Ideas for an Instagram Username in Case You’re Stumped

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Instagram 101 | Nov 07, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

What’s in a name? Well, we’d tell Mr Shakespeare that it’s only the most important identifier on Instagram. It’s the name people likely type to find an account. It’s the name that shows up beside every comment. It’s that thing on Instagram that you simply cannot replicate. People can have the same profile picture. However, IG doesn’t allow two pages to have the same username. Your Instagram account name matters. If you think that yours is not up to standard, you may want ideas for an Instagram username.

Before you read this article, think about what you would like to convey with your page. Keep the Instagram aesthetic in mind. Everything will ultimately have to be cohesive. It starts with the name. That is how you introduce yourself, right? Your IG name should be no different. Username ideas for Instagram may not come easily, but you have your social media experts at Path Social to help.

An IG profile shows a username made from a person’s name.

Usernames for Instagram: An Important First Impression

Do you aspire to have a large following on Instagram? Do you want other people to be able to recognize you only by hearing your name? Which content creator doesn’t want that? It would be detrimental to the company’s reputation if people confused your name with another person’s. You want it to be yours.

In this day and age, when there are so many Instagram usernames on the platform. It is more vital than ever to make a powerful first impression. Nevertheless, usernames should be noticeable in a positive way. You can’t make them look so different that it makes them difficult to read.

The first thing that people see when they visit your profile is your username. Because it is the first item that users see, it establishes the tone for the entirety of the profile. It is the means via which individuals engage with your brand. You have to make every letter count. We’re not exaggerating. It’s the truth.

An Instagram profile shows an IG handle that is short and distinct.

What Is a Good Username for Instagram Brands Just Starting?

Are you just getting started with Instagram? Fortunately, one advantage you have is that you do not yet have a reputation among Instagram users. Yes, this is a good thing. You can start from scratch and build goodwill from the ground up. The question “What is a good username for Instagram?” is frequently asked by new creators. It should go without saying that no response is universally applicable. However, we can provide the most helpful advice for selecting a username.

Don’t Make It Too Complicated

Nobody goes on IG to strain to read words. It’s a photo-sharing app primarily, so the extra reading isn’t welcome. Picture this: You’ve secured a strong fan of your brand. They want to share your handle with someone via word of mouth. Oops, they can’t remember because it’s so complicated. They go into the Instagram app on their phone and try to search for your name. Unfortunately, your name is too complicated to remember. Did it start with an underscore? Did you misspell a word on purpose? People live very busy lives. It’s hard to remember that that you spelled “unique” as “uneek.” Just like that, you lost a follower. This scenario is not as uncommon as you think!

Your username needs to be simple to read. It’s harder to remember a name that your mind wants to skip over when it appears. Do you feel the need to have digits or special characters in your Instagram username? Think twice about it because doing so might make it more difficult for new and potential followers to find you. Keep your letters and words as basic as possible. Say it out loud first. Is it simple to remember and easy to pronounce? If not, go back to the drawing board. It is, you may have a winner. Well, if you satisfy the concerns below.

Pick a Distinctive Handle

You started this page knowing that there would be many likes. Yes, there are countless IG clothing boutiques in your area. That did not stop you from buying stock and making your own. IG users have their pick of lifestyle bloggers and you still joined the number. Congrats on your bravery. Your category of page may not be unique, but your name needs to be. Don’t run the risk of having your name confused for another. 

Your choice of username needs to be one of a kind. This is for the good of your brand in the long term. What if this takes off for you? What if you make money on Instagram and your name becomes a well-known brand? You may look into trademarking your name. It will be difficult to do that if a similar name is already taken. What will you do then? Will you rebrand after all the work you’ve done to secure a reputation? We hope not. Your name should be as memorable as your content is. 

Keep Your Niche Market in Mind

It would be very helpful to brands if usernames for Instagram included the nature of the page. What do we mean by this? Including “cafe” in the username of your artisan coffee shop helps when searching. Words like “hair” or “stylist” help when people turn to IG when they need to get their hair done. Just like that, your name is more searchable. It is immediately clear what your brand is about. Particularly when the rest of your name is unique, including this at the end helps.

In the end, what you must do is convey who you are or what your brand stands for clearly. Also, it won’t be used by another company or individual. This will help you stand out from other Instagram pages offering a similar product or content. Which niche market are you catering to? It could ultimately guarantee that people can locate you without any trouble.

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Creating a Username for Instagram When One Is Already Taken

Ok! You believe that you have found a name that you think would be successful at last. You give it a go just to discover that someone else has already created it. What are the chances of that happening? Even while this is upsetting, it’s not the end of the world by any means. Although it is preferable to have a unique name, this is not always possible. There are so many IG accounts these days that there is a risk of it happening.

You may have already started using that name in practice. You simply finally decided to bring your business on Instagram. You cannot alter the company’s name just because someone else is already using the handle. The name already has an associated reputation. It would be difficult to begin building one from the very beginning. So, what we have to do is make the handle unique. Let’s talk about creating a username for Instagram when your chosen one is unavailable.

Drop Your Location

IG is a global platform. It doesn’t exist in a specific location. However, the physical location of your business probably does. If your target audience is in your state or country, consider putting specific initials or area codes in the name. This could give it a personal touch. It also helps if the location is a vital part of the brand identity.

It could also boost the probability of your profile appearing in localized search results. Being able to pinpoint your target audience this way could also help the engagement rate. Knowing that the products are accessible may encourage people to interact more with the posts.

Add Small Words That Change Nothing

On one hand, they may seem to change nothing, but they really have a huge impact. Putting “the,” “your,” or “official before an Instagram handle gives the impression that the brand is formidable. Try to implement terms like these if you’re in a bind. Don’t bother trying to use capital letters. This isn’t a password. IG will change the handle to lowercase automatically.

The important parts of your username remain the same. IG will regard it as a totally different name. The bonus is that it will serve to make your brand sound stronger. You won’t need to change the branding on any products that you have since the word is not that important. 

Words like “ltd” or “co” are useful for businesses as well. Of course, if you do not have a limited liability company, some may consider them to be misleading. It could be good to save this in the handle if you plan to incorporate your business.

Buy the IG Handle That You Want

 Sometimes people create a username to use in the future. They may have had a stroke of inspiration and decided to commandeer an entire handle. If this is the case, consider buying the username.

Is it possible to buy an Instagram account name that is already in use? The short answer is yes. It’s not an official process sanctioned by IG. It would have to be a private contract between two users. We’ll give you tips on how you can get this done.

  1. Send the account owner a DM. This is likely the only way to reach them. Kindly express your interest in their IG handle. Explain your personal and professional ties to the name. You could even go as far as to explain why they would benefit from selling the handle. If you built up a reputation with that name, it could stunt any growth their page could have. It would potentially exist in your brand’s shadow.

Don’t come off as threatening when you make it very obvious that you are interested in purchasing the Instagram name. 

  1. Prepare to negotiate. If the seller is nice, they will let you have the username. They do this by changing their username and therefore releasing it for your use. This is the best-case scenario. Unfortunately, some people are not that agreeable.

If the handle is particularly witty, they may see potential in it for themselves. It’s difficult to say what a reasonable price for an IG handle is. If You can’t afford to do this, simply refer to our tips above.

If they do agree to hand over ownership, ensure that your login details are iron-clad. Congrats! You now have the perfect username for your brand!

An Instagram user looks at their profile and changes their username.

Come Up With a Cute Username for Instagram for Your Lifestyle Brand

You have so much leeway if you aren’t creating an IG account for a business. You may be making an influencer account that doesn’t need a serious handle. You can choose a cute username for Instagram. 

So is it personal, or do you mean business? The answer to this ought to serve as a compass for the naming choice that you make. If you’re creating a page centered around your life, give the name a little bit more flair and individuality. 

This is in contrast to if you are going to use it for professional purposes. You would be somewhat bound by the name of the business. Username ideas for Instagram accounts for influencers have such a wide radius of possibilities. Don’t feel like you have to stick to your name. Think about the general vibe that you want your page to give off.

Think of the category your content would fall in. If you plan to create beauty content, think of related words. Follow a similar process if your page centers around health or travel. This helps with searchability and makes the nature of your page clear at the outset.

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Use Instagram Generators To Come Up With Cool Usernames for Instagram

Maybe creativity isn’t your strong suit. If you can’t come up with cool usernames for Instagram on your own, there’s a solution. It’s called an Instagram username generator.

Username generators generally produce username ideas for Instagram if you give them some information. How does it do this? Artificial intelligence (AI) devises usernames for you that are creative when you can’t quite come up with anything. It does it with the personal clues that you give it. The finished product may be something you didn’t even think of. There is one on Hootsuite that you could try.

Have fun creating username ideas for girls, guys, and businesses!

The Steps To Execute Username Ideas for Instagram

You’ve decided on a new username. It’s unique, loyal to the brand, and is hopefully available. Now you have to make the switch on Instagram. The old username was holding you back, after all. If you’re comfortable with change, IG isn’t backing you into a corner. Pick a new username and wait to see if anyone has claimed your old one within 14 days. You will be able to change it back to the old one. So, there’s no commitment just yet. This is how to switch usernames for Instagram:

  1. Launch the IG app on your iPhone or Android. 
  1. Log into your IG account using the old IG handle for possibly the last time.
  1. Click on your profile photo in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  1. Click the “Edit profile” button located underneath your bio.
  1. To change your handle, choose the “Username” section.
  1. Type your new IG username.
  1. Confirm this name by clicking the blue checkbox in the top right corner.

A phone shows a profile picture with a username at the very top.

Ideas for an Instagram Username

We hope you find the name that best suits your brand. We have great expectations that you will be able to attract a new audience. Ideally, they will remember this name for years to come. Perhaps we might work together to develop a specific strategy that will increase the engagement of your posts on social media. Together, we will be able to determine the strategy that will most effectively attract your target market.

Path Social’s team is staffed with social media experts. They are available to assist you in establishing a connection with the target audience you have in mind. We will aim for progress that is not just consistent but also sustainable over an extended period. They will flock to your page and remember what name to tell their friends. That’s why you need good ideas for an Instagram username.

We have artificial intelligence-based targeting solutions that we have developed. Additionally, we collaborate with an internal network of Instagram influencers. This is the very reason why we are in a position to provide you with service of this standard. You’ll be able to get off to a running start with your follower count on Instagram. Just ask for Path Social’s help. Let’s get right down to business and begin expanding your audience now!