Things To Comment on Your Friends’ Posts: Be the Hype Man

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Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

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Friends support friends in different ways. Some people binge-watch rom-coms with their best friends going through a breakup. Other people buy products to support a friend’s local business. But those with a way with words might show their love for friends by hyping them up on Instagram. Today, we’re sharing things to comment on your friends’ posts to help give them a boost in engagement.

Everyone needs friends who are willing to hype up their Instagram posts through comments. Not only are compliments on social media a confidence booster but comments also help increase their overall Instagram engagement. Commenting on a friend’s post is a terrific way to make them feel good and help grow their page.

But don’t just leave a row of fire emojis or generic one-word comments under your friends’ posts. Think of more meaningful comments that will uplift them and encourage them to post even more content. Not sure what to say in your comments? Keep reading to see sweet, thoughtful, and funny comments to consider writing on their post.

A person typing a comment on their friend’s new Instagram post.

How Comments Help Other People’s Instagram Post Performance

Commenting something nice on other people’s Instagram posts is awesome for creating a positive atmosphere on the platform. But it does way more than just that. Interacting with someone’s post through a comment also boosts that person’s visibility on the feed.

Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts and content that have high engagement rates. The more people engage with your post, the higher Instagram ranks it on the feed. That way, more people will see it, earning you countless likes, comments, and views. Instagram also pushes highly engaging content on the Explore page, where an even broader audience can see it.

That’s why when some people post content on Instagram, they’ll ask their friends to comment on it right away. For these reasons, some users will also turn to engagement pods to get instant likes and comments on their posts.

However, it’s always better to have genuine comments and likes from your friends. The comments will be much more meaningful, fostering a real sense of community in your online space.

An Instagram post getting more likes thanks to high visibility on the feed.

The Ultimate Cheerleader: Things To Comment on Your Friends’ Posts to Hype Them Up

An interesting study shows that people often underestimate how far compliments go. Praise usually means a lot more to the receiver than the giver expects.

It’s the same way on social media. Commenting something positive on a post may be a small and simple gesture for you. But it’s significant enough to make someone’s day and give their self-esteem a big boost. So, whenever you can, it’s always good to hype up your friends and compliment them on their Instagram posts. Trust us—it will mean the world to them.

Do you want to give your friends the pick-me-up they need with a compliment or two on their posts? Here are three different things to comment on your friends’ posts to hype them up.

Two people hyping up their friend by holding her hands up.

Compliments on How They Look

It’s natural for people to feel a little insecure or anxious when they post a phone selfie or OOTD photo. Will people think the photos are cute? Will they keep scrolling without hitting “like” on it?

To alleviate these thoughts of self-doubt in your friends, leave a compliment hyping up how they look in their posts. Say something positive about their hair, makeup, outfit, or even their smile. This is a huge confidence booster—something friends should give each other in the brutal world of social media. 

Do you need ideas on how to compliment your friends on their Instagram posts? Here are some examples of perfect comments to hype your friends up with on their latest selfies!

  • “You’re looking FIRE, as always! 🔥🔥🔥”
  • “That outfit is perfection! A true fashion icon I will always look up to. ✨”
  • “You’re killing it right now! Glowing all day, every day.”
  • “Impeccable styling, as per yoosh!”
  • “Your skin is glowing! Drop the skincare routine, sis. 🌟”
  • “That smile can light up any room! So gorgeous!”
  • “I’ve got nothing else to say but 😍😍😍😍”
  • “Everybody stop and take a moment to appreciate this dress!!! Slaying as always!”
  • “A basket of puppies has nothing on your cuteness!”

Next time your friend looks in the mirror, they’ll feel great about what they see. And it’s all thanks to your comment that hyped up their appearance!

A happy, confident woman smiling while looking at herself in the mirror.

Praise About the Artistic Photos They Took

Not everyone fills their feed with photos of themselves. But it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve compliments on their posts as well. If a friend publishes artistic shots or photos of landscapes they took, make sure to leave a positive comment, too.

Aside from helping your friend increase their engagement, you’ll also be acknowledging their photography and art skills. When you recognize their hard work in taking aesthetically stunning photos, it gives them the confidence to do it more.

Motivate your friends to take even cooler photos by giving them praise in the comments section of their posts. Here are some of the things you can say to hype up their work:

  • “I’m once again FLOORED by your photography skills! Excited to see more.”
  • “You just get better and better at your art!”
  • “No one has a better eye for design than you. Composition is at level 100!”
  • “You are incredible at what you do! I love seeing your magic 🤩”
  • “Stellar photos as always. Ever thought of opening your own art gallery? 🤔“
  • “I can’t get over how good these are! You should think of being a photographer!”
  • “A feast for the eyes. Love these shots!”

A woman smiling and holding her two thumbs up.

Commendation on The Instagram Reels They Edited

Making Instagram Reels isn’t easy. You need to film all the videos you need, stitch them together, and then add a voiceover or music. That doesn’t yet include text overlay or any special effects and transitions. So, when you see a friend post a Reel on Instagram, leave a comment to compliment them on their masterpiece.

Giving compliments on people’s videos doesn’t just acknowledge their awesome editing skills. It also inspires them to continue being creative and experimenting with different content formats on Instagram. And who wouldn’t want to uplift their friends like that?

Don’t know how to hype up your friend’s Reel? Here are some comments you can give them as a pat on the back:

  • “Funniest Reel you’ve made so far!! It’s the best one out there using this trendy audio clip 😂”
  • “Transition Queen! Nothing but clean cuts and edits, I see 🤩”
  • “Editing skills on point! I love how creative you get with this music!”
  • “Major props to you for making this! That dance choreo is craaay! 👏“
  • “Laughed my way through the whole thing. You’re amazing!!”
  • “I loved watching every second of this. Share more of these cute videos!!!”

Another way to support your friends’ Reels is by sharing them on your IG Story. By sharing it with your audience, you help increase the Reel’s visibility and view count.

A Lighthearted Approach: Funny Things To Comment on Your Friends’ Post

Do you want to stand out in a sea of comments hyping your friends up? Go the more unique route and think of funny things to comment on your friends’ posts instead. It creates a more lighthearted and fun environment, loosening up any nerves they might have about their post performing well. Plus, funny one-liners always make for awesome conversation starters!

But make sure you don’t use your humor to be malicious. Don’t poke fun at anything in the photo if it might hurt the original poster’s feelings. Be respectful and never make jokes at someone else’s expense. Only use your wittiness to create a positive space and get your friends to laugh and have fun.

Do you want to get a giggle out of your friends when they see your comments on their posts? Here are some perfect comments that will do just that:

  • “Your smile looks so perfect and gorgeous here! You sure you didn’t Photoshop Angelina Jolie’s mouth on here?”
  • “I’d LOUVRE to see this photo in the Louvre. 😂“
  • “I’m blinded by that stunning highlight on your cheeks! Make sure your caption comes with a warning label next time LOL ✨”

Sweet and Short Things To Comment on Your Friends’ Post

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to comment something nice on your friend’s post. Expressing that you love their content doesn’t require a heartfelt poem or a full paragraph. Sometimes, a few words are all it takes to show them that you love what they posted. Even one-word comments work as long as you choose the right one.

Comments that are short and sweet are easier to read and digest. That’s something your friends will appreciate if they’ve got dozens of comments to read through and respond to. So, don’t be afraid to be concise in how you praise your friends’ content.

Maybe you’re in a rush to get to work but want to comment on that new post right away. Or maybe you simply aren’t the best with words. If you need suggestions for short things to comment on your friends’ posts, we’ve got you. Here are several ideas to draw inspo from:

  • “SLAAAY! 🔥”
  • “A timeless photo!”
  • “Absolutely beautiful 💕”
  • “You nailed this! 💯”
  • “Perfection, as always.”
  • “Obsessed!! 😎”
  • “Photography on point!”

Ask Meaningful Questions in the Comments

Another way to express interest in your friends’ content is by asking questions in the comments. This demonstrates that you value their content enough to invest in it, prompting some follow-up questions. It also gives them an opportunity to tell their story even further.

Asking meaningful questions on Instagram can lead to memorable conversations. Skip the surface-level niceties and ask them something that allows them to share some more insight into their post. While everyone else is leaving hype comments on your friend’s post, leave a thought-provoking query. It’s a surefire way to stand out and get noticed in a sea of comments.

Here are a few questions you can ask your friends in the comments of their posts:

  • “Love this sunset photo! Was this in the city or out of town?”
  • “Beautiful artwork. What inspired you to capture this photo?”
  • “This throwback photo is too cute! Mind sharing the story behind it? 🤔”
  • “I love your Bali photos! What’s your favorite café that you ate at there?”
  • “Glad you enjoyed the concert! Do you recommend that I watch them when they come to my city next year?”
  • “A+ selfies!! How did you get such beautiful natural lighting?”

Four question marks on paper crafts.

Share Your Own Experience Related to Their Post

Can you relate to your friend’s post? Don’t be afraid to share a personal anecdote or short story about your experience in the comments. This builds rapport and builds an emotional connection with your friend. It also tells them that their content touched you in a special and personal way.

Just make sure that you’re not stealing the original poster’s thunder when you share your story. The goal is to enrich and add value to what they posted, not steal the spotlight from it. It’s a meaningful exchange—not a way to make it about you. 

Here are examples of how you can respectfully share your own experience in the comments of a friend’s post:

  • Travel photo: “I love your London photos! I went there last winter and loved the Christmas illuminations. Is it beautiful there this time of year, too?”
  • Fashion: “That dress looks gorgeous on you! I have one just like it in lavender, but you’re OWNING it right now!”
  • Food: “That looks delicious! My chicken didn’t come out as good when I tried this recipe. Got any tips for me?”
  • Milestones: “Stunning wedding venue! My husband and I got married there, too, five years ago. It’s just as picturesque as I remember!”

Commenting on Friends’ Sensitive Posts

Not all posts are happy posts. Sometimes, friends will post content about some troubles they’re facing. Maybe they’ll announce the passing of their pet cat or that they and their partner have decided to end things. You’ll probably want to comment on these posts to show your love and support. The key is to do so with as much empathy and respect for privacy as possible.

Always be mindful of how your comment comes across when they see it. Don’t joke around or try to make things overly lighthearted. Read the room and respect their space. Instead, simply remind them that you’re there for anything they need. Express compassion and empathy when they need it.

Not sure how to go about commenting on a post about a sensitive topic? Here are some ways to comment on these posts without being too overbearing:

  • “I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m here for whatever you need.”
  • “You’re incredibly strong. Sending virtual hugs!”
  • “If you need someone to talk to, you know who to call.”
  • “Love you, thank you for sharing this.”
  • “Take all the time you need. I’m just a call away.”
  • “Sending you lots of love and kisses. Stay strong!”

A woman hugging and comforting her friend who is going through something tough.

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