Is Path Social Legit? Learn How It Works for Organic Growth

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Instagram 101 | Jun 07, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Are you looking to boost your Instagram followers and views? Many users nowadays opt for Instagram growth services to save time for content creation.

Path Social is a tool that helps you gain real followers quickly, allowing you to focus on creating great content. Simply create an account, choose your interests and target audience, set a budget, and watch your account grow. 

While many apps and tools claim to deliver organic followers, users wonder if they really work. This article will explain everything you need to know about Path Social. From answering questions like ‘Is Path Social legit’ to how it compares against others, we’ll discuss everything in detail. 

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Path Social Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Path Social works wonders for many. Not only do they have over 24,000 successful clients, but they also manage to receive excellent 4.86/5.0-star ratings. 

In addition to ratings, the service has plenty of positive customer clientele and testimonials. Do you want to know what exactly customers say? 

Here are a few reviews and testimonials to give you an insight:

Review # 01 

“The followers that I got from Path Social have grown more engaging than my followers. That’s insane. I never predicted the high quality of the followers that I gained.”

Path Social finds and delivers followers that align with your target audience. They seek real IG users interested in your offerings to promote your content to them. 

This boosts the chances of these users following you and engaging with your content. Thus, this user’s new followers are likely more engaged than his original followers.

Review # 02 

“10/10! I got 2,700 followers in my first month, and it’s just been growing like crazy!”

This user’s review appears credible because it aligns with Instagram Core and Instagram Elite’s monthly target. It’s also pretty good growth for any influencer.

Overall, Path Social is the go-to platform for growing Instagram followers for business. They consistently provide high-quality followers. 

Let’s see how it fares against other IG growth tools. 

Two IG users are weighing and looking at the results after using a growth service.

Plixi vs. Path Social—Which Tool To Choose for Instagram Growth?

Do you want to grow on Instagram but struggle to decide which IG growth tool to choose? Are you confused about the Plixi vs. Path Social option?

Plixi is an Instagram growth tool and service that offers follower engagement and growth through automated actions and nano-interactions. It’s a swift, organic alternative for those hesitant to buy followers. 

Although buying followers can readily boost followers, Instagram often flags these accounts. Plus, they look fake and won’t interact with your IG profile. 

Plixi does what it says: it combines organic strategies with AI tech to grow instead of using fake followers and password sharing. Not to mention, the dashboard also looks good. 

In short, Plixi offers an attractive user interface and promises AI-driven growth. However, it’s not without concerns regarding authenticity, misrepresentation, and potential penalties like account suspension. 

IG users should avoid using services solely using automation tools and may end up banning their accounts. 

Unlike Plixi, Path Social is a web-based tool that helps users gain attention to their posts and increase followers organically. 

It offers high-quality, organic services based on AI algorithms and its specialized Instagram growth strategy team. 

Instagram users can tailor content to their target audience and boost follower count. Path Social helps users increase between 800 and 3,500 monthly followers based on different pricing tiers. You can see the positive results within 2-3 days. 

Kicksta vs. Path Social: Which Is Better for Organic Growth?

Do you want to know more about Instagram growth tools? How does Kicksta vs. Path Social compare? Which one should you choose to increase your followers and engagement on the platform?

Let’s find out!

Like Path Social, Kicksta is a popular Instagram growth service tool. It’s a perfect alternative to buying followers, engagement, and likes.

To get started, you have to provide Kicksta with specific targets to help them locate ideal followers for you. They can be accounts in your industry, such as competitors, influencers, or even hashtags or location tags.

Kicksta then follows your potential followers and engages with their posts. While this can make them aware of your account, there’s no guarantee it will significantly boost your growth.

Although Kicksta is safe, its growth rate is unpredictable. It only likes a couple of photos from each follower on your targeted accounts. So, it’s crucial to ensure these users are genuine and active on Instagram.

In contrast, Path Social takes a different approach. You have to share details about your target audience, including age, location, and other demographics. 

Path Social uses this information to promote your content to Instagram users, matching your target demographic.

As members of your target audience discover and engage with your content, they are more likely to visit your profile.

This strategy leads to an increase in authentic, engaged followers who actively participate on your page.

IG growth service tools vary depending on factors like preferences. We recommend going with Path Social for its budget-friendly and personalized touch. 

An influencer smiles as he notices increased followers. 

So, Is Path Social Legit?

According to reviews on Business Insider, WordStream, Forbes, AdWeek, TechCrunch, and Social Media Examiner, it is a legit Instagram growth service. 

Path Social’s website is informative and user-friendly and provides a range of resource articles, case studies, and Instagram tools. 

With over 24,000 satisfied clients, it has a track record of delivering quality followers. However, the details about how they target and deliver followers are not available. You’ll need to sign up to see it in action. 

Although Path Social can help increase your followers and engagement, there are other alternatives you may consider. 

Twicsy Reviews: Increase Your IG Presence

Twicsy is one of the best places to buy likes and followers for your social media accounts. To get more IG likes, you can sign up on Twicsy, select a package, and check out within minutes.

Unlike Path Social, Twicsy doesn’t provide growth services. If you want to grow naturally on Instagram, consider Path Social or similar websites. 

Despite lacking a growth service, Twicsy can help enhance your Instagram marketing strategy. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking to increase their follower count without spending extravagantly. They provide real, active followers and avoid fake accounts.

Think of Twicsy as an online platform where you can effortlessly buy 100% legit Instagram followers and likes. 

It benefits both influencers and small business owners. They can grow their social media presence at a reasonable cost while sidestepping the challenges of the Instagram algorithm.

If you have a second thought about whether it’s real or fake, you can read Twicsy reviews. There are several reviews and customer feedback available that you can go through. 

 An influencer is recording a new video for her next Instagram post. 

Buzzoid Review—A Powerful Social Media Tool

Many influencers, social media managers, and big companies rely on Buzzoid for Instagram growth. 

In fact, a significant number of power users say Buzzoid helped them generate massive following lists and fan bases.

Like Path Social, Buzzoid provides users with top-quality Instagram engagements, including followers, likes, and video views. 

The key difference from other services is that all Buzzoid engagements are “real.” In other words, they come from genuine Instagram accounts owned by real users. 

There are eight follower packages. The smallest one offers 100 to 250 followers, while the largest package provides 10,000 to 20,000 real followers. 

You can read Buzzoid reviews and customer feedback to know whether they actually deliver or not. 

Social Viral Review—Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Social Viral reviews validate this growth service that helps businesses enhance their social media presence. You can buy Instagram followers, likes, and even views. 

Apart from Instagram, Social Viral provides services for social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Google. 

You can leverage various automation tools to increase engagement rates across multiple channels. 

Unlike other organic growth services, Social Viral openly acknowledges that it sells forms of engagement. 

Although it claims to provide “real” engagement from actual people, there’s no supporting data that backs these claims. 

A female content creator is exploring tips to increase the follower count on her Instagram account. 

Tips To Boost Your Organic Growth Strategy

Are you ready to grow your Instagram followers? Here are four tactics that will help reach your target audience, boost engagement, and convert leads into customers:

Diversify Your Posts

Instagram has evolved beyond single videos and static images. Now, it offers interactive features like Stories, Reels, and Collabs for brands and creators. 

To enhance your organic growth strategy, try different content types. If your image posts aren’t getting much engagement, test out a few Reels to see how they perform.

You can also explore other options, such as

  • Stories: You can share short-lived posts and employ interactive Stickers for real conversations.
  • IGTV: Provide in-depth information about your brand. Encourage followers to reshare and increase visibility.
  • Instagram Live: Collaborate with relevant accounts to boost your brand’s visibility and gain more followers.

Employ Collab Posts

A Collab post on Instagram shows up on both users’ feeds or Reels, boosting engagement and discoverability. 

To make one, tag a collaborator when creating your post—team up with influencers or creators in your niche for more interaction and followers. 

Pro tip: If you use Shoppable posts, pair them with a Collab. This helps increase engagement and turn post interactions into sales.

Post at the Right Time

For organic Instagram growth, timing matters as much as the content you post. 

Imagine you share an engaging Reel or Story at 7 a.m., but your audience is most active at 11 p.m. By the time they check Instagram, your content might get lost in their feeds. 

To avoid this, use Instagram analytics. Identify peak days and times when your followers are most active and post consistently during those periods. 

This will considerably boost the likelihood of your content appearing at the top of your audience’s feeds.

Host Contests

Host promotions and contests on Instagram to attract users and increase organic reach. 

For example, you can run caption competitions where users provide creative descriptions for your products. Not only will this help generate responses, but it will also boost brand visibility. 

Make sure to align prizes/giveaways with your brand to attract relevant participants. You should also maintain a consistent contest schedule, like hosting them biweekly or monthly, to encourage regular follower participation.

Let Path Social Take Your IG Profile To the Next Level

Instagram is a popular social media platform for brands and influencers alike to grow their target audience. This is why businesses look for ways to increase their social media presence and follower count. 

If you want to grow followers naturally, choose Path Social! 

How does Path Social work? We have a range of custom-made tools and strategies to help you polish your account. With Path Social at your side, you can realize the true potential of the profile, increase followers, and get more views. You don’t need to keep asking, ‘Is Path Social Legit?’ Now is the time to take the next step and grow your online presence. Let us help you scale your profile! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.