Top 12 Apps To Buy Instagram Followers Worth Downloading

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Instagram 101 | Jul 09, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

In the world of Instagram, online brand growth has become very accessible. In light of intense competition among social media platforms, it’s no surprise that brands increasingly rely on Instagram. This article aims to find you the perfect apps to buy Instagram followers. We’ll show why buying followers is essential to growing your brand and account before listing our top picks! 

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Why You Should Consider Apps to Buy Instagram Followers 

Having a catchy Instagram username and a strong Instagram presence isn’t always enough to gain more followers. Here are five reasons brands and influencers may want to use an app to buy followers: 

  1. Instagram offers the greatest potential to scale. With 2+ billion active users, Instagram is a prime platform for brand growth. Its popularity continues to surge, amplified by Facebook’s transformation into ‘Meta.’ This expansion creates new opportunities for businesses to flourish on Instagram, making it an ideal space for growth and success.
  2. Knowing how to get more Instagram followers fast has helped many businesses scale. Businesses worry that buying Instagram followers is a dishonest practice that hinders organic growth. However, many brands have grown significantly in their follower count after starting with a small, purchased base. Buying followers can jumpstart growth, attracting organic followers. 
  3. A high follower count means greater visibility for your brand on Instagram. With a larger audience, your posts have a higher chance of appearing in users’ feeds, increasing their exposure. While using hashtags and tagging users helps, buying active followers is quicker and more effective.
  4. Businesses seek positive social media presence, especially those selling products or services. Influencing brand perception can be challenging, but having a substantial follower count helps. A high follower count conveys credibility and success, enhancing brand image and fostering trust among users.
  5. Having more followers increases the likelihood of users clicking on and purchasing products seen on your feed. However, focusing solely on buying followers is not enough. Providing valuable and relevant content to your audience is crucial. Combining a large following with quality content positions you well to boost sales and conversions.

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What Is an Instagram Followers App?

An Instagram followers app is an online application or service offering users various features to enhance their Instagram account’s growth. Essentially, these apps allow you to pay for followers on Instagram

These tools typically provide users with various features, such as tracking unfollowers, mass post deletion, ghost follower detection, and more. Insta followers apps are commonly available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

However, it’s important to note that some of these apps are fake. In some cases, they may redirect you to phishing sites to buy Instagram followers. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution and avoid engaging with fraudulent services.

Nonetheless, many legitimate apps for buying organic Instagram followers guarantee authentic growth and increased follower count. We have included a few services that meet your expectations in our list of the best apps for acquiring Instagram followers. So, continue reading to the best Instagram followers app.

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What Happens When You Use an App To Buy Instagram Followers?

Interested in understanding the consequences of purchasing Instagram users? Here’s a breakdown:

There are various sources where you can get instant Instagram followers, ranging from third-party apps to interactive platforms. The prices start from $0.99 for 1000 followers.

However, engagement is usually not included in these packages. These 1000 followers are inactive accounts that won’t like, share, or post a comment. They are low-quality followers, so they won’t contribute much to your social media marketing strategy.

Alternatively, you can try services that follow relevant Instagram accounts for you, hoping that those accounts will follow you back. However, there’s no guarantee of this reciprocal action, making this method of getting Instagram followers quite risky.

Some people opt for Instagram growth services for a more secure investment. These services promise to deliver genuine Instagram followers who are paid in return for engagement. This approach aims to increase your follower count with more active and genuine followers.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Followers?

A big part of deciding which app to buy Instagram followers from is cost. The cost of purchasing Instagram followers can vary depending on the service you choose. Many services provide volume discounts, making it more attractive to acquire 10,000 followers than a few hundred.

Typically, buying followers on Instagram is relatively inexpensive. Based on our research, most services charge approximately $15 USD for every 1,000 followers. However, some services may be pricier, falling within the range of $25 to $40 USD.

On the other hand, growth management services tend to be more costly. These services employ automation or manual engagement techniques to generate active followers. They can range from $50 to $250 USD per month.

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Which is the Best App to Buy Instagram Followers?

In this section, we’ll list some of the top apps for buying cheap Instagram followers. We’ll mention important features to help you pick which is the best app to buy Instagram followers for your company.

Cheapest App: AiGrow

The first and cheapest app to buy Instagram followers from is AiGrow. It is a highly recommended option that effectively attracts targeted, high-quality followers. It stands out as an all-in-one Instagram management suite and growth service.

AiGrow specializes in helping accounts gain genuine and organic high-quality Instagram followers. What makes AiGrow different is its Instagram growth services. These services offer convenient mobile apps you can access online without downloading.

With AiGrow, users can expect a monthly increase in active followers. Besides functioning as an Instagram followers app, AiGrow offers scaled growth plans. They enable users to get up to 1000 free Instagram followers.


  • Managed growth program 
  • Multiple hashtag search 
  • Mass unfollow service 
  • Instagram insight tracker
  • Dedicated account manager 


The second app to buy real Instagram followers from is AiSchedul. It stands out as an exceptional Instagram management tool offering many impressive features. While it is not primarily for gaining high-quality followers, AiSchedul is an invaluable tool for content management. As a result, it can help you attract free Instagram followers.

AiSchedul effectively manages your Instagram account for Instagram influencers, social media marketers, and business owners.

AiSchedul is not an Instagram followers app per se. However, its impact on increasing Instagram engagement rates is substantial, leading to significant follower growth over time. AliSchedul is worth considering as an app to buy real Instagram followers.


  • Analyze trending content 
  • Publish stories and posts simultaneously 
  • Create CTA buttons by creating external links 
  • Suggestions for creative Instagram posts 

Media Mister

Another noteworthy Instagram service on our list is Media Mister. While it is not a downloadable Instagram follower app, Media Mister does their due diligence in the market. Users can purchase real followers to enhance their Instagram accounts through their extensive network and improve their organic experience.

Furthermore, Media Mister offers online chat support and features real reviews from users on their website.


  • Flexible for all budgets
  • Targeted and real Instagram followers
  • Customized growth strategies 

This concludes the list of our favorite apps to buy Instagram followers. In the next section, we’ll be talking about apps to track followers on Instagram.

What Is the Best App to Track Followers?

If you’re starting as an influencer, you may already know it is difficult to manage followers quickly. 

The Instagram app lacks features for managing your followers and keeping track of your interactions. Some helpful features would include identifying who follows or unfollows you. Thus, it only makes sense to find a way to track these stats. Consequently, developers have created numerous apps to offer improved interfaces and assist users in better managing their followers.

Below are our top picks for the best app to track followers. Go over them to see which best suits your needs.

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Follower Analyzer 

Once you’ve found the perfect app to buy Instagram followers, Follower Analyzer is an excellent tool for effectively monitoring your followers. It offers insights into your follower growth, helps identify and remove fake followers, and notifies you when someone unfollows you.

This app is specifically designed for Android devices and can be downloaded for free. However, optional in-app purchases unlock additional features.

Once you log in, Follower Analyzer provides you with a wealth of information about your followers. You can access details such as their Instagram join date, activity level, and whether or not they follow you back.

Furthermore, the app allows you to view a list of your recent followers and those who have unfollowed. This feature is highly beneficial for monitoring your follower growth and ensuring that you retain followers effectively.


Iconosquare offers a subscription starting at $29 per month. However, they provide a 14-day free trial for you to explore their services before making a commitment. 

Upon signing up and logging in, you can connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts to Iconosquare. This enables you to access a wealth of fascinating data. For instance, you can view your top-performing posts, identify the optimal posting times, and track the usage of your hashtags.

Besides features for managing your followers, the app offers much more than that. The analytics provided on your dashboard empower you to make informed decisions about what content resonates best with your audience. This is a great tool to track IG followers that you can use in tandem with apps to buy Instagram followers. 

Data Jam

This intriguing app lets you view other users’ Instagram Stories anonymously. You can gain insights into their likes, followers, comments, and posts without the need to follow them. For example, you can see who follows a particular user on Instagram and how frequently they like posts from that account. This feature is valuable for businesses, allowing them to understand what aspects of competitors’ posts resonate with their target market.

Furthermore, this app allows you to view a person’s comments in full text, including any deleted comments. You can monitor your target audience’s recent activity, identifying who they have recently followed and whom they have unfollowed. This helps you avoid making similar mistakes and enables you to adapt your strategy accordingly.


Followmeter is another great tracker in addition to apps to buy Instagram followers. It offers a visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard that provides comprehensive information about your Instagram account. Whether you prefer an overview or a deeper dive into your profile engagement, Followmeter puts all your metrics in one place.

With Followmeter, you can effortlessly unfollow accounts that may hurt your credibility. Additionally, you can quickly identify your top-performing posts and access in-depth analytics for post likes and comments. The app also provides valuable insights into your stories’ performance.

You can discover who closely follows your account and also see who views your stories without actually following you. This feature helps you engage with an audience that may not have converted yet.

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Best Website Alternatives for Apps to Buy Instagram Followers

Purchasing Instagram followers from reputable sources can bring a lot of advantages without negative repercussions. Using these platforms can quickly grow your account to a more significant presence on Instagram.

In addition to apps that let you buy Instagram followers, here are some of the best websites to buy Instagram followers.

Best Alternative Website to Buy Instagram Followers: Twicsy

Twicsy offers a reliable platform to purchase Instagram followers in customizable packages. Whether for personal or business purposes, Twicsy ensures authentic followers while avoiding bots. Their customer support team emphasizes fast delivery of real followers to get you established quickly and keep you competitive. For Instagram marketing assistance, Twicsy is an invaluable resource and a reliable website to buy Instagram followers.

Buzzoid & Rushmax Websites 

Depending on your preferences, you have the option to invest in either high-quality or premium follower packages. High-quality followers are genuine individuals with active accounts. The premium followers package is more likely to belong to your target demographic. Whichever option, you can rest assured that you are avoiding fake Instagram followers that could negatively impact your engagement rate.

Buzzoid does not offer a growth service, but its packages surpass other services of its kind. All you need to do is select the desired number of real followers and opt for either fast or instant delivery. Depending on your chosen option, you will witness a rapid increase in your active Instagram followers within minutes or hours.

If you’re looking to increase your follower count and maintain a long-term following, Rushmax has an outstanding reputation. When you purchase followers from Rushmax, you can expect a high number of real and active followers. The benefit of real, active followers is that they will stay on your account for years. Purchases made through Rushmax are genuine. You’ll know that the Instagram algorithm will not raise any concerns regarding your new Instagram followers.

Breaked Website & LikesStorm Website

Breaked is a smart decision that can get great results. This platform helps your content gain traction without any fake accounts that could hinder your Instagram growth.

Worried about your Instagram profile’s reputation if others discover you’ve purchased followers? Breaked can provide assistance by offering packages of Instagram followers tailored to your specific requirements. 

Breaked offers convenient payment methods via credit card or PayPal, and its checkout process is highly secure. It also offers live chat on its website if you encounter issues or need customized packages for your budget and needs.

Likestorm is another excellent platform for acquiring high-quality followers while avoiding bot accounts. They often offer fantastic deals on follower packages, and you have the option to bundle them with other Instagram services.

An Organic Alternative to Buying Followers: Path Social

While there are potential benefits to buying followers, it’s crucial to consider certain factors. Social proof, credibility, and visibility are interconnected aspects to consider. Buying active Instagram followers can enhance your social proof and credibility, increasing the platform’s visibility. 

It’s worth noting that potential followers can easily detect bots and will avoid accounts associated with them. Therefore, it’s important not to use services that provide fake followers.

Before choosing a growth provider or apps to buy Instagram followers, conduct thorough research. Check reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure the service provider’s reliability and reputation.

Don’t want to deal with the potential risks of buying Instagram followers from one of these apps?

For more growth options, check out Path Social’s growth service packages. Our proprietary algorithm focuses on organically putting your content out there to get you real followers, never bots. 

Looking for a better way to organically grow your IG following? Check out Path Social’s resources and get started on learning more today!