves, and shares. All of which can lead to organic reach and new followers. If IG notices that people like your content, they will suggest it to other people who may be interested. If you want to achieve more interaction, use promoted posts.

To gather information on improving marketing methods, every promoted article will provide statistics on how well it did. These measurements will allow you to determine what techniques are successful so that you may modify them accordingly. Reviewing IG metrics is crucial to understanding how to boost followers on Instagram.

You don’t have to shoot in the dark. Promotional posts can efficiently reach your target audience. Instagram’s targeting functionality enables you to pick who your sponsored post targets. You may better contact clients interested in targeting them according to geography, age, gender, hobbies, and other factors.

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Best Way To Boost Followers on Instagram​​ for Any IG Profile

The best way to boost followers on Instagram depends on your brand. Clearly defining your goals is essential, including increasing interaction, promoting a new product, or raising the number of people who follow you. Some accounts can depend heavily on user-generated content. Others cannot. Nevertheless, this is general information on how to boost Instagram followers:     

  1. Captivating Captions

Create captivating captions accompanying your photos and inspire people to interact with them. Captions allow one to narrate stories, arouse feelings, and establish a more profound connection with one’s audience. Have you heard of a call to action? It’s a boost for the reader to do something. More than likely, this means commenting on the post to create engagement.

  1. Consistency is Key

Create a regular posting schedule to maintain a strong presence on your followers’ feeds and keep your fans engaged in your account. Still, make sure these posts are quality posts! Making sure each one offers value and connects with your audience should also be at the forefront of your mind.

  1. Themes

Use filters, color palettes, and consistent editing techniques throughout your account to produce a unified and easily identifiable visual identity. We have tips on what a good Instagram theme for you could be. This makes your content stand out more and reinforces people’s memories of your business.

  1. Get Competitive

Competitions are a best practice for how to boost Instagram followers. Determine the rules for how participants will sign up for the competition. Using contests and prizes is fantastic for developing excitement and creating buzz around your brand.  You’re even more likely when you collaborate with another brand. 

An Instagram Followers App Could Be the Help You Need

If you’re serious about growth, an Instagram followers app could be your solution. Using this tool, there could be a rise in the total number of likes and follows. Keep reading for how to boost Instagram followers using an app for help.

  1. Get Followers

This is an app that allows you to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram by doing easy activities to earn money. When you download the app, it will deposit a certain number of coins into your account. After that, it will prompt you to follow the selected Instagram profiles. Every time you follow a new profile, the app will deposit a coin into your account as a reward. After that, you can use this money to get followers on Instagram. The application is effortless to operate.


Use his app to find out which hashtags are the most popular within the community and add them to your posts.  It allows you to interact with your audience while maintaining relevance on the platform. As a result, you’ll be able to build an attractive profile, which will assist you in increasing the number of free followers you have on Instagram.

  1. Fame Boom

We remembered Android users. Fame Boom is a free software for Android that helps you earn followers on Instagram by providing advice on how to trend inside the app. Fame Boom selects the hashtags that have been trending for a specified time and then challenges its users to create content based on them. Therefore, the posts may be constructed around the supplied keywords, making your material attractive to potential followers. 

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How to Boost Instagram Followers: Timing Is Everything 

Everyone wants to know how to boost Instagram followers on Instagram. When achieving success on Instagram in this way, having outstanding material is only one part of the issue. Don’t get us wrong- it’s important. But what’s the point if the people who want to see it don’t get to?

The other part of success on Instagram is intensive targeted promotion through impeccable timing. Every single time you publish, you need people to see your material. But you also want the most significant number of members of your intended audience to see it. This can be challenging. It may even take some trial and error.

When you have determined your target audience, you will better know the optimal times to publish material on Instagram. This will increase the possibility that you will not only reach the appropriate individuals and the most significant number of individuals possible. Target audiences are diverse and might originate from various locations, including cities, time zones, and nations. We get it- your brand is far-reaching.

You will get the required information on your audience’s behaviors by using Instagram’s analytics capabilities. Pay attention to the times of day when they are most active on the site. Take into consideration that the Instagram Insights feature is only accessible to Instagram creator profiles and company profiles. Access to the Instagram Creator Studio dashboard includes extra audience insights, such as statistics on your followers’ online presence. This is one of the perks of having a creator profile on Instagram. With these features, you will know how to boost followers on Instagram.

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We Can Help You With How to Boost Instagram Followers 

We know how to boost Instagram followers using a unique content strategy but it will take a lot of work to reach new audiences on Instagram. The algorithm constantly changes. Users have to adapt. Most of the time, you may see a trickle of new followers every few days or weeks. Every once in a while, you may see an exciting rise in your number of followers because of a fantastic post or an excellent campaign. We can help you with that excellent campaign.

As an additional growth strategy, consider forming a partnership with a business like Path Social, an expert in Instagram growth plans. Path Social’s sophisticated AI targeting capacity and in-house team of social media specialists will provide you with an algorithmic edge. We will give you the expert assistance you require to boost followers on Instagram. Begin expanding your Instagram audience and collecting followers right away!