How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

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Instagram 101 | Sep 14, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Following somebody on Instagram does not always mean they’ll follow you back. Hitting somebody’s follow button is, of course, an excellent way to get noticed. But if you’re wondering how to get followers on Instagram without following accounts en masse, you can follow this handy guide instead. 

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Get Followers With Organic Growth Strategies

Achieving organic Instagram growth is the holy grail for brands and marketers on the platform. You can get followers on Instagram without following other accounts by adopting and perfecting best practices for organic growth. 

How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following: Lay the Foundation for Genuine Growth

You need a clear plan with clear goals to grow your following successfully on Instagram. Here are the basic steps for how to get followers on Instagram without following by laying the foundation for real growth.

  1. Define your Instagram marketing objectives. Getting more followers is just one of them. What other things do you wish to accomplish on Instagram? Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Are you hoping to build brand awareness? Do you need to increase sales?
  2. Identify your target audience. Who do you want to reach on Instagram? Identify your audience based on their demographics, interests, and needs. Knowing your audience will guide your strategy on how to get them. 
  3. Define your brand identity and aesthetic. If you’re a fashion brand, do you want to represent plus-size women or promote sustainable fashion? Definite your brand’s mission and values. Create an Instagram aesthetic that’s consistent with your brand’s identity. 
  4. Optimize your Instagram profile. Create a username incorporating your brand name and keyword relevant to your industry. Doing this will optimize your profile for easy discoverability via online searches. Make the most of your bio. It should sum up who you are, what you offer, or what people can expect. You can also add a link in your bio to direct users to a site where they can learn more about you. Know how to choose the right IG profile photo
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How To Get More Followers With Great Content

If you’re thinking about how to get followers on Instagram without following, the apparent answer is producing great content. But what makes a piece of content great? 

When you get profile visitors, the content in your primary profile grid should make them want to see more of you. Your content should convince them to hit your follow button. This is why it’s essential to know who your target audience is and what they like. This is also why you must clearly define your brand identity, mission, and values. These two crucial elements should align with each other and guide your content strategy. Follow these tips to produce engaging and like-worthy content consistently.

  1. Share high-quality and visually compelling images. 
  2. Write catchy captions, and don’t forget to include relevant keywords. 
  3. Create content that users will want to re-share
  4. Know the best time to post to reach your target audience and follow a consistent posting schedule. 
  5. Create more Reels to use trending sounds, music, challenges, and effects.

How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following: Make Your Page Highly Discoverable

Here’s another tip for how to get more followers on Instagram without following too many accounts: make it easy for users to discover you. 

Using relevant hashtags in your captions is SOP. You can further push the odds in your favor by employing the following devices:

  1. Geo-tagging. Tag your store’s location if you have a physical place of business. Tag locations where you travel, as well as famous landmarks. Tag areas that your target audience frequently visits. Tag an event location if you’re participating in one. 
  2. Tag relevant accounts. Use the @mention function to tag other Instagram accounts whenever possible. For example, if you’re sharing UGC, you can mention the original creator’s handle with their permission.  Don’t forget to tag users who appear in your photo or video. Other relevant accounts you can order may include your supplier/s, customers, employees, colleagues, and other businesses. 
  3. Ask users to tag your account. Putting “Tag @brandusername to share your experience with us!” in your bio is a nifty trick you can use to encourage users to tag you. You can also request your caption’s CTA. 
  4. Promote your Instagram profile on other platforms. Embed links to your Instagram posts in your blogs. Add an Instagram button to your website. Make it convenient for users to find your page on Instagram with an Instagram QR code.
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How To Get More Followers via the Explore Page

How do you get followers on Instagram without following via Instagram Explore? The Explore page is where users can “find photos and videos that [they] might like from accounts [they] don’t yet follow.” Instagram’s Explore page is similar to TikTok’s For You Page. Instagram Explore makes it easy for users to discover new brands and communities they might be interested in. 

The brands and pieces of content users see on their Explore page are unique. Instagram curates each user’s Explore page according to their interests and activity history on the platform. If the content you share and your target users’ interests are aligned, then chances are good that they’ll see you on their personal Explore results. Learn all the tricks to get yourself on your target audience’s Explore pages and conquer organic reach territory. In the meantime, here are some quick tips:

  • Use the right hashtags in your caption. 
  • Tag relevant locations. 
  • Optimize your username and bio with relevant keywords. 
  • Post content regularly and at the right times to maximize your visibility. 
  • Create content that perfectly matches your intended audiences’ interests and aesthetic preferences. 

How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following: Run a Contest

An Instagram contest is a surefire way to get followers on Instagram without following other accounts. An essential follow-to-win competition is a perfect format if you’re trying to get your first or next 1000 followers. 

Offer an attractive prize, encourage your followers to share your post, and invite their friends to join. They can get loyalty points or discount vouchers in return. Cross-promote your contest on other platforms. Regularly update your Stories with a contest announcement. You can even run different contests every month to keep building up excitement among users and exposure for your brand. 

Here are some Instagram contest ideas:

  1. A simple Like and Share to Win contest. Participants simply have to “Like and Share your post,” “Like and Comment,” or “Share and Tag friends.” The purpose of this contest is to reach more people and boost engagement.
  2. Photo Sharing contest. Participants must share photos featuring your products or store. Ask them to tag you in their post. You can select winners based on who has the most likes or votes.  
  3. Caption This contest. Create more engagement for your content to attract more followers by asking people to write fun and creative captions for your post. 
  4. Periodic contests. Run weekly or monthly contests to encourage people to follow you and keep tabs on your page. 
  5. Voting contest. Create a post featuring a few of your products and ask your audience to vote for their favorite in the comments. Voters of the winning product will qualify for a draw. This is a great way to invite more followers, generate engagement, and learn about your followers’ preferences.

How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following: Encourage User-generated Content

User-generated content is the digital age’s version of old-school word-of-mouth promotion. UGC is gold because of its authentic content; even better, it’s free. UGC is a handy tool for how to get followers on Instagram without following other accounts. UGC gives your brand social proof and tells people that your page delivers value and is worth following. 

Encourage customers who just completed a purchase to post photos of themselves using your products. Remind them to tag your brand and ask for permission to share their post and tag them back. You can also generate UGC by using TikTok’s Duets feature or starting a challenge. 

Create an Instagrammable exterior, interior, or corner if you have a physical store. Feature the aesthetic setting in your Stories and regular posts. Urge visitors to take snaps and share their images on Instagram. With their permission, you can repurpose UGC to boost your presence on Instagram. 

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How To Get 10K Followers on Instagram Without Following Anyone

Do you want to know how to get 10k followers on Instagram without following anyone? If you’re ready to pay to play on Instagram’s competitive platform, there are two options you can explore. The first option is through Instagram ads and brand collaborations. The second option involves Instagram growth services. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of each one. 

How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following: Ads and Sponsored Posts

Here’s how to get followers on Instagram without following what’s sure to work: paid advertising. 

Ads and sponsored posts give you the advantage of specifying your target audience and goals. Instagram’s algorithm also favors paid content when it comes to feed ranking. So throwing dollars behind your content will deliver desirable results. There are several ways that you can use your ad dollars:

  1. Boost a post. Boosting a post is the simplest way to create an ad on Instagram. You can convert a regular feed post into an ad with a few clicks and a minimal budget. 
  2. Use Ads Manager. Meta Ads Manager allows you to create and run an ad campaign. You can have multiple ads under one campaign. This is an ideal option if you’re looking to achieve various goals or target different audiences. Running an ad campaign also gives more accurate and actionable insights about your content performance. 
  3. Collaborate with a brand or influencer. Teaming up with another brand or an influencer is a quick way to reach a new and bigger audience and gain new followers. You can opt for influencer marketing if you want somebody else to handle most of the tasks involved in promoting your brand. Brand collaboration may be ideal if you’re more interested in sharing the tasks equally with your partner. 
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How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following App

Knowing how to get followers on Instagram without following via apps is a quicker way to get 10k followers or more. Many apps help you gain thousands of new followers to avoid the painstaking and time-consuming process of organically growing your numbers.   

Before shopping for followers, shop for the most reliable growth services. Keep these in mind when choosing a site:

  1. Find a site that allows you to receive followers in small batches over an extended period. Don’t get ten thousand followers all at once. A considerable and instant increase in follower numbers would look suspicious to Instagram’s algorithm and real users. 
  2. Check if the company offers a refill guarantee. Followers “disappearing” after the vendor has completed delivery is a common issue among customers. Make sure the company guarantees a free refill of these lost followers. 
  3. Read the site’s refund policy. The company should also have a reasonable refund policy if you’re unhappy with their service or they don’t fulfill the delivery as promised.
  4. Read customer feedback. Find out what previous customers say about the service. Pay close attention to feedback regarding the quality of followers they received. 
  5. Check if the site has a reliable customer support team. Does the site provide various ways to contact them if you need help? Try sending them a message to see for yourself if they respond promptly. 

You should also be aware that Instagram prohibits buying followers. The platform’s algorithm does a good job detecting bots and fake followers. And it’s also reasonably quick and efficient in removing these inauthentic accounts. Take all the necessary precautions before choosing this shortcut to growth.

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Get Real and Interested Followers for Lasting Growth

Building brand awareness has become increasingly difficult on Instagram. Following relevant accounts is one of the most practical ways to get the attention of your target audience. But this strategy does not guarantee a tit-for-tat arrangement. 

Knowing how to get followers on Instagram without following involves a multi-pronged strategy. You must combine organic and paid approaches to get the best results. You need to keep learning new ways to improve your techniques. You will make mistakes and have successes; either way, you’ll get insights that you can use to revise and enhance your growth strategy. 

Reaching your target audience is the most crucial and challenging part of building a presence on Instagram. Organic optimization techniques can only get you so far. Boosting posts to specify your target audience and increase visibility offers only short-term benefits. But what if you can get the advantage of precise audience targeting and optimized content promotion in one place?

You can have both solutions when you team up with Path Social, a trusted expert in Instagram growth. Path Social leverages the power of advanced, proprietary AI technology to target the right audience for your brand. The technology will find real users genuinely interested in your content, whatever niche and industry you’re in. 

You can expect consistent and lasting growth with Path Social’s monthly plans. You’ll have access to a professional dashboard to get accurate insights and keep track of your account performance. Path Social’s team of social media specialists will also guide your content promotion strategy. 

Path Social only engages in hands-on, organic outreach and promotion to get you authentic, long-lasting, and highly engaged followers. Tens of thousands of brands from all industries trust Path Social. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!