Instagram Link in Bio Not Working? Fix It in a Flash With These Easy Steps

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Instagram Tips | Feb 16, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

The Instagram “link in bio” feature is a must-use for any influencer looking to grow their following. It gives your followers and other users an easily accessible place to learn more about you and your brand. You can drop a link to your products, affiliate links, or a call for donations to a cause you love. But what happens when your Instagram link in bio is not working? Fixing this can be surprisingly easy.

So don’t sweat it. We’ve put together a list of the most common concerns you might face with your bio link. Most importantly, we included how to fix each scenario. Read on for our top tips to get you back in the Instagram link game.

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Instagram Link in Bio Not Working: 3 Most Common Fixes

To fix issues with the link in your IG bio not working, first, you have to pinpoint the cause. There are many reasons why you may be having difficulties. But more often than not, your problem will come down to one of three frequent situations. With this in mind, we recommend you begin here. Especially because these three primary causes are usually easy to fix and won’t take up too much of your time. Let’s take a look at the simplest option: updating your app and clearing your cache.

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1. Link in IG Bio Not Working: Fix It by Updating App and Clearing Your Cache

If you’ve ever had a complication with your computer, you’ve likely heard a couple of classic pieces of advice. “Have you tried turning it off and on?” Or the typical “Try unplugging it and plugging it back in.” As with many clichés, this advice is a cliché for a reason: it often holds true. In the world of phones and apps, updating the app and clearing your cache is the equivalent of this guidance. Here’s why it’s important.

Updating your app means you’re getting the latest version from the developer. This is the version they want you to use and it’s usually the most effective. In fact, most apps update to debug or patch something that went wrong. If the Instagram link in bio is not working, fix number one is checking for updates in your app store.

Clearing your cache is important for a similar reason. Your phone or computer’s cache stores all your web data. This includes loads of temporary information like browsing history that isn’t strictly necessary for you to hold on to. Furthermore, your cache takes up storage space. The more storage you utilize, the slower your device runs. This leads to bigger mishaps, including apps crashing or certain features bugging.

Follow these steps to clear your Instagram cache on a phone:

  1. Open your IG profile and go to “Settings”
  2. From the menu, select the “Security” option
  3. On an Apple device, tap “Clear Search History”. For Android, tap “Search History” and then “Clear All”

To delete data from a browser:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Privacy and Security”
  3. From that page, select “View Account Data”
  4. Select “View All” under the “Search History” menu
  5. Click “Clear Search History” and confirm

Once you’ve completed these steps, check to see if your bio link is working.

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2. Instagram Link in Bio Not Working: Fix Where You Placed the Link

If you’re struggling with your Instagram bio link, you need to determine if you can actually click on it. Go to your profile page and try to click/tap on the intended link. You can even check this just by verifying the text is blue, which will indicate a hyperlink. If the text isn’t blue or if nothing happens when you click the text, you know you have a problem. The good news is you might have just placed the website in the wrong section. 

To confirm this, tap (or click) on the “Edit Profile” button on your profile. Look at where you’ve inserted your link. Is it in the “Bio” field? Then this is why your Instagram link in bio is not working. Fix it by placing the link in the “Website” field instead. This is the correct way to put a link in your Instagram bio. Even though we refer to it as the “link in bio,” it’s not technically in the bio section. It’s possible that the last time you added a link to your profile, the interface looked different. Years ago, your Instagram bio was all one field.

Recently, though, the app shifted to separating out your name, pronouns, website, and bio. You can still enter other Instagram pages in the bio field. Do this by using an “@” symbol or the hashtag feature to create an internal link within Instagram. However, external links (links that lead to a page outside Instagram) now only work in the website field. This new way of entering information on your page makes it easier to update and gets rid of formatting issues. If this solved your linking hitch, congratulations! You can get back to growing your brand. If not, it’s time for our last common cause of IG link troubles.

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2. IG Link in Bio Not Working: Fix It by Using a Different Link Shortening Service

When dealing with an IG link in bio not working, fixing it may relate to the link shortener you’re using. If you’re unfamiliar, a link shortener is a web tool that condenses a website’s address. Many shortened URLs start with the text “” or “”.  The beauty of using these services is you’re able to share a link using the least amount of space. Considering all of Instagram’s character limits, this is important to keep in mind. Plus, it helps your profile look cleaner and more professional. So what’s the downside?

A small drawback of using a shortened link is you could be more likely to mistype the URL. These web addresses are random, unlike a website you’ve specifically designed or named. If you’re typing it out instead of copying and pasting, you’re less likely to spot a typo in the text. However, there’s a bigger “con” of using a link shortener. If there’s any issue with the webpage or service you used, it’ll also affect your link. This can result in a broken link or a page that won’t load at all. To make sure this isn’t happening to you, try pasting your original, unshortened webpage into your profile. If that version works, then you’ve identified the culprit.

From here, you can see if other users are experiencing the same hang-ups. Or, confirm if the company has put out a statement regarding linking outages. At that point, you can follow the advice of other users or the service you used. If you repeatedly have trouble with the same shortener, we recommend using a different service altogether. After all, you don’t want to be missing out on valuable audience engagement because of a bad link.

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H2: Reasons Why Your Instagram Link in Bio is Not Working

We’ve covered the three most common (and easy to solve) reasons for an Instagram link in bio not working. Now it’s time for those scenarios that require a little more work. If you’re still having linking snafus, you might be dealing with a bigger obstacle. Let’s break down the two most likely causes and deep dive into possible fixes.

Instagram is Blocking Your Link

There are times when you can’t get to the step of uploading a link to your bio. Picture it. You’re pasting your URL into the website field in your bio, and you go to hit save. Suddenly, Instagram stops you in your tracks with an error message. You don’t even get the chance to click your link. If you’ve received a “Link Not Allowed” pop-up, Instagram is blocking that address.

Like all websites and social media channels, Instagram has community guidelines and terms of service. These regulations exist to keep the app flowing smoothly and to ensure the safety of all users. Any action violating these guidelines or terms can result in content removal, account suspension, or even termination. If you attempt to link to a website that goes against these rules, sorry. You just can’t upload that URL.

Wondering what might cause Instagram to block your link? Here’s a brief list of potential violations:

  • A link that sends users to explicit or illegal content
  • The link or domain is spam or associated with spammers
  • Links that have appeared on multiple IG profiles within a short period of time
  • Web addresses with elements of the word “Instagram” or close misspellings

In this scenario of your Instagram link in bio not working, fix it by avoiding any of these violations. Another thing to remember is if you’ve gone against community guidelines or dealt with IG bans in the past. In that case, the app may block all links and content from your IP address. You can try to go around this by using a VPN to change your IP address. What If your address doesn’t fall into one of these categories, or you’re still blocked even with a VPN? Unfortunately, you’ll have to create a new website to link.

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There’s a Glitch With the Instagram App

Sometimes, we do everything right on IG, and it still doesn’t go our way. If this is you, chances are the link in your IG bio is not working due to an app glitch. In October of 2022, Instagram had a mass outage leaving thousands of users with serious errors. From Instagram locking their accounts to changing their follower counts to defunct links, users felt an immediate impact. Though the problem was eventually fixed, the situation demonstrated that occasionally things are out of your control.

If you’re having a buggy experience on Instagram, check with your friends or on other news feeds. It’s possible that you’re not alone. When there’s a widespread app error, the best thing to do is to log out and wait. Once Instagram’s team gives the all-clear, you can try your link again.

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Instagram Link in Bio Not Working: Fixes for Linking to other Social Media Apps

As we’ve mentioned, the link in your bio is perfect for connecting your audience with the rest of your brand. Using it in tandem with other organic growth strategies is a surefire way to boost your success as an influencer. That’s why if you have content on other social media platforms, consider adding those URLs to your profile.

So what if you try this and your Instagram link in bio is not working? Fixing it depends on the type of platform you’re trying to link to. YouTube links and VSCO account links often give you the most trouble on IG. Read on for our troubleshooting tips for each of these platforms.

What to Do if a YouTube Link in Your Instagram Bio is Not Working

Although Instagram is great for photos and short-form videos, YouTube still dominates the world of long-form content. In fact, many of the Instagrammers you look up to probably got their start on YouTube. If you have a consistently-posting channel on the website, it’s a good idea to add it to your bio. Or, you can regularly update your IG bio with direct links to new uploads. There’s only one hiccup. Instagram doesn’t like it when you share links to other social media pages. It makes sense, right? The company wants you to spend the most amount of time possible in their app. If you’re directing users to leave, you might find that the YouTube link in your Instagram bio is not working.

The best thing to do here is to kick things off by running through all the fixes we’ve mentioned previously. If your Instagram link in bio still is not working, make sure the link isn’t broken. It’s also a good idea to double-check that YouTube banned or restricted your video or channel. Technically the link in your bio should still be clickable, even in these circumstances. But it may take your users to a dead or error page. This happens when you go against YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service. Some violations include major infractions. Like posting violent, explicit, or harmful content. Other strikes come from copyright claims, such as using too much of a song or movie you don’t own.

Let’s say you’ve gone through all of these steps. You’ve triple-checked everything, and your content is in good standing on YouTube. Still, you’re hitting an error page. In this case, YouTube is likely experiencing a glitch. It’s frustrating, we know. But issues on YouTube’s end translate to issues on IG’s end.

What to Do if a VSCO Link in Your Instagram Bio is Not Working

If you’re a lover of sharing and editing photos, VSCO is probably part of your app roster. If you’re not familiar with what VSCO is, here’s a quick rundown. VSCO, short for Visual Supply Company, is an app with certain features similar to Instagram. Yet, it has a greater focus on editing and filters and gives users the option of creating a “journal” layout. This is similar to a blog-like setup with room for text along with photos. In the last two years, more and more of the features are behind a paywall. Similar to other photo editing apps like Colorstory or Lightroom, you need to purchase filter and tool packages. However you use the app, be it for photography or sharing your thoughts, consider adding it to your bio link.

VSCO Instagram link in bio not working? Unlike other fixes, there’s a specific reason you may be struggling. If a VSCO link in your Instagram bio is not working, take a look at the URL you’ve entered. For an external link to your account to work, you can’t just enter your VSCO handle or copy a link. The only proper format that will work is “” followed by your username. If this doesn’t work, try followed by your username. Additionally, some users report problems if they’re already logged into VSCO on the same device. Sometimes, they can’t tap or click on their own VSCO link in their IG bio. If this happens to you, try using a friend’s phone to ensure this isn’t the root cause.

You now have many different ways to link your other content to your Instagram. Your brand is ready to expand. But there’s one last thing you’re probably wondering. How do I share multiple links in my Instagram bio?

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How to Add 2 Links in Your Instagram Bio

We’ve given you an array of paths for what to do if your Instagram link in bio is not working. Fixing it should be a snap. So we hope you’ve begun to think of your Instagram Bio as a one-stop-shop for your followers. Or anyone who visits your page, for that matter. You’ve got your name, a quick blurb about you and/or your business, and a functioning link. We know there’s one last question on your mind. “I know how to add one link to my Instagram bio. Is there a way to add  two links in your Instagram bio?”

As of October 2022, Instagram is expanding a test allowing users to have multiple links in their bios. This is exciting news since, up to this point, it wasn’t a feature directly available through the app. However, this is only a test. Multiple links still aren’t built into Instagram for all users. What can you do in the meantime? This is where a link service app like Linktree or Myurl comes in. These services allow you to create a personal domain. There you can pop in a menu with buttons linking to all your other sites. Then all you have to do is add the address of the personal domain to the link in bio. With that, you’re set.

Utilizing the link in bio is a powerful way to get more Instagram followers. If you’re an entrepreneur on IG it also makes your business stand out. However, you can fast-track your Instagram growth even more with the help of an Instagram growth strategy expert. Path Social has advanced AI targeting capability and an in-house team of social media experts to gain real and engaged followers. Ready to build an Instagram community that lasts? Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!