Instagram Followers App: A Trend That’s Here To Stay

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Instagram 101 | Feb 16, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Using an Instagram followers app is an accepted practice these days. They go by different names. Some creatively brand themselves as a “social media growth management service.” Others claim to be “authorized experts” in organic Instagram growth. Then there are follower apps that don’t even bother to disguise themselves. However, they still dress up their follower packages as “real followers.”

Even though using third-party apps goes against Instagram’s terms of use, it looks like follower apps are here to stay. Should you use one so your competition won’t leave you behind? Here’s everything you need to know about follower apps.

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Are There Third-Party Apps That Instagram Allows?

Yes. There are third-party apps that Instagram has reviewed and approved. Additionally, they are safe to use. You can easily find a list of apps you have authorized IG to use by visiting your settings. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Go to your profile and open your Instagram settings. It’s the three-bar tab located at the top of your profile page.
  2. Tap “Settings and privacy.”
  3. Tap “Website permissions.” It’s located under the “Your app and media” grouping.
  4. Tap “Apps and Websites.”

You’ll see a list of “Active,” “Expired,” and “Removed” apps. Active apps are “apps and websites you’ve connected to your Instagram account. They can access non-public information that you choose to share with them.” If you have active apps, you can check the list and decide whether to remove or keep them. Note that any type of app for Instagram followers is not among authorized Instagram apps. You shouldn’t find them on your list.

Expired apps are “apps and websites you’ve connected to your Instagram account that you may not have used in the last 90 days. They can no longer access your non-public information but may still have the information you shared while they were active. ‘Non-public’ means information that an app can only access if you share it when you log in with your Instagram account (like your email address).”

Removed apps are “apps and websites that are no longer connected to your Instagram account.”

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Are Followers Apps Safe and Secure?

If there’s only one rule for all internet users, it’s “Never provide your login information to anybody online.” This includes third-party apps that request direct access to your social media accounts. An IG followers app, like other third-party apps, will typically access any publicly shared information on your profiles. If an app asks you to log into an account via their site, or if they ask for your username/email address and password, do your due diligence. Check their security, ask questions and read reviews.

That said, should you use an app to get more followers on Instagram? It bears repeating that Instagram does not allow using follower apps. But a handful of IG followers’ apps are “safe and secure” to some extent. Their website has an SSL certificate (look for the HTTPS in the URL), which keeps user information safe. This is the bare minimum for online security.

Users may consider an app safe and reliable if it doesn’t ask for your login information. Such apps typically only ask for a link to your profile URL or username to deliver the followers to your account. Some may ask for your email address to verify that you’re a human, not a bot.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using an Instagram followers app:

  • Never log into your Instagram account via any site other than the Instagram login page.
  • Never provide your account password.
  • Be suspicious if a site asks you to click a link to log into your account.
  • Authorized third-party apps will always have an authorization page. It asks you to allow or not allow them to receive or access specific account information.
  • Have you accidentally logged into your account via an unsecured site? Or do you suspect that an app has gained access? If so, change your password immediately.

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What to Watch Out For When Using an IG Followers App

Consider using a followers app to kickstart your brand’s exposure on the platform. After all, you need a decent follower count to get the attention of real users most suitable for your brand. However, watch out for certain features these sites may offer, which may put your account’s security at greater risk.

  • Auto-posting carousels, reels, stories, or regular posts.
  • Follows and unfollows
  • Auto likes
  • Auto comments
  • Auto DMs
  • Unfollow tracker
  • Followers tracker

It’s important to point out that buying likes is somewhat “safe.” It depends on the app you use and the plan you purchase. For example, you can find a site that allows you to approve and specify which posts to send likes to. This option is safer than an automated likes subscription or an automatic follow Instagram app. These apps don’t allow you to control where the likes or follows go.

Using an Instagram followers app makes your account vulnerable to bots and fake accounts. This is why you need to limit the purpose of buying followers to just getting the ball rolling. Before taking this shortcut, you know the pros and cons of buying followers.

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Free Instagram Followers App Options

Try a free Instagram followers app before buying followers. It’s an easy way to grow your following quickly, get more likes and engagement and boost social status. Additionally, it helps you determine if boosting your follower count will give you the expected benefits. You should always focus on the basics and create high-quality content but these apps will help you gain exposure. Here are a few to try.

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Free IG Followers App Using Coins

    The Followers+ app is a social media analytics app that helps users track followers, unfollowers and other metrics. It’s also the best app to track Instagram followers. It’s not only for Instagram but other social media sites as well. You can earn coins on Followers+ by completing tasks. Then, use these earned coins to purchase followers, likes and views for your own account. 
  2. Get Followers
    Another coin-based follower app is Get Followers. It’s a social media growth app that helps users gain followers on various social media platforms. Like, Followers+, users earn coins by completing tasks. These tasks include watching videos, liking posts, following other users, etc. Then, you can use these coins to purchase your own followers.

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Earn Free Followers Using Surveys: ProjectInsta

If you don’t mind answering a survey in exchange for free followers, ProjectInsta is worth a try. It’s an Instagram automation tool that helps you grow your follower count. It also offers a variety of features to grow your following quickly. Some of the followers the platform chooses for you require a survey. However, it’s an easy way to grow your following.

Buy Instagram Followers App Options

If you’re ready for a more substantial follower boost, buy Instagram followers apps. They are helpful if you’re new to Instagram and want to amass followers quickly. Additionally, more followers typically mean more likes and engagement on your posts. Use these follower apps as a jumping point to start gaining followers organically. If you’re wondering where to buy Instagram followers here are two apps worth checking out.

For an IG Followers App With High-quality and Active Followers, Choose Stormlikes

Stormlikes offers two kinds of followers: high-quality and Active followers. High-quality followers have profile pictures but no recent posts. Active followers have profile pictures and recent profile activity.

To purchase, select your preferred package and number of followers, provide your username, and complete the payment process.

For high-quality followers, the follower bundle prices are as follows:

  • 100 followers for $2.89
  • 500 followers for $6.99
  • 1000 followers for $12.99
  • 2500 followers for $24.99
  • 5000 followers for $49.99
  • 10000 followers for $124.99
  • 15000 followers for $164.99
  • 25000 followers for $279.99

Active follower packages are as follows:

  • 100 followers for $4.34
  • 500 followers for $10.49
  • 1000 followers for $19.49
  • 2500 followers for $37.49
  • 5000 followers for $74.99
  • 10000 followers for $187.49
  • 15000 followers for $247.49
  • 25000 followers for $419.99

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IG Followers App With Country and Gender Targeting: Activeinstafollowers

This Instagram followers app allows you to select from 195 countries and also specify the gender and age group of your target audience. ActiveInstaFollowers offers two packages: Buy Real Instagram Followers and Powered Packages.

Plans to buy Real Instagram Followers are below:

  • 1000 followers for $20. Only one account can receive followers. Country targeting is available. You can expect delivery within four days.
  • 2500 followers for $40. Only one account can receive followers. Country targeting is available. The estimated delivery time is five days.
  • 5000 followers for $70. Only one account can receive followers. Country targeting is available. Delivery occurs within five days.
  • 10000 followers for $130. The platform allows you to split followers between two accounts. Country targeting is available. You will receive your followers over five to seven days.

Here are the plans for Powered Packages:

  • 20k followers for $250. The platform allows you to split followers among three accounts. Country targeting is available. You will receive delivery within one week.
  • 50k followers for $500. The platform allows you to split followers among ten accounts. Country targeting is available. Delivery occurs gradually over two weeks.
  • 100k followers for $960. The platform allows you to split followers among 12 accounts or fewer. Country targeting is available. You’ll see new followers within three weeks.
  • 200k followers for $1830. The platform allows you to split followers among 25 accounts. Country targeting is available. You’ll gain new followers within four weeks.
  • 500k followers for $3530. The platform allows you to split followers across 50 accounts max. Country targeting is available. The estimated delivery is within five weeks.

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What Is the Best Instagram Followers App?

The best Instagram followers app allows you to grow organically month after month. You can only achieve real and lasting Instagram growth by implementing an excellent social media strategy. A strategy optimized for your brand’s identity, goals, and target audience. You also want an app that helps you buy real Instagram followers–not bot accounts.

An IG followers app may give you the numbers you need. However, if you get followers with real and active profiles, most of them are random users. These users are not carefully chosen according to your brand’s needs or interests. In other words, these users are most likely not your targeted followers. Your best bet is a site that offers a comprehensive Instagram growth solution.

A woman standing on a platform staring at a growth chart representing a good Instagram strategy for the social media platform.

Choose PathSocial for Organic Growth

Some sites offer a comprehensive solution for rewarding Instagram growth. For best results use a company like Path Social in conjunction with an Instagram followers app. We are experts in Instagram growth strategy. We use a two-pronged approach to ensure precise audience targeting and monthly growth in followers and engagement.

First, Path Social utilizes advanced, proprietary AI technology to track real users who fit your brand well. Whatever your niche, Path Social will find users interested in your content, products, or services.

Second, Path Social’s team of social media specialists do the heavy lifting in promoting your content to your target audience. Their marketing experts give you the edge to get the right eyes on your brand and stand out among competitors. You also get accurate and actionable performance data via a fully-equipped dashboard.

You can expect sustained growth in followers and engagement when you team up with Path Social. You can organically build brand awareness and a loyal community with followers who are genuinely interested in your content. Tens of thousands of brands from all industries trust Path Social. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!