How To Reply With a Reel on Instagram: Visual Responses 101

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Instagram 101 | May 27, 2024

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It’s undeniable that Instagram Reels are getting more and more popular by the day. According to Forrester Research, 30% of the time people spend on Instagram watching Reels. It’s where brands and creators make users laugh, cry, learn, and want to buy products. But it’s also a terrific way to engage others through comments, not just with regular replies but with video responses. That’s right—today, we’re diving into how to reply with a Reel on Instagram.

It’s easy to captivate audiences with interesting Reels. What takes a little bit more effort is starting a conversation with them in the comments section. By responding with video replies, you create a more solid connection with your fans.

Do you want to know everything there about the power of video replies and content with video responses? Keep reading to learn all about this cool, engagement-boosting, community-building feature on Instagram.

A group of friends recording a video of themselves with a phone camera facing them.

What Are Visual Replies to Instagram Reels Comments?

You can send video responses to Instagram Reels comments if you have anything to address that’s better done on video. Instead of merely typing a text-based reply, you point your phone camera at yourself and shoot a brand-new Reel. This creates a more dynamic and interactive video-viewing experience for your followers.

If you’re active on TikTok, this Instagram feature might sound familiar to you. That’s because this video reply feature seems to be inspired by the same one TikTok has. It’s part of what The Verge calls out as strings of Instagram tweaks that make the platforms seem too alike.

That said, the visual response feature on Instagram is still huge for brands and creators who want to engage fans. It makes talking to fans feel more personal and “real”. Plus, it’s a great way to generate more content through people’s prompts, especially if you struggle often with creative blocks. Overall, it’s an amazing community-building and audience engagement strategy that strengthens your connection with your fans.

A man smiling as he films a video of himself with his phone.

How To Reply to a Comment With a Reel: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you ready to make your replies to comments more dynamic and personal? Get that camera ready! Here’s how to reply to a comment with a Reel, step by step:

1. Find the Reel comment you want to post a video reply to.

2. Tap Reply at the bottom of the comment.

3. Instead of typing a reply in the message field, click the camera icon on the left.

4. Film a video response on the spot or upload a video you’ve already pre-recorded through your camera roll. You should see a sticker with the original comment on it, which includes the commenter’s handle and profile photo.

5. Edit your new Reel however you like. Position the comment sticker you’re replying to by dragging and dropping it on the screen. You can also tap the sticker to change its background color. You can even edit how long you want the sticker to appear on your Reel.

6. When you’re happy with your Reel response, hit Share.

The person you replied to with a new video will then receive a notification about your response. Anyone can see this reply in the original comment on the Reel.

You can reply to anyone’s comments that they leave behind on a public Instagram Reel. Just make sure not to go ham and spam people’s feeds with unnecessary Reel responses to every comment you see.

4 Ideas for Fun, Engaging Video Instagram Replies

Replies on regular posts can spark meaningful conversations with your fanbase, too. But comments on Reels that you reply to with a new video you film specifically to respond to your followers? That’s gold.

But how exactly can you make the most out of the visual response feature on Reels? Here are some creative ideas for fun and interesting video Instagram replies your fans are sure to love.

1. Reply to Questions From Fans With a Personal Touch

Some fans and customers love to engage their favorite brands and creators by asking questions on their posts. If you receive fun, thought-provoking questions from your followers under your Reels, consider responding with a new video. It’s an awesome way to interact with your fans while adding a human and personal touch to your conversation.

Replying to your followers with a video response is a low-maintenance way to conduct Q&A sessions. It’s not as committal as doing so on Stories or Live, but it still allows you to connect with fans.

If you post video replies to comments, make sure what you say is meaningful. Don’t reply with full videos to simple “yes or no” questions. Instead, save your energy and appearances for deeper, more thought-provoking queries or when you want to tell a captivating story. That way, your visual replies will always be special and something to look forward to.

A female content creator setting up her phone and tripod to record a video of herself.

2. Demonstrate How To Use One of Your Brand’s Products

You can also reply to a comment on your Reel about how to use products you in the video. This is useful for brands who showcase their offerings in their Reels. Influencers and content creators who have published user-generated content to highlight their favorite brands can also do this.

Create a video reply to show your followers how to use specific products. You can also take the opportunity to answer questions about that product’s key features and role in your everyday life. Providing this information to others doesn’t just allow you to engage with your followers. It can also potentially drive purchase interest and sales for the brand.

 A beauty influencer applying makeup on another content creator’s eyes to demonstrate how to use it.

3. Reveal a Much-Requested Collab With Another Brand or Creator

Fans will often post comments suggesting who an influencer or brand should collaborate with next. Replying to these comments with a Reel announcing a much-requested collab makes for an awesome reveal.

It’s a way to tell fans, “We heard your requests, and we listened!” It makes them feel heard and makes them feel that their feedback and thoughts on your brand are important and valuable. This can strengthen their loyalty to your brand in the long run.

A female influencer pointing at the phone camera while talking to her followers through video.

4. Post a Lighthearted, Funny Video Response to a Sassy Comment

Have you ever received sassy comments or complaints from users under your Instagram Reel? Negative comments can be challenging to deal with. But instead of immediately taking offense to these kinds of comments, the best brands take it in stride. One way to address these sassy comments from others with grace is by replying with a light, fun video.

Instead of replying with a generic apology, consider doing so with a quick, witty Reel or a parody skit. This is a fun, excellent way to engage those whose minds you can change about your brand. Make them laugh and warm their hearts by humanizing your brand with silly, lighthearted video replies.

Of course, only do this with light and cheeky comments. If you see any serious complaints about your products or content, address them directly with the customer in private.

You don’t have to do this only on comments left on your content. You can also do it to react to sassy comments you find on other people’s Reels. It’s a smart, creative way to keep things light on the platform while grabbing the opportunity to go viral.

What Happens if the Comment You Replied to With a Reel Gets Deleted?

Consider video replies as parts of a thread dependent on their source. If the poster deletes the original comment you posted a response to, your video reply will disappear as well. If anyone made remixes with your video response, their videos will be deleted, too.

The same happens when the original Reel from where the comment came from is deleted. Since all the comments under that Reel get deleted, so will any reply videos.

If you believe your visual response to a comment is useful for your fans, always download it to your phone. That way, if your Reel reply is deleted, you can simply re-upload it as an independent video on your feed.

And That’s How To Reply With a Reel on Instagram!

Replying to comments with Reels is a fantastic way to connect with fans on a personal level. It also allows you to answer questions or clear up any misunderstandings about your original Instagram Reel. Make the most out of this cool video feature to boost engagement and communicate with your audience efficiently.

Learning how to reply with a Reel on Instagram is the easy part. Now, you have to put in the effort to send meaningful, engaging video responses to reply to your favorite fans. So, get going and strengthen your bond with your followers by replying with videos curated just for them.

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