Why Won’t My Instagram Update? Quick Fix Solutions

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Instagram 101 | Feb 13, 2024

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To maintain an engaging user experience, Instagram launches a flurry of new features now and then. Many Instagram influencers jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on new features to catch up with trends.

But did you know that updating issues in the background can keep you from enjoying these new features? This is why many users wonder, ‘Why won’t my Instagram update?’ as it prevents them from keeping up with the latest trends.

So, if your Instagram also troubles you with the new updates, stick along. This guide will discover how you can identify and fix this issue.

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Why Won’t My Instagram Update?

Are you unable to update your Instagram app to the latest version? The new features on Instagram are available based on a user’s device version, geolocation, etc. So, if Instagram won’t let you access the latest features, the issue may be something other than the app itself. 

Let’s look at the factors preventing you from updating your Instagram app in detail. 

The Version of the App

You cannot keep up with updates using an older app version. If the latest version is unavailable for your device, you’ll have to wait until Instagram releases it for your device.

However, keep an eye on the App Store (iPhone users) and Play Store (Android users). The update is often available, but users are unaware. 

Geolocation—What’s Your Region?

In some instances, the need for patience arises when the latest features are not accessible in your region. This can be attributed to government policies in certain countries. Alternatively, Instagram may restrict specific features in your area.

But in most cases, Instagram launches its features in stages—region by region. The new updates can be in the pipeline. Again, you’ll have to wait patiently until the updates reach your region.

The Type of Your Account

The features you can use depend on what type of account you are using. If you use a personal Instagram account, you cannot access Instagram Insights or Instagram Shopping. These features are exclusively available for business accounts.

Manual Configuration

Instagram turns off some features by default. It’s because they can cause distraction for users. You can turn them on manually when you need them.

All the manual configurations are one click away. You can easily find their settings on the internet. 

Are You Meta Verified?

Besides recognition, the blue tick brings many Instagram features that normal accounts do not have. For meta-verified users, Instagram offers a verified badge, proactive monitoring to ensure account security, and additional account support.

Guideline Violations

More than 95% of users on Instagram don’t read the guidelines. The result? They unintentionally violate the policies and face troubling consequences. In such cases, Instagram offers relaxation for its users but with conditions.

Instagram bars them from using specific features. So, if you can’t access some features, it may be due to restrictions. 

Instagram Indexing

There is a virtual index list on Instagram. Meta places the users on the list according to their activities and engagements. If you know how to gain followers and actively use the platform, your profile will rank higher. Then, you’ll be able to use more previously unavailable features. You can index higher by using hashtags, making Reels, and engaging with followers.

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Why Won’t My Instagram Messages Update? 

Delayed updates do not only prevent users from accessing new features. It also causes issues when using the main features like sharing posts or DMs. Many Instagram users wonder, “Why won’t my Instagram messages update?”This happens for several reasons. Let’s talk about them and find quick fixes. 

Update Your Instagram App

The simplest solution is to update your Instagram app. Go to Google Play or the App Store, search for Instagram, and see if there’s an update waiting for you. Updates squash those pesky bugs and bring in the features you’re missing out on.

Embrace the Power of a VPN 

In some regions, users might hit a snag as the Messenger feature works with conditions. But don’t worry; a VPN can be your secret weapon here. Install Instagram and turn on your VPN to switch up your location. Now, reinstall Instagram from your app store. This trick will unlock the Messenger feature for you.

Log Out and Log Back In

Sometimes, all your app needs is a quick refresh. Try logging out of your Instagram account and then logging back in. It refreshes your feed and brings the Messenger update to light.

Clear Out the Clutter

If the issue persists, it’s time to clean the app. On an Android device, go to your Settings, find Instagram under Apps, and clear cache and data. 

Check Your Messages Settings

Pay attention to the Messages option in your Instagram settings. You don’t need to change anything; just checking could bring on the update. After this, restart your phone and open Instagram again.

Seek Help

If you’ve tried all the above and still have no luck, it’s time to call the creators. Reach out to Instagram for help. Go to your profile settings, find the Help section, and report your problem. 

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How To Update Instagram

Are you wondering how to update Instagram to catch up with the latest features? The process is very simple. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, Instagram works best with the latest versions. Let us walk you through the process: 

How To Update Instagram on Android

It is very simple to update Instagram on Android manually. Follow these steps:

  1. Reach the Play Store.
  2. Go to Manage Apps and Devices.
  3. Press the ‘Update Available‘ button to see the available updates.
  4. Click on ‘Update‘ next to the Instagram app.
  5. Let the download complete, and your Instagram will update.

If the option to update is unavailable, your device is not compatible with the latest versions of Instagram. 

How To Update Instagram on iPhone

You can update Instagram on your iPhone manually by following these steps:

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Click your profile and swipe down to find the updates available.
  3. Press the ‘Update‘ button next to the Instagram app.
  4. Wait for a while, and your Instagram will update.

If you don’t see the update button, the update is unavailable for this device.

Note: If you turn on the auto-update Instagram on iPhone and Android, it will update automatically. 

Five Common Problems With Instagram Updates 

Different users face different problems while updating their Instagram. But these five are the most common update issues. Let’s discuss these along with their solutions. 

  • Do you have the wrong device? 

First, check your device. If it’s a bit old, like an Android 5, it’s not compatible with the latest Instagram updates. New updates often favor newer operating systems, leaving outdated versions in the dust. 

But avoid jumping to conclusions if you have a newer gadget. Sometimes, sneaky viruses or other system issues play havoc. Keep your device virus-free and in tip-top shape. If it’s old, consider upgrading. A new mobile device is the ticket to a smooth Instagram experience.

  • How’s Your Internet Connection?

Unstable or slow internet can mess with your app updates. Even if other apps seem fine, Instagram needs more stability. Mostly, a refreshing error appears when the internet weakens. Try toggling between Wi-Fi and mobile data. Ensuring a solid connection could be the simple fix you need. 

  • Do you have enough storage?

A packed phone or tablet can stop app updates. Go to your device’s storage settings. Delete what you don’t need and make room for the updates. Clearing out the clutter clears up the problem.

  • It can be the fault of Instagram Servers. 

Sometimes, Instagram’s servers might be down. In these cases, patience is key. Typically, Instagram resolves server issues swiftly, but you should wait a day or two. Remember, this is on Instagram’s end, so your device is likely fine.

  • Is your app at fault? 

If your device is new, the connection is stable, and the storage is ample, the app could be the problem. Sometimes, glitches within the app can prevent updates. In this scenario, watching app updates and waiting for a fix is your best bet. 

Quick Fixes for Your Instagram Updates 

Regardless of the problem, some quick fixes always work. Follow them to update your Instagram and become a part of new trends. 

  1. Log out from the app. Now, log in again. It helps resolve any glitches that may be hindering the update. 
  2. Delete the Instagram application for your device. Now, go to the Play Store or App Store and get the latest version. When you download the new application, it will come with the latest features. 

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Why Update Your Instagram? 

Instagram is always coming up with new updates. Sticking with an older version is like riding a bike while everyone else is zooming past in sports cars. 

You’re missing out on the cool, new features. They usually include fresh filters, snazzy editing tools, and slick user interface tweaks. These updates aren’t just about adding extras. They’re about keeping your experience up-to-date and exciting.

Firstly, an updated Instagram app promises optimum performance. Have you ever had your app crash or run slower than a sloth? Chances are, you have an outdated app. Updates often come with bug fixes that smooth out those annoying kinks. These updates tune up your app, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine.

Secondly, security is a big deal, especially in social media, where many people post openly. Each update often strengthens your defense.

So next time that update notification pops on your screen, allow it. Your Instagram experience will thank you!

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