Instagram Promotion Service Sites To Boost Your Following

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Instagram 101 | Jun 03, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

No one finds Instagram success overnight. To get thousands of followers and brand deals left and right, you need to put in the work. Promoting your Instagram page to reach your target audience in an effective way is the only way to do it. And sure, there are many organic ways to grow your page. But if you’re looking for a more convenient way to succeed, enlist the help of an Instagram promotion service.

There are plenty of reputable third-party services and websites that can do effective Instagram promotion for your brand. From engaging with your target audience to improving your content strategy, they help you grow on the social network. As a result, you’ll see a boost in brand awareness and get more followers on your page.

Are you not sure where to start with promotional services for Instagram? In this guide, we’ll tell you the best services to use and what to look out for. We’ll even give you major tips on promoting your Instagram page on your own. Keep scrolling to discover all this and more!

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4 Best Instagram Promotion Services for Growing Your IG Page

There are so many social media platform promotion services available online—so much so that it’s hard to pick one. Don’t know which apps and websites to trust? Here are four of the best Instagram promotion services out there today.

1. Instagram Advertising for Boosted Posts

Instagram ads are an awesome way to push out your content to your intended target audience on the social network. With paid ads (or by boosting existing posts), you reach more people on the platform than just your followers. It’s a terrific way to promote your page and pique the interest of people on Instagram.

There are many ad formats available on the platform, from regular posts on the feed to Instagram Stories and Reels. To get the best results, run a diverse mix of creative formats for your ad campaign.

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2. Path Social for Finding Your Niche Target Audience

Of course, yours truly is on this list, too. At Path Social, we use all kinds of tried-and-tested promotional strategies to get your brand out there. From email newsletters to influencer shout-outs, we work hard to make noise about your page. The best part is that we target these promotions to the intended audience that you define.

Our Instagram growth service grabs the attention of the people you want to talk to. As a result, you’ll get plenty of new followers on your page—all real fans, never bots. Because these new followers are actually interested in your content, you can count on them to interact with your posts. That leads to higher engagement rates and a fantastic relationship with your fanbase in the long run.

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3. Hootsuite for Creating and Promoting Content

Hootsuite is more commonly known as a social media management platform. However, even its most basic subscription plans allot some marketing money to ad spend and promotions. By enlisting the help of Hootsuite, you can enjoy Instagram post management and promotion simultaneously.

Aside from that, the platform can also help you create and publish stellar, high-quality content. Their AI tool, OwlyWriter, can generate content ideas tailor-fit to your brand. This makes churning out promotional content consistently such a breeze.

4. Kicksta for Engaging with Potential Followers

Lastly, we have Kicksta. This promotion service’s approach is a little more unique. Their whole strategy is to engage with your target audience using your Instagram account. They’ll follow other accounts and perhaps interact with them through likes and comments. This can entice people to follow you back, allowing you to grow your page. Then, Kicksta’s algorithm will automatically unfollow them from your account after a few days. That way, you can maintain a ratio of a low following with a high number of followers.

A Safety Checklist for Choosing Between Instagram Promotion Sites

Do you feel a bit wary about getting help from third-party Instagram promotion sites to grow your page? Be extra safe by making sure the service you’re eyeing ticks every one of these boxes:

  • It ideally doesn’t ask for your Instagram login credentials. Some scammers will disguise their websites as growth services and entice you with promises of gaining thousands of followers fast. In reality, though, they’re just out to steal your username and password. So, always be careful about logging into these services with your Instagram credentials. While it’s necessary for a handful of services, for most, it could be a red flag.
  • It has testimonials from legit brands and creators. Positive reviews are a promising sign that a service is legitimate and works effectively to promote your page. Many services will have testimonials from different brands and influencers on their website. Double-check these Instagram profiles to see if they’re legit, just to be extra sure!
  • It has customer support available. Any trustworthy company will have customer support available if you need it. Try to go for reputable services with this feature. That way, you can raise questions and concerns about promoting your page should they arise.
  • It has a money-back guarantee. Another way to see if a promotion service is legit is to see if it has a money-back guarantee. This shows confidence in their work, from their algorithms to their promotional techniques. It tells you that they trust in their model, and you should trust it, too.
  • It has secure payment methods. Reputable promotion services will have safe payment gateways on their website. They won’t ask for your credit card info straight from their site. Instead, they’ll have popular gateways like Paypal or Stripe available to encrypt your payment details and keep them private.

4 Other Ways To Promote Your Instagram Page

Enlisting the help of a third-party app or promotion service is a super convenient, effective way to grow on Instagram. But it’s not the only route you can take if you want more fans and higher engagement rates. If you’re not comfortable working with third-party services, you can always use organic methods to grow your page. Here are some ways you can promote your account on your own.

1. Optimize Your Bio To Include Keywords Related to Your Niche

Instagram users often use the search bar on the platform to look for accounts related to a specific niche. So, your goal is to show up in those searches. How? You can do this by adding relevant keywords to your bio, of course.

Through your bio, tell your potential followers what kind of content you produce. Use words you think people might look up when looking for new accounts to follow. This is an awesome way to promote your page and encourage potential followers to check it out through search.

For example, if you’re a beauty influencer, add phrases like “makeup guru” and “skincare lover” in your bio. That way, when they look up those buzzwords on Instagram, your account might pop up.

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2. Include Relevant Hashtags in Your Captions for Posts

Another way to promote your page and boost discoverability is by using relevant hashtags in your captions. This allows your post to show up on those tags’ main page. If it garners high engagement, it might even appear on the feeds of those who follow the hashtags you used.

When choosing hashtags to add to your post, be strategic. Don’t go overboard with plenty of popular tags and millions of posts. Instead, use a combination of popular and niche hashtags. That way, You ensure that your post stands out in overcrowded and overused tags.

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3. Encourage Followers To Create User-Generated Content Showcasing Your Brand

Ask your loyal followers to promote your page for you through user-generated content or UGC. This type of content refers to posts published spontaneously by your happy customers featuring your brand. It can come in the form of product-centric photos and videos, reviews, unboxing clips, how-to tutorials, and more.

People connect a lot more with UGC than with traditional branded content and ads. It’s more genuine and comes from ordinary people, not big corporations. This authenticity makes it easier to trust. UGC is, therefore, a terrific way to get people interested in your brand.

Encourage your existing followers to make UGC showcase your brand by offering some cool incentives. Freebies, discount codes, or access to exclusive sales and subscriptions are just some awesome “prizes” for those who post UGC.

Pro-tip: Maximize UGC centered on your brand by sharing it on your page. This widens that post’s reach, allowing it to reach (and promote your brand to) more people. It also makes anyone who posts UGC feel validated and as if they’re part of a solid community.

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4. Collaborate With Brands and Creators With an Active Follower Base

Last but not least, work with other big brands or creators who can promote your page to their follower base. Collaborate on products, songs, funny skits on Reels, or even everyday posts. Then, publish the content as a collaborative post shared between you and your partner influencer or brand.

Collaborating with others allows you to borrow their influence and tap their already established audience. At the same time, they could potentially get exposure from your fanbase, too. It’s sort of a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” situation—everyone wins. You end up promoting each other on your respective pages, thereby helping the other account grow.

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Work Only With a Trusted Instagram Promotion Service, Like Path Social

It might be tempting to sign up for promotion services and sites that promise you and your brand the world. But don’t fall for flowery words that promise thousands of followers in seconds or unrealistic engagement rates. Websites like these will likely get you low-quality or unsustainable results.

Instead, only go for a trusted Instagram promotion service with a good track record and positive reviews, like Path Social. We help you find your niche audience and push out your content to them. Not only does this get you high engagement, but you gain plenty of 100% real, engaged followers, too. Don’t take your chances with sketchy promotion sites. Grow your Instagram community with us today!