Instafamous: The Only Fame That Counts in Our Generation

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Instagram 101 | Feb 16, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

There is an Instagram star within you. So many people have become famous and had their lives changed. So why not you? We can help you give being Instafamous a shot!

Learn all the keys to unlocking your star potential on Instagram. Let us help you discover how to build a devoted following. We have studied the successes and pitfalls of others with Instafame. That means we can tell you what you must do – just keep reading!

An Instagram content creator takes a photo for her timeline. 

What Does Instafamous Mean? Is It Just Having a Lot of Followers?

You’ve heard the phrase for a while, but what does “Instafamous” mean? The short answer is Instagram stardom. To get famous on Instagram, however, requires more than just that. 

Having many followers on this platform is just the first part of Insta fame. 

They Make Quality Content

There are so many influencers out there. You need to make sure your content’s quality stands out. One way to do this is by using good equipment. People who have achieved Instagram fame have made investments in production gear. 

Pulling the trigger on getting the latest iPhone, buying a ring light, editing apps, and microphones are a few things. Of course, these can get pretty pricey. Pick and choose the essentials in the beginning.

They Post Consistently

The famous among us have established a regular schedule for posting on Instagram. This helps to keep active users coming back for more content. It also attracts new followers since they know the page is active. 

You’ll have to determine how often you should post for your brand. Just know that if you are in a competitive sector, you may have to post often. Trends come up so often, and you’ll want to stay on top of them.

They Usually Have a Niche

Posting random shots is for beginners. People who have achieved fame on Instagram know their market and focus on it. Over time, they grow more adept at targeting the appropriate demographic

With a defined market, they effectively use their following by having actual influence. With real influence, they are more marketable to brands.

They Research Market Trends and Competitors

Social media is a science. You will have to experiment to determine your brand’s best course of action. Research is one of the most crucial things you can do for your brand. 

Those influencers who got popular on Instagram paid close attention to their Instagram Insights. With the cold numbers, they deciphered what to focus on. Want the inside details on what they research? Look up what’s currently popular in your niche area of industry. 

Do some research on relevant keywords for your photos and reels. Find the best hashtags to draw in new followers. 

They Engage With Their Followers

These creators don’t just post content and go. They try to maintain regular communication with their supporters. They make their followers feel seen, from broadcast messages to liking comments. 

People appreciate seeing a more personable side to you. Being aloof and having an air of mystery can be part of their brand. However, giving followers a peak can go a long way. They may share behind-the-scenes content on occasion. 

Giving exclusive previews now and then maintains healthy interest from fans.

How To Become Famous on Instagram: The Key Tips

Do you dream big and want quick success? Maybe you are on the more conservative side. Micro-influencers can earn well on Instagram, too, so this is by no means unambitious. 

It doesn’t matter what side of the coin you fall on. These tips will help you expand your following in a way that counts. Here’s how to become famous on Instagram.

Post What You Like

If this is more than a pastime for you, it would help to enjoy it. Perhaps your brand should entail something you don’t mind talking about a day in and out. Maybe it could center around a talent like dance or makeup application. Video editing and photography skills can shine on Instagram. 

You just need to decide on what this content will surround. You’ll need to know what your passion is and capitalize on it. Only then will you still post, even when you don’t feel like it. Trust us, some days you won’t feel like it.

Post Often

If you’re reading this article, you may not be content with your present level of growth. Increasing your posting frequency will help your chances of virality. When considering how to become famous on Instagram, think of it like this. 

When you want to gain followers, you need to give yourself opportunities for people to see you. Every post is a chance for going viral. To become more successful on Instagram, it makes sense to provide material consistently. 

Posting high-quality content goes without saying. If you become used to this, you will want to continue even when you reach the number you have in mind. You’ll see the potential for your page, and keep it up!

Post a Question

By this, we mean you should include a call to action in your posts. These are prompts to engage with your content. They ask followers to comment to share their thoughts or like if they agree. This is a popular way to increase engagement by encouraging participation. 

The Instagram algorithm considers every like, comment, save, and share. Figure out a way to encourage people to engage in this way. If you do, you’re giving your content a bigger chance at success.

How Much Followers Do You Need To Be Instafamous Enough To Make Money

Yes, we see those influencers with their followers in the millions. People ask, “How many followers do you need to be Instafamous?” They think that you need numbers in the millions. 

In reality, people with a few thousand still garner fame where it counts. This is why being a small-scale influencer works.

Micro-influencers logically have smaller audiences, and so are famous for their levels of audience engagement. This is what brands care about. When you have fewer people to provide content for, you are more likely to engage with them. These pages are easier to maintain than big ones.

Smaller influencers tend to offer niche content. People follow, knowing exactly what they want to see. When a brand works with such an influencer, they already know what the followers like. 

Brands save time this way by choosing creators with a higher likelihood of success. These creators are famous in their niche.

Micro-influencers are cheaper than dealing with celebrities and standard “famous” creators. The return on investment is likely to make more sense to brands.

A vacation blogger records the close of her day with a sunset.

You Can Be One Those Famous Insta Models, Too

For every overly-edited picture and artificially snatched waist, there are famous Insta models who are authentically themselves. While IG may be responsible for questionable beauty ideals, it’s also a safe place for non-traditional models. 

You can fall victim to the negative side or capitalize on the self-love trend. Regardless of your body type or aesthetic, these tips should help you on your journey to Instafame.

Engage With Your Followers in the Caption

A pretty picture is enough to encourage a response if your followers already know you personally. Let’s give them something to talk about in your caption. Your followers will be more engaged in your picture with a good Instagram caption

Make your photos stand out from the crowd. Pair each photo with a question that sparks conversation. Maybe you could post a carousel and have them choose their favorite. Three outfits with a “Which is your favorite and why?” caption can provoke real engagement.

An Instagram model takes a photo on the side of the road.

Don’t Be Afraid To Name-Drop

Geotag the location you were in when you had your mini photoshoot. It will come up when someone searches for that location. 

Did you conquer your fear of taking photos in public at a famous place? Make sure to tag them. 

What brands are you wearing? Big or small, people will want to know. When these brands see you are pushing people to them, they will notice.

Pick an Aesthetic for Your Brand

The aesthetic of your feed is in tandem with your brand. Choose a format and stick to it. Make sure it’s one that you can maintain. If you start with an aesthetic filled with blues and greens after a tropical vacation, can you keep it up? What if you go home to a place where it’s overcast often? 

Have a firm grasp of what you would like to convey and center your posts around it. It works well when all your Instagram posts adhere to the same format. Your feed will have a much simpler and more professional look.

A content creator in a bed records a video of what she eats daily.

Your Engagement Rate Is More Important Than Your Follow Count

The follower count seems to be the first thing people see when they visit an IG page. You may also think this number is the main indication of Insta’s fame and success.

Maybe you use that number to determine how much money that influencer makes. This number is very misleading. It’s only a starting point for a content creator’s success. The number you should focus on is the engagement rate.

The engagement rate is what a brand looks to if they want to collaborate with an influencer. A business expecting a return on investment will likely assess how well an influencer can connect with its audience. The rate considers the number of likes and comments they receive on posts about the followers.

If you see a sponsored post, you may see a call to action like, “What do you think?” The caption may ask you to comment if you agree. This is deliberate. When a sponsor works with an influencer, they consider the number of comments and likes on each post. Your huge following alone can’t carry you.

Why Do Brands Care About Your Engagement Rate?

First of all, you should care about this rate because brands care. You use this number to negotiate how well your brands pay you. While other users don’t see your Instagram Insights, brands may ask you to disclose them. Brands need to do this for several reasons.

  1. They can determine whether or not the influencer will return their investment. These metrics are how they know a creator is worth their money.
  1. They need to know if the followers are bots or real people who will buy products. Buying followers is no secret in the social media sphere. Still, it’s not a long-term solution for a brand that wishes to earn a living on IG. Websites like even exist so prospective collaborators can see if your followers are real.

Dormant followers don’t stand a chance against sites like these. The sophisticated technology will consider social participation. They will also evaluate metrics such as the rise in followers, likes, and comments. 

This is how they tell that your content inspires reactions. You’re supposed to drive sales, and your engagement rate is the best indicator.

An Instagram food blogger takes a photo of the food in front of her to upload online.

This Is How You’re Supposed To Use Famous Insta Hashtags

Using famous Insta hashtags to gain followers is an oversimplified way to gain Instafame. If it were that easy, everyone would be famous. Let’s briefly break down hashtag science with a few valuable tips.

Use the Ideal Mix

Use broadly applicable hashtags. They won’t be random; they will pertain to the post or reel. They simply will be the hashtags that people use often.

Using these alone will only cause your post to disappear in a sea of the same hashtag. This is why mixing with the next category of hashtags is important.

Create a list of relevant hashtags that are more specific to the content. Their unique nature will put them on the radar for followers interested in that unique content. Make sure they uniquely represent your business or product. Using your brand name is also a great way to begin your hashtag.

You could apply the 80/20 rule. This simply states that 80% of your hashtags should be the most common ones that most posts will use. The remaining 20% should be less popular, more specialized hashtags.

If you’re lucky, the popular hashtags will get you on some people’s radar. In the worst-case scenario, your post will get lost.

An IG Shadowban Is Your Worst Nightmare

Instagram has pivoted many times and added new features often. Still, hashtags remain a great way to grow your page. In the same breath, they could be the death of your page.

Hashtags can maximize the development and reach of an influencer. However, they can also thwart those efforts. Influencers trust in the potential of hashtags to attract others to their profile.

You may see posts with an overwhelming number of hashtags and think that you should copy some yourself. Take your time to do that.

Have you heard of something called an “Instagram Shadowban?” It is when Instagram hides the content of an IG page if the user has violated the platform’s guidelines. The “shadow” aspect comes from the fact that you may not have official notice of the ban. It will affect your account, and you’ll wonder why you aren’t growing.

Even if you use a popular hashtag, your postings will only reach some users. If you’ve been shadow-banned, you’ll see your reach decrease. You want to avoid this situation if you want to be insta famous.

Social media influencers need to be careful when using hashtags. This could happen to you without notice. You may have to check hashtags before you use them.

An Instagram influencer records himself on Instagram live video.

You’re Already a Star in Our Eyes!

Achieving Instafame is within your reach. Having a huge follower count and high engagement rate is not above you. We can give you the confidence that you need with all our tools.

Give becoming famous on Instagram an honest chance; the potential rewards make it worth the effort. We acknowledge the risks of Instagram fame, but you have the capability to manage and overcome them.

Make it a top priority to provide innovative, fascinating content; we will help with the growth tactics. You can work on being genuine and establishing a personal connection with your audience. We will find your target audience that will appreciate it.

You can create posts with us that will leave your followers waiting for more. Build community by interacting with other users, and educate yourself on how to make the most of Instagram. 

We are well-versed in developing a solid social media presence at Path Social. With us, you can be both Instafamous and engaging. 

Why wait? Let us assist you in accomplishing your objectives on Instagram. Path Social allows you to get started expanding your Instagram audience immediately. Start attracting new followers with us today!