How To Get Instagram Followers Free: Keys to Organic Growth

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Karen Lin

Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Many people on Instagram are desperate to get more and more followers. After all, your follower count is a key milestone in your journey to success as an Instagram brand. Some people even fall into the temptation of buying followers for cheap. But if you’re smart, you’ll know that this isn’t the right move. It’s much better to drive organic, genuine growth without shelling out cash. So today, we’re teaching you how to get Instagram followers free.

There are plenty of ways to use money to drive growth on Instagram. You can set up ads to reach more people or buy followers from third-party websites. But these don’t always guarantee real, sustainable success. It’s better to save money and try to get followers without spending a dime. That way, you can spend it on other marketing efforts, like content production and improving your products.

Are you interested in learning how to get more followers (and genuine engagement) without spending a dime? Keep reading to see our top tips for organic growth for content creators and online businesses.

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Is It Possible To Get Instagram Followers Easy and Free?

Are you dreaming of getting thousands of followers on Instagram as a new creator? Here’s a reality check for you—getting there is rarely a walk in the park. Most influencers take years to build a sizeable audience. Many don’t see that kind of success without paying for ads and promotions.

That said, it’s still very much possible to get Instagram followers easily and freely. You just have to put your back into it and know how to tip the scales in your favor. And by scales, we mean Instagram’s algorithm.

To get more Instagram followers without spending a dime, you need to focus on creating stellar content. That doesn’t just mean having aesthetically stunning photos on your feed, although that is a big part of it. It also includes knowing how to use Instagram’s key features that can help boost your visibility on the platform.

Remember, building a community with hundreds or thousands of followers may take some time. Thankfully, you can do it all for free if you’re willing to commit to it. And if you follow the tips we’re about to share, it can be a piece of cake. 

How To Get More Followers on Instagram for Free: 5 Tips for Creators

For influencers and content creators, their follower count can make or break their careers. If you have no audience, you can’t exactly influence anyone online. No matter how beautiful your content is, no one will see it, and your hard work will go to waste.

Having a high reach and a solid community is also the only way to land brand deals and monetize content. A large number of fans can boost your credibility and marketing effectiveness on the platform. If you have a small following, not that many brands will be interested in working with you. The more followers you have, the more work opportunities will fall into your lap.

Do you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram for free as a content creator or budding influencer? Here are our top five tips for you. 

1. Upload Trendy Content With High Potential for Virality

Trendy content has the highest potential to go viral. These include fun dance challenges, funny Instagram Reels, memes, cinematic travel content, and so much more. And when a post goes viral, more people see it. If you post trendy content, more people may discover your page on the feed and give you a follow.

As a content creator, your job requires you to stay on top of Instagram trends that are making waves online. That way, you can pick and choose from these popular topics and produce content inspired by them. This allows you to highlight your creative content-making skills while showing potential followers that you make fresh, timely, relevant content.

If you create viral content that resonates with people, users might also share it with friends or on their Stories. That can help broaden your post’s reach, allowing you to reach even more people and potential followers.

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2. Use Hashtags That Your Target Audience Might Find Interesting

Another way to get more followers without spending a cent is by using relevant hashtags in your posts. Hashtags may feel like a dated feature of Instagram. But when you use them right, you can see a significant increase in your follower count.

See, each hashtag on Instagram has its own feed. On this page, people can see the top posts that used that hashtag. So, if you use a hashtag and get tons of engagement, your content will show up on the tag’s page. When people scroll through that tag’s feed, they’ll come across your post. If they like what you have to offer, they might just give you a follow!

Users can also follow specific hashtags that line up with their interests. The Instagram algorithm then shows a few posts that include those tags on their feed.

Let’s say you post a workout video and use the hashtag #fitnessmotivation. If your post performs well enough, it can show up on the feed of anyone following that hashtag. That means lots of people interested in your niche can potentially see your content, even if they don’t follow you.

Using hashtags also increases your chances of getting featured on the Instagram Explore page. This gives you an added boost of visibility, making it easy for others to discover your content and follow you.

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3. Collaborate With Popular Brands and Fellow Influencers

Partnering with brands and influencers on Instagram creates a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your collaborators. If you land a deal with a popular brand, your face and Instagram handle will be all over their content. The same goes for working with a fellow influencer. With your collaborative post, you can reach a wider audience and potentially reel in a few new followers.

If that isn’t enough, you can also ask your partner brands to cross-promote your content. Let’s say you’re working with a fashion brand and create a video to model outfits wearing their clothes. You can suggest that your partner brand repost this video on their Instagram Story for their followers to see. It’s a win-win—you promote the brand, and they promote you.

Working with established brands and creators also builds your credibility. If people see that you’re affiliated with an account they already love and trust, they will likely trust you, too. 

Associating with these respectable brands and people provides social proof that your page is worth following.

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4. Follow and Engage With Other Accounts Within Your Niche

You can’t expect people to engage with your content and follow you without showing others the same love in return. As a creator, you should also do your part in building a strong community within your niche.

When you can, interact with posts from other accounts that create content within your niche. Like, comment, and follow people whose content you want to see more of on the feed. This positions you as an active, genuine member of your community and can help attract others to your page, too.

One awesome benefit of following more people within your niche is that they might reciprocate and follow you back. When you follow someone, your handle appears in their notifications tab. People who appreciate the follow might check out your page and give you a follow in return.

Joining conversations and sparking genuine engagement in others’ posts can also catch the attention of potential followers. By posting meaningful, insightful comments on trending posts, you can pique people’s curiosity and drive them to your profile. If they like what they see, they might follow your account.

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5. Enlist the Help of a Free Instagram Followers App

Suppose you need a quick way to get followers and jumpstart your career; use a free Instagram followers app. To be transparent, it’s not as sustainable as the methods we’ve detailed above. But if you want a one-time boost in your follower count to get things moving, give it a try.

Apps that give out free followers typically won’t give you the most high-quality followers out there. They likely won’t engage with your content as much as real, organic followers will. But if your priority is having a high follower count displayed on your profile, this is a viable option.

Just make sure to find an app that promises real followers, never fake bot followers that will just ghost you. One example is GetInsta, an app known to give people free, real-time followers within 24 hours. They claim never to give their customers fake followers. They also don’t ask for your Instagram password, so it’s risk-free in terms of your account security. All they need is your Instagram username, and you’re good to go!

How To Get Instagram Followers Free for Businesses: 4 Secrets to Success

Influencers aren’t the only entities on Instagram that need tons of followers. Online businesses and brands also need substantial followers because they can be potential customers.

Brands use social media to showcase their products and services to their target audience. The more people see a brand’s content about their products, the more likely they are to close a sale. So, it’s ideal for businesses on Instagram to have plenty of followers.

Businesses should take to heart all the tips we’ve laid out above for creators. All of them would do any brand good, from collaborating with popular creators to using hashtags in their post captions. But as a business owner, you need to put on your marketing hat, too. Here are additional tips to help not just grow your business’s page but promote your brand and products as well. 

1. Host a Contest or Giveaway With Strategic Mechanics for Growth

Social media giveaways are becoming more and more popular today. According to Agility PR Solutions, 55.8% of brands run these contests on their social media channels. Not only is it an excellent way to reward loyal followers, but it also helps with your page’s online growth. It creates buzz for your brand, as well!

Giveaways are promotional posts that encourage users to do a specific action to stand a chance to win a prize. These prizes can include free products from your shop or perhaps a special discount voucher for their next purchase.

How do these giveaways get you followers, you ask? The key is to be strategic with your game mechanics. Ask your followers to do an easy action that allows you to reach potential followers and customers.

For example, ask them to tag a friend in the comments. This increases your giveaway post’s reach while allowing users outside your current fanbase to discover you. You can also have a follow requirement—every person must follow your account to be eligible to win the prize. 

2. Cross-Promote Your Social Media on Your Brand’s Website and Emails

Do you have a main website for your business? If you do, you might want to cross-promote your Instagram page there. Not every customer that visits your website knows that you have an Instagram page. So, link your social media on your site to drive people to your profile and potentially give you a follow.

If you run a blog, consider cross-promoting your Instagram page there as well. You can embed some of your posts on some blog articles if they fit the topic you’re writing about. You can also leave a call-to-action at the end of your blog post to remind readers to follow you on Instagram.

You can even cross-promote your Instagram profile on the daily emails you send out to suppliers and business contacts. Include an Instagram logo in your email signature and link it to your page. That way, people you liaise with via email can check out your social media and potentially follow your page.

A brand’s shopping website that has its social media platforms linked at the top of the landing page.

3. Trendjack Popular Topics Instead of Always Doing Product-Centric Content

Most businesses on Instagram will post all about their products and services day in and day out. But to be completely honest, this can get boring for most audiences. Sure, your products might be cool, but you need fun, trendy, eye-catching content to spice things up sometimes. That’s where trendjacking comes into play.

Trendjacking is the act of leveraging popular, timely topics to promote your brand. You can also trendjack cultural moments like sports events, awards shows, and beauty pageants. It’s a fun way to insert your brand into what people are currently talking about on social media. When done well, trendjacking posts can still promote products and put brands center stage.

For example, if you have a tea brand, you can create content surrounding hot celebrity gossip. Play around with captions like, “We’ve got the tea!” while injecting elements hinting at which celebs people are currently whispering about. It’s a cute way to flaunt your brand personality and show that you’re also in tune with trending topics. At the same time, you can still promote your product!

Posts like these are more shareable and engaging than regular product-centric posts. If you create a viral trendjacking post, you can potentially reach a wider audience and get more followers.

4. Get a Free Instagram Followers Trial From a Trusted Website

Do you want to get free followers from a third-party site but don’t want to spend any money on it? Look for trusted websites that offer a free Instagram followers trial before you commit to buying the full package.

Many websites that sell Instagram followers know that people will be skeptical of their services. So, a lot of them offer free trial services to prove to customers that they can deliver on their promise. Signing up for these trials is an awesome way to test a site’s service without spending a dime. It’s a terrific way to get free followers while saving time and effort.

Just remember that a lot of these websites’ trial services might not give you real, high-quality followers. Make sure you only enlist the service of trusted, legitimate websites with good reviews from their previous clients.

Always Strive for Organic Instagram Growth, Never Fake Followers

If you’re trying to get high-quality followers, the goal is always organic Instagram growth. Don’t buy into the idea of purchasing fake followers. All that will do is give you a temporary uptick in your follower count but kill your engagement rate.

Instead, pour your soul into creating top-notch, interesting posts, collaborating with others, and utilizing Instagram’s key features when posting content. All these are the answers to the burning question of how to get Instagram followers free. Not only is it a more effective way to grow your page, but you can save money, too!

Are you interested in investing just a bit of your money to get genuine, long-lasting growth on Instagram? Path Social’s services might be the best investment. Instead of buying fake followers, you’ll get your money’s worth by getting 100% real followers. We push out your content so your niche audience sees it. As a result, you get new followers and genuine engagement on your content. Grow your page in a sustainable way with us today!