How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast—Tips & More

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Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Imagine tapping into an audience of over 1.35 billion daily users, all eager for fresh, visually captivating content and trends. Instagram is more than a platform for sharing holiday snaps or cute pet videos. It is a lively community of active people. It has become a dynamic marketing hub for brands globally to engage with potential customers. 

This photo and video-sharing powerhouse—owned by Meta—is a trendsetter. It is helping many creators turn their brands into profitable ventures. 

Are you thinking, “How do you get followers on Instagram fast or kickstart a business?” A large number of followers are important if you want to become a successful content creator

Dive into this guide to discover the secrets of more engagement on Instagram. We will share tips and strategies to help you craft content that attracts real, engaging followers and boost interaction.

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How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast

Think of Instagram as the marketing world’s secret weapon, coming in right behind Facebook. It’s a goldmine for 80% of marketers leveraging its power to elevate their businesses. But the magic begins when you grow a tribe of loyal, engaged followers on Instagram.

Don’t get us wrong—it’s not all about the numbers. But an impressive follower count is more than just a bragging right in the Instagram game. It’s the key to unlocking doors to monetization for influencers and building a fortress of social proof for businesses. 

Are you ready to get followers on Instagram fast and transform them into your success story? Let’s jump in and make it happen.

1. Capitalize on Reels

With Instagram’s intimate, vertical video format, Stories have been a personal window into the lives of friends and followers. And then came Reels—Instagram’s game-changer. Unlike Stories, Reels are for the world to see, offering a ticket to viral fame through Instagram’s Explore page.

For brands and creators, Reels are a must-have in your Instagram playbook. Why? Because the engagement they drive is off the charts. Reels rake in an average of 42% more likes than regular posts, and users share them four times as often. Sounds impressive? 

Are you ready to give your brand that authentic edge? Read on.

  • To make your Instagram Reels stand out, think unique and trend-savvy. Keep an eye on the latest buzz on Instagram, TikTok, and the web. Then, add your unique twist to these trends. This strategy can skyrocket your Reels to viral fame, introducing your content to a new crowd.
  • Simplicity is key. Your Reels don’t need to be blockbuster productions. Sometimes, a less polished video can relate more to your audience than a high-budget spectacle. It’s all about being relatable and real.
  • It’s not just about entertainment. Mix it up with educational content. Strike a balance by blending how-to guides, industry insights, and a humorous take on trending topics with your product showcases. The variety keeps your audience both informed and entertained.
  • Don’t just push your products in your Reels. Instead, focus on sharing knowledge, offering industry tips, and entertaining your viewers. It’s about adding value, not just selling.

Don’t forget the power of Instagram’s built-in analytics. Explore Instagram Insights specifically for Reels to uncover what’s working and what’s not. 

The tool helps you spot trends and engagement spikes so you can focus on content that resonates. Understanding these patterns lets you fine-tune your strategy to attract more engagement. 

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2. Optimization Is Crucial 

When you optimize your content, users are likely to stumble upon it on Instagram’s Explore page. If your content strikes a chord, their next stop is your profile. 

Now is your moment to turn a casual browser into a loyal follower. A well-crafted profile is a beacon signaling potential customers and followers that they’ve found their tribe.

Your Instagram profile is a crucial pit stop in the customer journey. It should mirror your brand’s presence—your e-commerce site, other social media platforms, product packaging, or customer care. 

Every element of your profile is important—from your avatar and bio to the layout of your content grid. Consider your Instagram feed as your brand’s billboard. It’s where you make the first impression. 

Make your Instagram profile a powerful story about who you are and what you stand for. But how? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are the personality, filters, colors, and layout weaving together a consistent story?
  • Are you making every character count while writing a clickable link in your bio?
  • Does your profile’s overall vibe represent your brand’s essence, making it instantly recognizable to anyone who lands on your page?
  • Does your Instagram bio strike the right chord to win followers, delivering the perfect blend of information and personality?

Your Reels grid on Instagram is a canvas for your brand. But consistency is key here. Using a uniform style for captions and titles creates a distinct and cohesive look. You can also use an email signature. It beautifies your grid and guides your audience effortlessly to the Reels they’ll love most. 

Embrace Instagram’s scheduling feature. It can help in designing a feed that tells a story. Plan and schedule your posts and Reels. This will transform your Instagram feed into a carefully curated gallery, reflecting the essence of your brand. 

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3. Get Published in Feature Accounts

Imagine unlocking the door to a world where your Instagram content reaches millions. That’s the power of feature accounts—Instagram’s niche superstars, each with a massive following, hungry for quality user-generated content. Featuring your profile on these accounts can be a game-changer, funneling a stream of new followers to you.

Whether you’re into travel, fashion, photography, pets, or any other niche, there’s a feature account. Take @discoverearth, for instance. This travel-focused account showcases content from creators and photographers worldwide to 6.6 million followers.

So, how do you get these niche giants to notice you? It’s simpler than you might think. Use hashtags that these accounts commonly track, tag them in your relevant posts, or follow their specific submission guidelines. It’s like sending a direct invitation to showcase your content to millions.

These accounts feature you, connecting with Instagram users who are already passionate about what you offer. What would be better than that? Make the most of it and reach potential followers. 

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4. Maintain a Hashtag Strategy

Your mission on Instagram should be twofold. Keep your existing audience hooked and continuously expand your reach. Regularly posting captivating photos and videos is key to maintaining follower loyalty. But the big question is, how do you reel in new followers with your posts?

It’s hashtags—a secret weapon to pop up in searches of users craving content like yours. The best practice regarding hashtags is to tap into popular Instagram hashtags. These are the tags that users frequently search for. 

As of now, the Instagram hashtag hall of fame includes:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #fashion
  • #photooftheday
  • #beautiful
  • #art
  • #photography
  • #happy
  • #picoftheday
  • #cute

Zero in on relevant hashtags that truly reflect your brand and content. It’s all about doing your homework. Research the hashtags and keywords buzzing in your industry and understand the tags your target audience loves to follow.

How To Find Hashtags

Many social media hashtag generator tools are available. They sift through the hashtags, suggesting ones that match your brand’s popularity and relevance. While most require users to pay, consider them an investment in your Instagram success story. 

Tight on budget? No worries! Instagram itself is a wealth of information. Just dive into the app’s search bar with your target keywords. Experiment with different terms that capture your brand’s and products’ essence, and watch your hashtag list grow organically.

But wait, there’s more. Have you ever thought of playing detective with your competitors? It’s a bountiful approach for hashtag discovery. Take a sneak peek at your top competitors’ Instagram content. Notice the hashtags they use on their hit posts? These are the clues to what’s working in your niche.

How To Target Hashtags

Building your hashtag arsenal is like crafting a secret recipe for Instagram success. Your research into keywords and hashtags should culminate in a pluralist, ready-to-deploy across your content. 

Let’s say you’re the proud owner of a men’s sock business in Toronto. Your tailor-made hashtag list could look something like this:

  • Brand-focused hashtags: #mybrandname #mensfashion #mensaccessories #mensgoods #fashion #mensstyle #instafashion #menswear
  • Product-centric hashtags: #happysocks #corgisocks #socks #sockswag #socksoftheday #sockgame #socksofinstagram #happysockday
  • Location-based hashtags: #Toronto #TorontoFashion #TorontoFashionBloggers #madeinCanada

Keep these hashtag groups in a notes app or a Google Doc. This way, you can easily take and sprinkle them on your content, even when you’re on the move. 

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Hashtags in Reels and Stories

Don’t leave your hashtags behind when using Instagram Reels and Stories. They’re just as crucial here as they are in your regular posts. In Stories, jazz things up with hashtag stickers, easily found in the Stickers menu. You can also weave hashtags directly into your story captions.

The best part? Since users can follow hashtags, your Stories have the potential to pop up for people who follow those tags. It’s like casting a wider net in the vast Instagram Sea.

As for Reels, hashtags come into play at the third step of the creation process. Once your video is ready and edited, you’ll land on a screen where the magic happens. Now, you can sprinkle in your location tags and hashtags and even tag other users.

Think of hashtags in Stories and Reels as your secret passageway to new target audiences. They’re your tickets to broader visibility and engagement on Instagram.

5. Post Timely & Engage With Competitors 

Always pick the perfect time to post and try to engage with your competitors who are already at the top. 

Mastering your social media content calendar is like being a detective in the digital world. It’s all about delving into user behavior and scrutinizing your account’s performance to pinpoint the sweet spot for your content. There might be many helpful tools, but no one comes near the organic Instagram Analytics.

A smart move is to initially lean on marketing research to determine the best times to post on Instagram. But the twist is your audience might need to fit the mold. They’re unique, after all. Adapting and refining your strategy is crucial based on the insights you gather along the way.

Now, let’s come to the power of collaborating with other brands. Zeroing in on your direct competitors’ followers is like hitting the bullseye in your marketing strategy. These folks have already raised their hands, showing interest in products or brands similar to yours. 

Now, let’s talk about the five golden rules of engagement on Instagram:

  • Following a user.
  • Liking a post, Story, or Reel.
  • Commenting on a post.
  • Tagging a user in content.
  • Sending a direct message.

Engaging with your target audience is a meaningful two-way conversation and forging genuine relationships with fans and customers. Remember, 88% of consumers crave authenticity from the brands they support. Your engagement shows them there’s a real person behind the account, not just an automated bot churning out content.

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How To Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram Fast 

Many users are in a hurry to increase their followers. They keep looking for hacks on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram fast. But there is nothing like an overnight success. The more effort you put in, the better and quicker results come out. 

Follow the five tips discussed in the guide, and be consistent. If you are energetic today and lazy tomorrow, it won’t work out. Consistency is the key. 

The last resort is to buy Instagram followers from external service providers. They provide you with organic followers interested in your niche but charge you accordingly. So, if you are ready to invest this way, the road is open. 

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How To Get Free Followers on Instagram Fast

The debate around getting free followers on Instagram is a hot topic. Many view it as a shortcut lacking authenticity, arguing that it’s not true growth if followers don’t organically engage. Critics say this approach can make an account appear spammy, as these followers typically don’t interact, diminishing the genuine appeal. 

On the flip side, proponents argue that it’s a fast track to visibility and credibility on the platform. It helps accounts stand out in a crowded space, potentially boosting engagement and brand recognition.

Let’s find out how to get free followers on Instagram fast

  1. Dive into the engagement world: Comment on posts, share others’ content, and follow accounts that align with your interests. Genuine interaction gets you noticed and encourages others to follow and invest in your account.
  2. Stick to a regular posting rhythm: Consistency is key to growing your followers. Regular posts keep your audience anticipating new content and boost your chances of discoverability organically.
  3. Forge influencer partnerships: Collaborating with influencers can attract their followers to your account. This organic approach is a powerful alternative to unethical practices.
  4. Take your Instagram beyond the app: Merge your online presence with the offline world. Use everything from postcards to TV appearances to funnel more followers to your Instagram.
  5. Create content that captivates and compels sharing: Aim for engaging and visually stunning posts. Harness the power of popular hashtags to extend your reach and actively engage with others’ content to grow your following.
  6. Cross-promote your Instagram: Share your profile across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Remember to link your Instagram on your website, too.
  7. Embrace Instagram Stories: Regularly updating your Stories keeps your audience hooked, increasing the likelihood of sticking around.

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Gain Quick Followers With Path Social

Consistency is the key to growing big on Instagram. Following all the tips and tricks, giving your 100% to grow Instagram but lacking consistency will waste everything. 

Try your best to optimize the account by posting timely, engaging with competitors, and making the most of hashtags. Make reels and try to reach feature accounts, and soon, your Instagram account will be on top.

Now you know how to Get Followers on Instagram Fast and grow big. If you need a helping hand, Path Social is your go-to partner for a successful Instagram journey. Our advanced AI-targeting algorithm makes your profile shine in the crowded world of creators. With our team of experts at your side, get ready to welcome a wave of genuine, engaged followers.

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