Instagram Models: Choosing the Right Model for Your Campaign

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Instagram 101 | Aug 18, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Almost anybody can claim the title “Instagram model.” But there are different breeds of Instagram models, and they are identified by how many followers they have on the platform. Are Instagram models the same as influencers? How are they similar? How are they different? Finally, who are the most sought-after IG models today?

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How IG Models Help Brands Succeed

First, let’s clarify how IG models and influencers are the same and how they’re different. Instagram models are almost always influencers, but not all Instagram influencers are models. For example, fashion, beauty, and fitness models can be professional models for big or local brands. They can also be identified as influencers if they leverage their massive following and engage in influencer marketing. On the other hand, a fitness influencer can be a professional fitness trainer/coach or a bodybuilder, and not necessarily a model.

There are two ways that IG models can help your brand succeed.

  1. You can use them to promote your products online, particularly on your Instagram page, other social media pages, and website. You hire them exclusively to model your products/services.
  2. You can collaborate with them to tap into their audience reach and influence.

Either way, your primary goal is to attract and engage more Instagram users. Your secondary objectives may be to increase brand awareness, build product awareness, gain new followers, or boost sales.

Brands that work with Instagram models can derive any of the following benefits:

  • Greater brand awareness. Working with Instagram models can help you introduce your brand to a wider audience on Instagram and other platforms.
  • Access to repurposable content for marketing and commercial purposes. If you are able to negotiate proper rights management for UGC, you’ll be able to use an Instagram model’s content for various marketing efforts.
  • Increased sales. Whether they’re simply modeling for your brand or actively promoting your products/services to their followers, IG models can give your brand more credibility and value. Their clout will help encourage more sales.
A female Instagram model promoting a makeup brand.

Top Instagram Models Overall

Here are the top Instagram models to date. Unsurprisingly, real-life celebrities make up most of this list. From runways and the big screen to social media mega-influencers, let’s take a look at the most sought-after Instagram models.

  1. @kendalljenner, 276M followers, fashion model
  2. @gigihadid, 76.8M followers, runway model
  3. @bellahadid, 57.4M followers, runway model@haileybaldwin, 50.540.8M followers, fashion model
  4. @haileybaldwin, 50.5M followers, fashion model
  5. @caradelevingne, 42.4M followers, fashion model, and actress
  6. @chrissyteigen, 40.8M followers, fashion model
  7. @emrata, 29.7M followers, model, actress, and entrepreneur
  8. @gisele, 20.5M followers, runway model
  9. @ashleygraham, 19.8M followers, plus-size fashion model
  10. @candiceswanepoel, 18.9M followers, runway model
  11. @realbarbarapalvin, 18.7M followers, fashion model
  12. @rosiehw, 17.2M followers, fashion model
  13. @alexisren, 17.2M followers, swimsuit model, entrepreneur, actress, and internet celebrity
  14. @adrianalima, 15.4M followers, runway model, and actress
  15. @mirandakerr, 14M followers, runway model
  16. @karliekloss, 11.8M followers, runway model
  17. @josephineskriver, 8.1M followers, fashion model
  18. @liuwenlw, 5.8M followers, runway model
  19. @alexachung, 5.8M followers, fashion model, and actress
  20. @sierraaaskyee, 4.4M followers, swimsuit model, and internet celebrity
  21. @desiperkins, 4.4M followers, fashion and beauty model, and content creator
  22. @jonkortajarena, 3.7M followers, fashion model, and actor
  23. @tashoakley, 3.1M followers, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Instagram model, and entrepreneur
  24. @luckybsmith, 2.8M followers, fashion model
  25. @chico_lachowski, 1.4M followers, fashion model
Kendall Jenner promoting a luxury bag.

Hottest Instagram Models in Various Categories

Let’s look at the hottest Instagram models in various categories to help you narrow down the top options for different niches.

Asian Instagram Models

Known for their svelte physique and exotic features, these Asian Instagram models are also conquering the international modeling industry.

  1. Priyankachopra, 85M followers Indian model, beauty queen, actress, and singer
  2. davikah, 17.5M followers, Thai-Belgian model, and actress
  3. aum_patchrapa, 15.5M followers, Thai model, and actress
  4. piawurtzbach, 14M followers, Filipino-German model, beauty queen, and actress
  5. catriona_gray, 13.4M followers Filipino-Australian model, beauty queen, actress, and singer
  6. Nohastyleicon, 12.3M followers, Kuwaiti social media fashion model
  7. Ivanaalawi, 9.3M followers, Filipino-Moroccan sexy Instagram model, and actress
  8. Claurakiehl, 8.9M followers Indonesian-German model, actress, and singer
  9. solenn, 8.6M followers, French-Filipino model, painter, singer, and host
  10. rolaofficial, 8.5M followers, Japanese model, TV personality, actress, and singer
  11. Liuwenlw, 5.8M followers, Chinese international runway model
  12. yuyanpeng, 4.9M followers, Taiwanese model, actor, and singer
  13. Mingxi11, 1.8M followers Chinese international runway model
  14. margaretzhang, 1.8M followers, Australian-Chinese model, stylist, photographer, and editor-in-chief of Vogue China
  15. mingxi, 1.8M followers, Chinese international fashion model
Priyanka Chopra on the cover of British Vogue.

Black Instagram Models

Excluding Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Tyson Beckford, here are today’s most followed black Instagram models.

  1. winnieharlow, 10.2M followers, fashion model
  2. cassie, 9.5M followers, fashion model
  3. realberniceburgos, 6.9M followers, American model, and Instagram sensation
  4. jastookes, 6.7M followers, runway model
  5. evamarcille, 4.9M followers, fashion model, and actress
  6. jenafrumes, 4.8M followers, American model, and Instagram celebrity
  7. jourdandunn, 3.6M followers, English model, and actress
  8. chaneliman, 3.3M followers, fashion model
  9. adutakech, 1.8M followers, South Sudanese-Australian model
  10. temiotedola, 1.6M followers, model, and actress
Winnie Harlow posing at the Super Bowl.

Instagram Fitness Models

Whether you’re looking for fitness inspiration, ideas for collaboration, or tips on becoming a fitness influencer and model, here are the hottest Instagram fitness models worth checking out.

  1. sommerray, with 26.3M followers, she’s a fitness model and professional bodybuilder.
  2. anllela_sagra, with 16.4M followers, she’s a fitness model, fitness coach, and bodybuilder.
  3. kayla_itsines, with 15.5M followers, shares motivational exercises, exercise programs, and recipes. She is the co-founder of Sweat, a fitness and meal-planning app.
  4. michelle_lewin, with 15.2M followers, she’s a runway fitness model, swimsuit model, and professional fitness competitor.
  5. jenselter, with 13.6M followers, shares fitness content and healthy recipes
  6. anacheri, with 12.6M followers, shares content about her life, workout routines, and husband’s bodybuilding program. She owns the activewear brand Cheri Fit.
  7. ulissesworld, with 8.8M followers, he’s a personal coach and fashion model.
  8. eva_andressa, with 6.2M followers, she’s a fitness model and winner of several fitness competitions.
  9. lazar_angelov_official, with 6.2M followers, he’s a model and fitness trainer
  10. sergiconstance, with 5.6M followers, he’s a bodybuilder and fitness model
  11. juliagilas, with 4.5M followers, she’s a fitness industry icon who shares exercise and healthy meal recommendations.
  12. izabelgoulart, with 4.5M followers, she’s a fitness and swimsuit model.
  13. jeff_seid, with 4.5M followers, he’s a bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media influencer.
Instagram fitness model Sommer Ray promoting a workout outfit.

Hottest Male Models on IG

These male Instagram models must work hard to look as good as they do! Here are the hottest ones on IG today.

  1. camerondallas, with 25.2M followers, fashion model, Vine and YouTube celebrity, and Broadway actor
  2. nick__bateman, 6M followers, founder of Spades Brand
  3. jonkortajarena, 3.7M followers, Spanish model, and actor
  4. lukasabbat, with 3.8M followers, fashion model and owner of Hot Mess
  5. pietroboselli, with 3.2M followers, fashion model and fitness enthusiast
  6. luckybsmith, 2.8M followers, runway model
  7. iblamejordan, 2.8M followers, fashion model
  8. neels, with 2.2M followers, fashion model and owner of online store, Living Regal
  9. matthew_noszka, with 1.1M followers, fashion model
  10. johanneshuebl, with 1M followers, fashion model
  11. davidgandy_official, with 1M followers, runway model and founder and creative Director of David Gandy Wellwear
  12. zachmiko, with a humble 103k followers, he makes the list as a plus-size runway model
Instagram model at a Fendi fashion event.

How To Choose the Right Instagram Model for Your Brand

Only big-name brands with massive advertising budgets can afford these top Instagram models. Your budget is, obviously, a key factor when shopping around for potential candidates. Other essential factors you’ll need to consider include:

  • Your marketing goal/s. Do you need help introducing your brand or a new product/service to a wider audience? Or do you want to increase sales?
  • Your target audience. For example, you may be targeting a unique demographic for a new product line.
  • Your brand identity and mission. Are you an advocate for cruelty-free and vegan products? Are you promoting a certain kind of lifestyle? Do you want to position your brand as a sustainable fashion provider or a notable name in petite or plus-size styles?
  • The Instagram model’s online performance. Checking a candidate’s track record in promoting similar brands and products/services and engaging their followers is a must. Make sure their credibility is well-established within their niche and among their followers. Choose a model with the persuasive power you’re looking for.

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

As with Instagram influencers, how much Instagram models get paid depends on their audience size and experience. Normally, the more massive your number of followers, the higher the fee you can charge for a collaboration. If you have more than 100k followers but low engagement, you can’t charge as much as another model with the same number of followers but with a high engagement.

Here’s an estimate of how much Instagram models can get paid based on their number of followers:

  • Between 6,000 and 10,000 followers: About $88 per post
  • Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers: More or less $200 per post
  • Between 100,000 and 1 million followers: About $10 per one thousand followers and up to $650-$700 per post if you have more than 500k followers
  • More than 1 million followers: You can basically name your price, especially if you also have the verified badge (blue check mark).

Building Your Brand Image With the Right Tools

Instagram models can lend you their powers of persuasion and stunning looks to make your brand more appealing. A beautiful model wearing your clothes or using your beauty products can instantly frame your brand as the “hottest” or “trendiest” pick among consumers.

You can use an Instagram model as a brand ambassador. Or you can collaborate with a model/influencer and ask them to give your company or product a shout-out on their page. There are a lot of ways that working with Instagram models can help you build your desired brand image. And you have an overwhelming number of IG models to choose from.

However, you may need more than a model’s considerable audience reach and influence to achieve lasting and rewarding growth on Instagram. You should consider teaming up with an expert in Instagram growth strategy, a company like Path Social.

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