How to Embed an Instagram Post in a Blog Post to Drive More Traffic to Your Instagram

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Instagram Tips | Sep 15, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Why should you bother to learn how to embed an Instagram post on a blog post? Because blog readers are already interested in the blog’s content, so an embedded Instagram post will most likely get clicked by these readers. The closer to the blog’s content your embedded IG post is, the higher the likelihood that a reader will check it out as well. Every opportunity to drive traffic to your Instagram is also an opportunity to get more followers and engagement. Here are the different ways to embed an Instagram post on a blog post. 

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How to Embed an Instagram Post on a Blog Post Using the Embed Code

If you have your own blog, you should definitely know how to embed an Instagram post on your blog posts. If you already have an Instagram creator account or if your business account features a lot of how-to videos, having a blog is another great platform for your kind of content and it creates more opportunities for you to reach more people and make your business stand out on Instagram

Take note that your Instagram account must be public AND the Embeds setting must be turned on to allow embedding of your Instagram content or profile. Here’s how to embed an Instagram post on a blog post by copying the embed code

  1. Go to the post you want to embed and click/tap the three dots in the top right corner. 
  2. Click/tap “Embed,” then click/tap “Copy Embed Code” to copy the code to your clipboard. You can also tick/untick the “Include caption” box. 
  3. Paste the embed code in your website’s HTML editor. Wrap the code with ‘<center>’ and ‘</center>’ tags to make sure the embedded post appears in the center of the blog post page.

Screenshot showing how to embed an Instagram post on a blog post.

Et voila! Your Instagram post is now embedded on a blog post. Your Instagram username will also appear alongside the embedded post, and when a reader clicks on the Instagram logo, they will be taken directly to your Instagram page. Make sure the post you’re embedding is related to the blog’s content. 
Keep in mind that if your Instagram account is public and the Embeds setting is on, anybody can copy your profile’s or content’s embed code. You can opt to manually turn off the Embeds setting or switch your account to a private one to prevent others from sharing your content without authorization.

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How to Embed an Instagram Post on WordPress Blog Post

Knowing how to embed an Instagram post on your WordPress site is another option to expand your Instagram’s content reach. First things first, you need to get the Instagram Feed Pro WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, pasting an Instagram embed code directly to a WordPress site was discontinued by Instagram and Facebook in 2020. Follow these steps to enable the plugin and link your Instagram account to your WordPress site.

Instagram Feed Pro plugin website page for embedding Instagram post on a WordPress blog site.
  1. Install the plugin to your WordPress site and then activate it within your WordPress site’s “Plugins” menu. 
  2. From your WordPress dashboard, go to “Instagram Feed” and click on “Settings” and then click on the “Connect an Instagram Account” button. 
  3. Select whether your Instagram account is “Personal” or “Business,” and then click “Connect.”
  4. You’ll be redirected to your Instagram account; click “Allow” to give the plugin read-only access and then click “Connect This Account” when you’re redirected back to your WordPress. 
  5. Go to “Instagram Feed” on your WordPress dashboard, click “oEmbeds” then “Enable Instagram oEmbeds.”
  6. Click “Connect to Facebook,” then click “Next,” and click “Done.”   

Screenshots showing how to enable Instagram Feed Pro plugin to embed Instagram post on a WordPress site.

Now, you’re ready to embed an Instagram post on a WordPress blog post:

  1. Copy the embed code for your Instagram post. 
  2. On WordPress, go to “Pages” and click “Add New” to open WordPress editor, or go to “Posts” and click “Add New” if you want to embed your Instagram post on a new blog post. 
  3. Finally, simply paste the code and save your blog post.

Screenshots showing how to embed Instagram post on a blog post using WordPress.

Final Thoughts: Use Instagram’s Embeds Feature to Reach More of the Right People for Your Instagram Content

Blogs are still popular among 77% of internet users, and knowing how to embed an Instagram post on a blog post is a must if you have your own blog site. Alternatively, you should also explore collaborating with a blogger as a way to get others to share your Instagram content and reach more of the right kind of audience for your Instagram content.
Instagram’s Embeds option provides an opportunity to organically earn new followers and higher engagement if you have your own blog site. Another effective way to deliver your content to the right audience and achieve meaningful growth on Instagram is by teaming up with a partner with adequate experience in Instagram growth strategy — a growth service like Path Social. You can attract the right kind of followers and engagement with the help of Path Social’s proprietary advanced AI targeting technology and in-house team of experts. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!