Instagram Reels Statistics: 5 Key Points About Short Videos

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Instagram 101 | Feb 12, 2024

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Instagram Reels are the king of short-form video content on social media. These bite-sized clips may be short and sweet, but they’re packed with entertainment and creativity. From fun dance challenges to content creators posting day-in-the-life videos for their fans, Reels are taking Instagram by storm. But just how successful have Reels become? Today, we’re zeroing in on Instagram Reels statistics to show you the impact of these short videos. Keep reading to see what the numbers have to say about everyone’s favorite IG content format!

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Instagram Reels Is Officially a $10 Billion Business

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the revenue Instagram Reels bring in each year has skyrocketed to $10 billion.

You can thank the rising popularity of quick, witty, trendy video content on social media for that. This popular platform doesn’t just engage its viewers; it allows everyone on Instagram to get creative and make videos easily. That makes it a crowd-favorite for both content creators and people who scroll through social media every day.

Another thing that has turned Reels into a multi-billion business is that it’s amazing for marketing. There are plenty of monetization opportunities for brands and content creators on Reels. Many business accounts run Reels as Instagram ads to boost reach, brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Plenty of creators also partake in brand partnerships, promoting products through creative Reels.

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People Spend a Cumulative 17.6 Million Hours Each Day on Reels

Millions of people across the globe scroll through their Instagram app’s Reels tab every day, consuming short, creative videos. Some people might not be proud of it, but they end up mindlessly scrolling for hours. Reels are just that addictive!

But did you know that Meta-research shows that Instagram users spend a cumulative 17.6 million hours watching Reels daily? That doesn’t include the time users spend on other areas of the platform, like the feed or Explore page.

Granted, that’s not nearly as many hours people around the world spend on TikTok (almost 98 million hours daily). Nonetheless, 17.6 million hours is a crazy amount of time per day. I mean, what can you expect from a popular platform with a user base of two billion monthly active users?

There are many reasons why so many people spend a huge chunk of their free time watching Instagram Reels. For one, Instagram’s user base has probably gotten tired of the same old feed posts. Now that there’s a new, trendy, super entertaining content format in town, people simply can’t get enough of it!

Instagram’s Reels algorithm is also commendable and likely plays a huge part in this. The algorithm aims to display Reels aligned with users’ interests and hobbies. This relies on your past interactions with other Reels in particular niches. Everyone sees different Reels on their app. Instagram shows you the ones that make you want to stay and keep scrolling. Genius, right?

With its rising popularity, we can only expect Reels to have an even higher growth rate in the coming years. According to SocialInsider, usage of Reels increased by 57.4% in 2023 compared to the previous year. And it looks like it’s a trend that will keep going up.

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Reels Get Higher Reach and More Likes Than Other IG Content Formats

A study by HypeAuditor shows that Instagram Reels outperform other content formats when it comes to reaching metrics. The platform analyzed over 77 million Instagram posts of various formats to see which ones reach the most people. The research found that Reels have the highest estimated reach, followed by images, carousel posts, and finally, regular videos.

The Instagram algorithm works double time to ensure that Reels get the maximum amount of reach they can. The algorithm keeps pushing out content based on people’s preferences. Plus, they prominently feature Reels vs feed posts on the Instagram Explore page.

But it’s not just reach. Reels also dominate all other content types when it comes to how many likes they receive. HypeAuditor’s like distribution analysis showed that 35.4% of likes were given to Reel posts. Meanwhile, photos and carousel posts got around 24% of the likes. Lagging again are regular videos, which got just shy of 16% of likes.

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Reels Gain Higher Engagement Rates Than Images

Aside from just likes, Instagram Reels also gain tons of comments and shares. In fact, their overall engagement rates are stellar, especially when compared with those of other content formats on the platform.

According to SocialInsider, the average engagement rate of Reels sits at 1.23%. And while 1.23% doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s pretty high in terms of industry standards. It’s definitely a far cry from the average rates for carousels (1.02%) and feed photos (0.72%).

That makes Reels the best-performing format on the platform when it comes to engagement. So, if you’re trying to implement audience engagement strategies for your brand, post more Instagram Reels. Make sure they’re entertaining, valuable, relatable, and shareable to get the most engagement possible on your videos.

Another interesting fact about Reel engagement is that the more followers you have, the less engagement you get on Reels. According to Statista, accounts with 100,000-500,000 followers get an average engagement rate higher than those with 1-5 million followers. This only goes to show that the bigger your account, the more difficult it is to engage your entire fanbase.

It Drives Purchase: 77% of Users Have Bought a Product They Saw on Reels

The marketer in you might be thinking that reach and engagement are just branding metrics. But will Instagram Reels help with actual sales and profits? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Proven to influence people’s purchase decisions, Instagram Reels serve as an amazing marketing tool for driving conversions.

A Meta-commissioned study shows that a whopping 77% of Instagram users have bought a product after seeing it on Reels. We can safely assume that this isn’t just because of brands posting product-centric Reels but also content creators.

Another huge reason why Reels drive purchase intent is that it’s a popular platform for user-generated content or UGC. This type of content is made not by brands or paid endorsers but by real, happy customers. They spontaneously create Reels showcasing products and services from brands they love through testimonials or review videos.

It’s natural for people to trust UGC more than polished, overly-manicured ads by brands. Real consumers, whom companies don’t pay, create UGC, making it more authentic, trustworthy, and genuine. It can serve as social proof that a product is worth trying out. So, when potential customers come across UGC, it can sway their purchase decisions.

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FAQs About Instagram Reels

From what the numbers above tell us, there’s no doubt that Instagram Reels is an awesome platform for creative content. But that doesn’t mean that cracking the algorithm and being successful on Reels is a walk in the park.

Do you have issues with making Reels, or just want to know more about them in general? Here are some frequently asked questions about Reels and how to make them, as well as our take on each one.

Do Reels Get More Views Than Posts?

Instagram Reels aren’t the only type of video content on Instagram. There are also regular videos that are published on the main feed. And some of you might be asking, “Do Reels get more views than posts?”

Yes, Reels get more views than regular videos in general. Instagram prioritizes Reels over most content formats on the platform; that’s why they have their tab on the app. If someone posts a Reel and a regular feed video, the Reel would likely get more views.

There are many reasons why this is so. First, the only people who will see your video feed posts are users who follow you. Sometimes, they might also show up on the feed of someone following a hashtag you’ve used in the caption.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s impressive algorithm pushes out Reels to anyone who might be interested in them. That’s regardless of whether they follow the poster. That means it’s easier to discover and stumble upon Reels than regular video content.

Another reason why Reels get more views is because people already have a habit of scrolling through the Reels tab. When they’re in the mood for short-form video content, they don’t scroll through the feed. The general mindset is that those are for photos and carousels, not videos. So, they turn to the dedicated Reels tab and consume videos there, not on the feed.

How Can I Solve the Problem of Instagram Reels Not Getting Views?

Are your Instagram Reels not getting views no matter how much work you put into them? Here are just a few solutions that might help you out and get more eyeballs on your content:

  • Make high-quality video content. Stop posting clips with shaky videos or wonky transitions. Use clear visuals and smooth editing to make your videos appealing to your target audience.
  • Keep your Reels short and sweet. The whole point of Reels is to entertain and engage people in less than 90 seconds. Don’t drag out your video and max out its duration. Make it concise and snappy but still creative and fun to watch. Shorter Reels also lead to more views because people are more likely to watch them on a loop.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your Reel’s caption. This makes it more discoverable to people who follow or are interested in those tags.
  • Create Reels centered on trends and challenges. Use audio clips and songs that are all the rage on social media and have been gaining traction online. This increases your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore page. When that happens, you’ll get way more views than you’ve ever imagined.
  • Share your Reel to your Instagram Stories. This is a terrific way to push out your content in case some followers missed it on the feed.

How Can I Get More Engagement on My Reels?

Driving good engagement is of the utmost importance for Reels. If your video has plenty of likes and comments, it boosts your post’s engagement rate. The Instagram algorithm rewards highly engaging posts by prioritizing their visibility on the feed. That means the more engaging your content, the more people will see and watch your future posts.

One thing you can do to get more engagement on your Reels is pose a question or include a CTA. You can do this in the Reel’s voiceover, text overlay, or caption. Start a conversation to encourage your followers to share their thoughts in the comments. You can also remind people to send your Reel with a friend who might like it to boost shares.

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The Instagram Reels Statistics Have Spoken—Short Video Is Awesome for Brands

The numbers don’t lie—Reels are awesome for any brand or content creator trying to make it big on Instagram. It covers every step of a brand’s marketing funnel, helping with reach, engagement rates, and even consumer purchases. This popular format is so successful that it’s a billion-dollar business racking up millions of hours of views each day.

You’ve seen the impressive Instagram Reels statistics. Now, it’s time to incorporate this content format into your own Instagram strategy and rack up those views. Get those creative juices flowing and make bite-sized clips your target audience will love!

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