What Does CFL Mean on Instagram? Learn Its Double Meaning

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Instagram 101 | Oct 26, 2023

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The digital world is full of crazy slang words and abbreviations, and it can be hard to keep up. From being “the blueprint” to saying “NGL” and “GMTA” in every text, the internet never runs out of mysterious slang. But what does CFL mean on Instagram?

Sports fans may assume that CFL means Canadian Football League. The #CFL hashtag is full of photos and videos about the league’s games anyway. But it’s not what CFL means on the social media platform. Some might take a gander and say that it means “can’t find love” or “cheers for love.” While they’re good guesses, they’re not it, either.

Want to know what CFL means online? Here’s a hint—there are two ways people use the abbreviation on Instagram. Keep reading to decode this curious abbreviation, finally.

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Meaning #1: What Does CFL Mean on Instagram Story Posts?

There are two meanings of CFL on Instagram. The first has to do with Stories, while the other has to do with feed posts. Let’s kick this guide off with the former. What does CFL mean on Instagram Stories?

“CFL” is an abbreviation for “Close Friends list.” This is a list you can curate to include your closest family and friends. Then, you can post Stories only for them to see. This allows you to keep your content more private, especially if they’re deeply personal and sensitive.

The Close Friends feature is especially useful for those concerned about their safety and privacy on Instagram. With a solid Close Friends list, you don’t have to worry about the general public seeing your private Stories. You’ll only be posting specific Stories to a filtered audience that you trust.

After building your Close Friends list and selecting your inner circle to comprise it, you can make your first CFS. Of course, “CFS” refers to your “Close Friends Stories.” You can do that by designing your post in the Instagram Story Editor and then clicking the Close Friends button. This publishes your content only for your filtered audience.

A group of friends who are probably on each other’s Instagram Close Friends lists.

Examples of When To Use Your Close Friends List for Private Stories

You’ll love the Close Friends list if you keep to yourself and share life updates only with your best friends. You can be candid, open, and unfiltered in your Stories, knowing that only your besties see them.

Even if you’re not a private person, there will be Stories you’ll probably want to keep private sometimes. The Close Friends feature comes in handy when you want to post about secret events and announcements.

Here are just some examples of Instagram Stories you might want to publish only for your Close Friends list:

  • Surprise events: Let’s say you’re planning a surprise birthday bash for a friend or want to propose to your long-time partner. Sometimes, things can get too exciting and nerve-wracking, and you’ll want to talk about it online. The problem is that your target will see your Story, and the surprise will be ruined. The solution? Post Stories related to these events only for your CFL, of course!
  • Your vulnerable moments: No one wants the world to witness their weakest moments. But you can post about your woes on social media platforms while still keeping them secret! When you want to rant about a bad day or cry over heartbreak, you can do so for your CFL.
  • Your whereabouts: It’s not always wise to show strangers on the internet where you are at any given time. There are some crazy people on the internet, so it’s best to keep your location secret, especially if you’re alone. Save your aesthetic photos for public posting later. In real-time, share your whereabouts only on your CFL.

Someone who is secretly planning to propose to their partner might post about it on their Close Friends Stories.

Meaning #2: What Is CFL When It Comes to Regular Feed Posts?

Alternatively, you can also say “CFL” to refer to a “caption for likes.” Captions like these are exactly how they sound—a line in your post that encourages people to give it a like.

The concept might sound cringey, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Everybody wants to get more likes on their Instagram posts. According to a VICE News article, this desire for likes comes from the human need to be recognized and rewarded. So, it’s totally understandable to ask people for external validation through your post captions.

You’ll see plenty of influencers and businesses use captions for likes on their posts. They’ll look kind of like a call-to-action or a prompt to hit “like” on the post.

If you want to add a caption for likes on your next Instagram post, don’t straight-up demand people for likes. Make sure that your caption is still exciting and engaging and reflects your fun personality. Then, squeeze in a clever line that encourages others to like your post. After that, sit back, relax, and watch the likes roll in.

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“Caption for Likes” Ideas To Draw Inspiration From

When crafting a caption for likes, make sure it strikes a balance between a direct call-to-action and a storytelling device. Your main goal on Instagram is to connect with your audience with beautiful content and stories, after all. While it’s valid to want more likes on your content, make sure your caption is still engaging.

Avoid being blunt and overly straightforward, like asking people to straight-up to “Like this post please.” Make sure you don’t overwhelm your followers with too many hashtags for likes in your caption, either. Instead, be yourself and then casually drop in that request for likes.

Here are some examples of smooth captions for likes that aren’t annoying and will get you the engagement you want:

  • “Did this selfie make your heart skip a beat? If yes, give me a like, pretty please? 😘”
  • “I have a lot more photos from this amazing trip to Japan! Hit “like” if you want to see more! 🌍✈️”
  • “Sharing photos of our delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Double-tap if you’re craving all these dishes now, too!”
  • “Absolutely crushed this workout. Hit “like” if you want me to share the routine on my Stories 💪”
  • “Who’s excited about our next product drop? Give this post a “like” so we can see who’s hyped!”

The Verdict: Does CFL Mean Close Friends List or Caption for Likes?

So, in what context have you heard of CFL on Instagram—Close Friends list of “caption for likes”? Either way, you’re not wrong. People on Instagram use the abbreviation to refer to both on the platform every day. Whichever CFL meaning you prefer is valid; it’s just a matter of context.

Now that we’ve answered the burning question, “What does CFL mean on Instagram?” you can put the matter to rest. For those who prefer keeping their Stories on the down low, it might mean a Close Friends list. For those who want engagement on their content, it likely means captions for likes.

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