How to Become an Instagram Model: What You Need to Know

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Instagram Tips | Apr 28, 2023

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Becoming a model is a dream shared by countless people. Social media, Instagram in particular, has helped turn this dream into reality for many. Being an Instagram influencer can actually be a rewarding and profitable job. If you’re thinking of exploring the possibility of an Instagram modeling career, we’ll get you started on the right foot. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know on how to become an Instagram model.

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What is an Instagram Model and What Does it Mean?

Curious about what is an Instagram model? Well, Instagram models differ from other types of models as they build their brand by showcasing their lifestyle online. They utilize their Instagram account for exposure and often don’t need the help of modeling agencies. Essentially, they are famous because of what they share on Instagram. Instagram models or influencers can come in various forms. You can be a fitness model or a body positivity model, the options are truly endless. 

Anybody can claim to be an Instagram model, but there are three factors that contribute to success. First, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Second, you have to amass a large following to be taken seriously by the general public and by sponsors. Last, let unsavory comments roll off your back – restricting on Instagram will become your best friend. These are the building blocks of how to become an Instagram model.

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How to Become an Instagram Model: What Does It Mean?

As an Instagram model, you’ll have complete control over your career. This means a variety of things. You get to choose the identity you want to create and the projects and collaborations you want to work on. You’ll also get to choose the brand and products/services you want to represent, among other things. You will be responsible for sealing brand deals, campaign promotions, and managing your follower base. After you gain followers and you’ve generated enough income consider hiring a social media manager. They can help with administrative tasks related to your influencer account. 

Some Instagram influencers promote their own brands and products. So in addition to managing their career as an influencer, they’re also managing their business. It’s a good idea to take this route. Especially if you’re not interested in collaborating with other brands — as their representative — or other influencers — as your brand representative. 

Whether you wish to be an Instagram model in the “traditional” sense and promote other brands. Or, you’re interested in becoming an influencer to promote your own brand. Getting started is the most challenging part of how to become an Instagram model.

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How to Become an Instagram Model and Make Money

The truth of the matter is that Instagram models make money. The platform has made it easier to build a lucrative modeling career. With hundreds of millions of active users daily, the platform offers access to a massive audience — whatever industry you’re in. Many Instagram influencers have found varying levels of success and earn decent money just by using their own feed. Wondering how to become an Instagram model and make money? Build a considerable following, have good credibility and a fair degree of expertise in their chosen niche. 

Influencers who are considering how to be become an Instagram model can get “paid” through freebies. As their popularity grows, they can start leveraging their increased influence to charge a fee for a promotion or campaign. Some successful models are even paid to attend events or travel to exciting places as brand representatives. They take photos of themselves, have a good time and share their captured and sponsored experiences with their followers. Who wouldn’t want a job like that? 

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How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

So how much do Instagram models make? Well, it all depends. Brand promotion on social media is now a must and influencers are in high demand. Incredibly successful IG models are paid thousands of dollars by companies to showcase their products, usually via sponsored posts. A single selfie while promoting a product can mean a paycheck. Sometimes it’s more than what one can earn from a week of regular work. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money on Instagram, being an Instagram model or influencer might be your ticket.

If you’re curious how many followers you need to make money, there is no limit. The more Instagram followers you have, the more money you can earn from brand collaborations. A successful influencer ideally, should have hundreds of thousands of followers and tens of thousands of likes per post. Here are some amazing examples of Influencers who have successfully mastered how to become an Instagram model. 

  • Danielle Bernstein has more than a million followers and can earn up to $15,000 per post. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo earns $750,000 per post when promoting a brand. 
  • Selena Gomez earns $800,000 per post.
  • Kylie Jenner has an average earning of $1 million per post. 

Of course, these are world-renowned celebrities with millions of followers all over the world. So, companies are willing to pay them staggering amounts of money to promote their products. But anybody can also “make it” in their niche as an Instagram model given the right skills and tools.

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How to be an Instagram Model: Your Journey Starts Here

You don’t need agency representation to help you build your image and launch your Instagram modeling career. The platform has leveled the playing field for all aspiring models. It provides the user with all the tools and opportunities they need to kick-start their career. If you know how to use Instagram stories, your Instagram feed and can stage a few photo shoots you’re well on your way. Here are the essential steps you need if you are wondering how to be an Instagram model. These steps will help you start on the right path.

How to Become an Instagram Model Basics: Decide Your Influencer Niche or Brand

First and foremost if you are wondering how to become an Instagram model, you need to pick your brand. Start by asking yourself, “What piques my interest?” Is it fitness? If so, create an active career as an Instagram fitness influencer. Maybe you’re a budding epicure – cook things up by learning how to be an Instagram food influencer. Or, if you have wanderlust fever, consider how to become a travel influencer. Honing in on your personal style and building your niche around a specific interest helps you streamline your content and gain new followers. . 

Make An Attractive Portfolio

All the content you produce and post on Instagram will make up your influencer portfolio. Make sure that each and every piece of content represents the highest quality of your work. Everything from your Instagram bio to your popular hashtags needs to be aligned with your personal brand. Even while you’re still experimenting with different Instagram aesthetic concepts, uniqueness and creativity are crucial. Professional images and professionally created content isn’t always a must. But, it can level up your influencer game — so use it whenever possible. Photo editing apps help curate quality images for social media platforms.

When working through how to become an Instagram model, don’t forget about adding Instagram captions to your pictures. Something witty yet relevant that helps users to relate to you and your popular Instagram pictures. Additionally, you can try music and polls on Instagram stories for another follower-friendly feature. Last, steer clear from posting inappropriate photos. They can temporarily ban your Instagram page or scar your online reputation.

How to Become an Instagram Model 101: Increase Your Follower Count

This is, of course, the most crucial step as you are figuring out how to become an Instagram model. Your follower base is going to be your career’s lifeblood. There are a lot of ways to boost your following. Using Instagram hashtags is one of the easiest and free ways to boost engagement with followers and potential followers. Additionally, you’ll want to post regularly, post consistently and check your feed regularly.

You may even have to make an initial investment through your own sponsored Instagram posts. Or, by engaging the services of a reliable Instagram growth agency that offers organic growth, such as Path Social. Keep in mind that one of your initial goals is to build credibility. As a result, more people will follow you and want to hear from you. This means focusing on organic growth through high-quality content, consistent engagement and using relevant hashtags.

Collaborate With Other Models

There are tons of opportunities for collaboration on Instagram. You’ll have very little difficulty finding another model to work with for a promotion or a campaign. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; after all, this is what being an Instagram model is all about. Reach out to influencers who have more followers than you and are in the same industry. Figure out a way to offer a mutually beneficial partnership. Paid partnerships and brand collaborations yield big results. Plus, linking your collaboration across other social media platforms provides a wider audience. Building relationships is a big part of how to become an Instagram model, so always put your best foot forward. 

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How to Become an Instagram Model: Final Thoughts

Instagram has completely redesigned the modeling landscape. Countless aspiring models are now given great opportunities to make a name for themselves. Learning how to become an Instagram model can earn you good money doing what you love. Making money on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. However, with the right skills and tools, creativity, and a dose of dedication and passion, you can cash in on Instagram fame. 

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