Is Inflact Legit? Everything About the IG Marketing Toolkit

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Instagram 101 | Jul 01, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

It’s every brand and influencer’s goal to get big on Instagram. To reach that goal, some creators and business owners focus on churning out awesome content. Others incorporate audience engagement strategies into their daily social media operations. 

However, those who want fast success might turn to popular growth services to get followers quickly. One popular service is Inflact—an all-in-one Instagram marketing toolkit that promises effective growth. But is Inflact legit?

This third-party website is rising in popularity because of its many helpful tools and features for Instagram marketing. But what exactly does it do to catapult your brand to success? How does it fare against other popular growth services out there? And most importantly, is it legitimate and safe to use? Keep reading to discover more about this Instagram marketing service and whether it’s a good investment for your business.

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What Is Inflact?

First things first—what is Inflact anyway? This third-party website—that went by the name Ingramer—calls itself a one-stop shop Instagram marketing toolkit. It’s a service you can use to organize content, schedule posts, engage with your target audience, and gain new followers. So, it’s terrific for brands and creators who want to improve and strengthen their online presence.

The website has two key services—or “modules”—that they sell. These are the Promo and Direct modules. Both modules work to grow your page through audience engagement, but in slightly different ways.

The Promo service automates engagement with your niche audience. Basically, you tell the app who your target audience is. It automatically engages with people in this target market through usernames, location tags, and hashtags. This could catch their eye, enticing them to check your page and follow it. That leads to a bigger fanbase and potentially more audience engagement on your posts, from likes to comments to shares.

Meanwhile, the Direct service is a CRM system that sends automated replies to potential customers and followers who send you direct messages. These include welcome messages to new customers or automatic responses to FAQs. The service helps you reply to any user promptly, even when you’re not online. As a result, you can boost loyalty and drive conversions, all thanks to excellent customer service.

Aside from these two modules, they also have a post-scheduling service. All you have to do is set up your content and caption and then set a date and time. From there, just wait for the app to publish it for you. You also get to see a preview of your overall feed so you can curate how it looks more easily.

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4 Other Helpful Tools and Features of the Site

Aside from these basic growth services and the scheduling tool, the software also has a variety of tools for marketing. These tools are helpful not just for content creation but also for analyzing and downloading content on the platform. Here are some of these helpful tools available on the website.

1. Instagram Hashtag Generator

First, the app has an AI-powered hashtag generator to help you find the best tags for your content.

Hashtags are awesome for boosting your Instagram posts’ visibility. They allow people interested in your niche to discover your page. If your post drives high engagement, tags also increase your chances of appearing on the Explore page.

But to reap those benefits, you must be strategic in choosing the hashtags you use in your posts. You have to choose tags that are trending and popular in your niche.

That’s where the hashtag generator comes in. It helps you find highly suggested hashtags and synonymic tags. It even shows you analytics like top posts under each hashtag and that hashtag’s volume of mentions in the app.

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2. Instagram Profile Analyzer

The website also has a profile analyzer. To use it, you just need to give the site the link to a public Instagram profile on which you want to see data. Then, it will show you precise information about that page.

This tool provides metrics such as follower count, engagement rate, user activity, most popular post time, and more. It even organizes that data into graphs to help you visualize the information easily and gain key insights.

This is a fantastic tool for learning about your competitor brands or accounts that you admire and want to emulate. That way, you’ll know how to improve your content strategy and knock out the competition!

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3.  Inflact Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Do you need to download someone’s Instagram post for your own safekeeping? You can easily do that with the Inflact Instagram viewer and downloader. This tool allows you to look through someone’s feed posts and stories without them knowing about it. But its most important feature is that you can download these posts at the touch of a button.

You can download a post by finding its URL and pasting it into the website. Then, hit “download” to keep an offline copy. Note that this only works with public profiles, never with private pages. Any third-party tool that claims to let you download content from a private profile is likely a scam site.

4. Fancy Fonts Generator

Spruce up your captions and bio with the website’s free font generator. Over 80 aesthetic fonts are available to make your text look more enticing and intriguing.

There’s no need to download these fonts to use them for your posts. All you have to do is type the text you want to see in a cute font on the website. Then, choose the font you’d like to use and copy the text. Paste it onto Instagram, and you’re ready to wow your followers with fancy fonts!

This is an amazing tool to use if you want to improve the dwell time on your captions. With fascinating, creative fonts, you can get more people to read even your longest captions.

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Does Inflact Work? Here’s What the Reviews Say

All these modules and tools sound awesome for Instagram marketing, but does Inflact work, or does it underdeliver?

Many of the website’s reviews and testimonials from real clients say that, yes, the site does work for their brand. On Trustpilot, where there are almost 600 reviews for the software, it has a score of 4.1 out of 5. That’s relatively high compared to other growth services today.

Many of its customers praise how effective their tools are, from the growth modules to the hashtag generator. And yes, they do vouch for the fact that the site helps them gain more followers.

People also have good things to say about its excellent customer service. They seem to answer questions quickly and in a friendly manner.

Of course, not all the reviews are sparkling with positive sentiment. Some customers say that the price tag is quite hefty for the service and results they saw. A handful also say their Instagram account was suspended since using the service. So, take the good reviews with a grain of salt. Always weigh the pros and cons before investing in this service as well.

Is Inflact Free?

If you’re interested in the tool so far, you may be wondering—is Inflact free? Yes and no. It depends on which tool you’d like to try on your Instagram account.

Remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Effective Instagram growth always comes at a price. That’s why you have to pay for the software’s main packages (promo and direct service) and the posting tool. However, the rest of their tools, like the hashtag generator, profile analyzer, photo downloader, and font generator, are absolutely free.

Note that you can use all of these tools and services independently of each other. That means you can utilize the free tools without paying for one of the main packages. You can also simply pick and choose which paid services to invest in. You don’t have to pay for all of them.

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Is Inflact Safe?

Okay, so the app works—but is Inflact safe? Overall, yes, the website is safe to use. Although you must link your Instagram account to the platform, the process is quite secure. The software is reputable enough to be trusted, at least regarding your account credentials and financial info.

However, whether your account will be safe after using the app is a bit questionable. Remember—the software uses automation to boost audience engagement and, consequently, your follower count. It automatically likes and comments on other people’s content if it seems to fit your target audience’s description.

This method may sound the alarm for Instagram, which is quite strict about accounts caught generating inauthentic activity. Users caught doing this could face a shadowban, leading to less brand visibility and success on the platform.

That’s why the app suggests that its customers use a VPN when using its services. If you use one, Instagram may have a harder time tracking your IP address and whether you’re engaging in automation. But if you don’t want to raise any eyebrows at all, we suggest using the app’s automation services sparingly.

How Does Inflact Compare to Path Social?

So, how does this marketing toolkit compare to other services that deliver targeted Instagram growth, like Path Social?

The first thing to note is that there is a huge difference between the two services. Inflact is all about automating engagement to boost visibility and catch the attention of potential followers. The tool finds your target market and automatically interacts with them.

Meanwhile, Path Social’s growth service focuses on promoting your creative content to your target audience. That means pushing it out through promotional strategies like influencer shout-outs and features on email newsletters. That makes Path Social’s methods a little less scary since they don’t generate fake activity to attract followers.

The two services also offer pretty much the same free tools for anyone to use online. Yup—Path Social also has a hashtag generator, content downloader, profile analyzer, and even a font generator.

When it comes to pricing, Path Social’s packages are much more cost-efficient. It’s a better option for those on a tighter budget. Couple that with its growth methods being less risky, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Is Inflact Legit? Yes, but Path Social Is a Terrific Alternative, Too

So, is Inflact legit? Yes, it is. But it’s not the only option out there for Instagram marketing tools. Another alternative is Path Social, which has tons of free tools as well, plus packages for efficient, effective Instagram growth.

At Path Social, we don’t rely on automated engagement to win over new followers. Instead, our growth service focuses on promoting your content. That way, your target audience can easily discover your page, allowing you to gain fans genuinely interested in your posts. Use awesome Instagram tools and grow your community today with our help!