What’s Better Between Kicksta vs Path Social? Where To Go?

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Instagram 101 | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a world on its own. Every influencer here races for likes and followers via hashtags and other strategies. The more followers they grab, the more money they get to make. Many Instagram growth services claim to provide real followers in this hustle and bustle. But are they for real? Read this article to find out. 

Among many services, the most prominent ones are Path Social and Kicksta. Instagram influencers trust these services to grow their accounts. Both are competitive, but eventually, you have to pick one. So, Kicksta vs Path Social—what’s your take? 

We can help you make an informed decision. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how both services operate, their main features, and their subscription plans. So, read on and pick the one that suits you wisely. 

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What Is Path Social? 

Let’s begin by learning about these services. Path Social is a social media agency, but you can call it an Instagram growth powerhouse. They’re all about organic growth, and honestly, they’re nailing it.

You know how it goes. Every other company promises organic growth; we’re all a bit wary. But Path Social? They’re walking the walk. It’s refreshing to see a company truly committed to what they promise.

Bots are a big “No” in the Instagram world. The platform is super strict about them. But here’s where Path Social shines. They’ve got this smart mix of tech and human oversight. It’s like having a savvy friend ensuring everything looks cool and natural.

They’re not just throwing bots at your account and calling it a day. They’ve got real people making sure your growth looks legit. It means you’re way less likely to run into trouble with Instagram. It’s like having a safety net while climbing the social media ladder.

Path Social is doing things differently. They’re blending the best tech with a human touch, producing good results. For anyone looking to grow their Instagram game, they’re worth checking out.

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What Is Kicksta? 

Competing with Path Social, Kicksta is also an AI-driven tool. It has revolutionized Instagram’s growth for five years. It boosts follower counts organically, blending AI and machine learning with a personal touch from assigned account managers.

Businesses, ranging from startups to established enterprises, rely on Kicksta to gain genuine Instagram followers. In social media, numbers are everything, and Kicksta makes gaining a genuine following easier.

By targeting the right audience, Kicksta simplifies the challenge of increasing followers. This tool is a third-party manager that enhances your follower count through a paid service.

Kicksta focuses on ethical growth, steering clear of the frowned-upon practice of buying followers. Instead, it engages users through automated social media marketing, aiming for quality followers, not just quantity.

Now, let’s jump onto the operations.

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How Path Social Operates? 

With a straightforward and minimalist design, Path Social’s website focuses on functionality over flashiness. This simplicity is part of their charm.

Their site’s ‘Case Studies’ section is impressive, showcasing remarkable growth statistics for various Instagram accounts. These success stories highlight the tens of thousands of followers gained through Path Social’s expertise. 

Starting with Path Social is pretty simple:

  1. Visit pathsocial.com.
  2. Click on “Get Started.”
  3. Choose from their well-structured plans.
  4. Enter your Instagram handle and email.
  5. Proceed with a secure payment process.
  6. Customize your target audience using their intuitive filters.
  7. Relax and watch Path Social work its magic.

A notable aspect of Path Social is their respect for your privacy. They don’t ask for your Instagram password. The initial step does require your credit card information, but this is standard for their streamlined service. They don’t offer a free trial.

The operation of Path Social is intriguing yet straightforward. While their website might not delve into the nitty-gritty of their growth strategies, the focus is on delivering results. 

Their approach combines pricing, case studies, reviews, and contact options—providing a clear and concise user experience.

Despite limited reviews on external sites, the positive transformations seen in the Case Studies section speak volumes. 

Characteristics of Path Social 

Path Social excels smartly, targets the ideal audience, and enhances Instagram followers. They skillfully gather user-specific audience data, engaging with them to boost account visibility. Their strategy often involves innovative Instagram bots, ensuring a swift increase in follower count.

Key features of Path Social include effective influencer shout-outs, precise targeting, and a user-friendly dashboard activity log. These tools stand out in the Instagram growth industry. Path Social uniquely designs its targeted approach, strategic hashtag usage, influencer collaborations, and email newsletters for effectiveness.

Clients typically observe a notable surge in likes and new followers within days of joining Path Social. These followers are sophisticated and pattern-based, offering a streamlined growth experience. The followers, managed by real people, add substantial value by increasing their online presence. Path Social’s human-guided bots represent a modern approach to digital marketing.

Moreover, Path Social provides responsive and dedicated customer service for client support. Their elite package includes an exclusive account manager. 

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Subscription Plans of Path Social 

Path Social offers two main plans for Instagram growth, each tailored to different needs and goals. The plans are available on a monthly subscription basis, allowing for flexibility and ease of renewal.

  1. Instagram Elite Plan 

Priced at $83 per month (or $41/month when billed annually), this plan is ideal for fast-growing influencers and brands. 

It promises a monthly follower growth between  2,000 and  3,500, with results visible within two days. The plan includes engaged, organic followers, advanced AI targeting, and dedicated 24/7 support. 

The plan is perfect for rapid growth and more sophisticated targeting tools.

  1. Instagram Core Plan 

This plan is great for personal profiles and small businesses starting their Instagram journey. It costs $58 per month (or $29/month when billed annually). Subscribers get a growth of 800 to 1,500 followers per month within two days.  

The plan includes engaged, organic followers and hands-off management. These perks make it a solid choice for those new to Instagram growth or with smaller accounts.

Both plans guarantee results or a free service, emphasizing Path Social’s confidence in their approach. With a team based in Los Angeles providing support, users can expect quality service and growth. 

How Kicksta Operates

On the other hand, Kicksta requires registration to access your personal or business account. Once signed up, it connects to your Instagram and offers a user-friendly dashboard. Here, you input target user information, guiding Kicksta’s account manager assigned to you.

Your target user list directs the tool, ensuring interactions are relevant to your brand. Kicksta then engages with these users behind the scenes, liking posts, sending direct messages, and viewing statuses. It smartly uses direct messaging for accounts that match your detailed criteria.

Operating entirely online, Kicksta requires no downloads or extra programs. Alongside its AI, Kicksta provides account managers with technical support. To maximize Kicksta’s potential, provide accurate and relevant information. Your follower growth depends on the quality of the information you share.

Characteristics of Kicksta 

Kicksta enhances your Instagram presence with a suite of organic growth features. At its core is the Smart Targeting Algorithm, a sophisticated blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology zeroes in on audiences that align with your brand, driving organic likes and followers to your account. 

Another key feature is Automatic Engagements. This function operates within the boundaries of Instagram’s policies, ensuring your account’s organic and compliant growth. By interacting with profiles that match your interests, Kicksta increases your visibility and follower count in a natural, unforced manner.

Its growth tools also include a Report-Generation feature. This analytical dashboard is a window into your account’s performance, offering insights into engagement rates and follower growth. It’s an invaluable resource for tracking progress and shaping your strategy.

Personalized attention is a hallmark of Kicksta’s service. Each user gets a dedicated Human Instagram Account Manager. This manager engages with other accounts on your behalf and handles support inquiries in real-time. This partnership allows you to focus more on content creation and the managerial aspects of your business.

Hashtag Targeting is another strategic feature offered by Kicksta. Understanding the importance of hashtags on Instagram, Kicksta aids in crafting captivating hashtags that can significantly boost organic growth.

Lastly, Location Targeting is its standout feature, especially beneficial for local and global businesses. It enables the tool to target and interact with accounts in specific locations, expanding your reach and influence. This feature leverages Kicksta’s advanced AI and machine learning systems, making it a powerful tool for targeted growth.

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Subscription Plans of Kicksta 

Kicksta offers three dynamic plans to cater to different Instagram growth needs. There’s a plan for you, whether you’re an individual, a small team, or a larger group. Each monthly package allows for easy renewal. 

  • Standard package

The Standard package is perfect for those starting or looking to give their account a moderate boost. Priced at $49 per month, it’s ideal for entrepreneurs and social media influencers. 

This plan includes up to 10 audience targets, smart filtering, video onboarding, secure account handling, and a follower boost.

  • Premium package

The Premium package is for those aiming higher. At $99 monthly, this plan suits larger groups or anyone aiming to maximize their Instagram potential. 

This plan promises faster, more efficient growth with a capacity for 40 target audiences. It has features like live chat support, blocklist options, location, gender, hashtag targeting, advanced filters, and a dedicated account manager.

  • Boost Plan

Lastly, the Boost Plan is a newer addition – offering even more flexibility and tailored options based on your objectives. Kicksta helps you choose a plan that aligns perfectly with your Instagram growth goals.

Is Path Social Legit? 

Path Social’s website is secure, featuring an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a widely used and accessible option. It demonstrates their commitment to user security. So, if you are wondering, “Is Path Social Legit?” The answer is, “Yes, it is legit.” 

Despite some Trustpilot reviews suggesting communication issues, viewing these from a broader perspective is important. Many users have had positive experiences, indicating that Path Social’s immediate payment requirement is part of their efficient service setup.

The concerns raised by a few users sometimes outweigh the legitimacy of Path Social. Their approach to Instagram growth and client engagement supports their credibility in the social media growth industry.

What About Kicksta—Is It Legit? 

Yes! Kicksta is also legit. It stands out as a top organic Instagram growth service. However, users should acquaint themselves with its workings to avoid pitfalls.

One key point is the interaction limit. Kicksta pushes this limit so that over-liking can trigger Instagram’s alarms. To avoid a shadow ban, balance your activity while using Kicksta.

Kicksta’s active customer engagement adds credibility, dispelling any scam concerns.

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Kicksta Reviews on Trustpilot 

Trustpilot recognizes Kicksta as a media company and a social media agency in the USA. On Trustpilot, Kicksta Reviews holds a mixed but notable Trustscore of around 3.5. This score reflects various factors: review age, quantity, business response to feedback, and public perception.

Out of 394 reviews, a significant 39% express favor towards Kicksta, with an additional 24% rating it as average. While 32% have reservations about the service, this diverse feedback spectrum highlights Kicksta’s varied impact on social media growth.

Kicksta vs. Path Social—Which Is the Best Instagram Growth Service? 

Kicksta and Path Social are both impressive, but Path Social wins when it comes to the best Instagram growth service. The competition is tough, but as per our analysis, Path Social has an edge over Kicksta. Let’s find out how. 

  • The Operating System

Kicksta’s approach is straightforward—engaging with the followers of targeted accounts in your niche aims to increase your follower count. This method, involving liking photos of users from selected accounts, can attract followers. 

However, Path Social takes a more nuanced approach. While less specific about their strategies, Path Social’s focus on targeting relevant hashtags and locations attracts genuine followers. This less aggressive yet effective strategy could appeal more to those seeking organic, authentic growth.

  • Pricing – A Key Factor

Regarding pricing, both services offer competitive plans. Kicksta has three plans ranging from $49 to $200, catering to various needs. Meanwhile, Path Social simplifies the choice with two straightforward plans at $49 and $69. 

This simplicity in choice makes Path Social more accessible, especially for those new to Instagram growth services.

  • User Reviews and Experience

While Kicksta has received positive reviews for its effectiveness, Path Social’s strategy of targeting and engagement has a better growth experience. Users looking for a service beyond mere likes and engaging with the Instagram algorithm find Path Social effective. 

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Invest Smartly and Grow With Path Social 

After reading a comparative analysis between Kicksta vs Path Social, it is clear that Path Social is a better choice. Although Kicksta is competitive and none of them provide fake followers, Path Social enjoys an edge because of its smart strategies. 

You might not see this on other social media platforms, but users are buying followers on Instagram. Make sure to invest smartly and grow your Instagram account with Path Social. 

Our AI-targeting algorithm helps your content shine when it gets dark with so many posts competing for a particular hashtag. Count on our experts, and you will never regret the results. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!