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Instagram 101 | May 30, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Why do people want to save Instagram Stories, and what new tools and techniques have they developed? According to Earthweb, Instagram has around 2.35 billion monthly active users. Among those, a handful of accounts belong to businesses trying to build authority in their respective market. Their goal is to build a pool of engaged users through Instagram comments. Such businesses utilize different tactics, like posting reels and stories, to drive engagement.

Statistics show that viewing a story featuring the brand in question persuades one-third of consumers to purchase the product. Insta stories increase exposure and interaction and influence consumers’ shopping decisions. Many brands find Instagram story viewers helpful for tracking engagement and audience interaction.

But the downside is that Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours and disappear afterward. The key here is to save your stories to preserve your hard work. In this blog, we will discuss strategies to save your IG stories and build your small brand’s authority with consumers.

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How To Save Instagram Stories to Your Phone or Archive

Questions like “how to save Instagram stories” often perplex users and brands. Instagram users post IG stories to share content with their audience that will expire after 24 hours. They have a vertical layout and are quick, memorable, and entertaining to the viewer. Unlike ordinary Instagram posts, stories serve an informal and impromptu purpose.

Whenever you share a new story, a multicolor ring will appear around your profile photo. This alerts your real Instagram followers that they can tap on your picture to see the post. With this update, your profile photo will appear on the top screen of your followers’ feeds.

Marketers can use Insta stories to try out new forms of content since they last an entire day. They can share anything from BTS of their daily lives to images of their latest items and video responses to FAQs on their stories. By reposting their followers’ content in their own Stories, brands with public accounts can demonstrate their gratitude for their customers. 

Below are easy steps to save a story from Instagram to your phone’s storage or archive in the app.

  1. Open your profile and choose the three-line Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner.
  2. Go to the menu, then choose Privacy.
  3. Click on Story. You can choose to store your stories in your phone’s camera app by toggling the store story to galley option under the Saving header.
  4. You can also archive your stories by toggling Story to Archive.

You can also take a screenshot to save a single image from an Instagram story. For this, open the story you want to save and snap a screenshot. Since this technique has no means to record video, it is best suited for still photography.

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3 More Methods To Save Instagram Stories

Depending on your phone’s specs, you can save your IG stories in numerous ways. Instagram provides various ways for Android and Apple users to save stories. Below are some common methods:

How To Save Someone’s Instagram Story

Learning how to save someone’s Instagram story is very easy. Launch the app and go to their profile. Click on their profile photo to see their recent stories. You can save the stories by taking screenshots on your mobile device.

You can also use third-party apps like Path Social to store your Instagram Story or another user’s Story. However, consider the Instagram creator’s preferences and privacy when using this strategy.

Save Stories in Highlights

Highlights are another method to store stories permanently. You can make a Highlight from any active story or from your archive. Here’s how to save your Instagram stories in Highlights:

1.       Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen to access your profile page.

2.       Select the “New” circle next to the left of your bio.

3.       Select stories from your archive or click the star button below on your live photo. Then click “Next” in the screen’s upper-right corner.

4.       Create a unique name for your Highlight.

How To Save Songs on Instagram Story

Hear an interesting tune on a story and want to save it to use or listen to it later? Here’s how to save songs on the Instagram story:

1.       Open the Instagram app and start a new Reel.

2.       Choose an image or clip to share. You can either use your existing media or click a picture with Instagram’s built-in camera.

3.       Now, choose “Audio” from the main menu’s left-hand sidebar.

4.       Find the track you wish to use from the search bar or stories with music and swipe left.

5.       Save the track by clicking the bookmark button.

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Tools To Save Stories Using Instagram Story Savers

Instagram story savers are third-party applications that allow you to save your IG account’s stories. Some of these tactics can violate Instagram’s terms of service if you attempt to save stories from other accounts for dubious means. So, use them cautiously and consider the ethical implications before implementing them.

Here are some of the tools to save your Instagram stories:

Path Social: With this Instagram story-saver tool, you can save Instagram content, including stories and videos. Visit the website and simply paste the story link in the input box. Click Submit, and our device will automatically store the post.

Story Downloader: Since it is web-based, this doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t need any setup. Simply open it in your browser and enter the username of the person whose Story you wish to download. Now, choose a storage area before clicking the download button. The entire procedure takes less than a minute.

Weynstag: You can use this tool without paying for subscriptions. Provide a username, and it will download Stories under that user’s name. Open the website on your browser, enter a login, choose a desired Story, and hit the “save” button. Your computer will download the file to its default folder.

Story Saver: You can save your stories online with this web-based service that requires no sign-up. To download a Story onto your smartphone, you must enter a username and choose it from a suggested list. Now, pick the Story that you want to download and click ‘okay.’

InstaSave: InstaSave is a powerful tool for Instagram story savers. InstaSave’s intuitive design makes downloading Instagram videos, images, and stories simple. This software allows you to save and watch interesting videos your friends have uploaded easily. It’s a complete answer for those who like saving Insta stories. Remember that you can only save stories of users with public or private accounts or users you follow.

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Save Your Favorite Stories and Grow With Path Social

Instagram stories are fun until they disappear in what seems like a small instance. Luckily, several tools are at your disposal, including screen recording software, story-saving applications, and the classic screenshot technique.

However, ethical standards should guide your behavior on social networking sites like Instagram. If you want to save or repost anything, get the creator’s permission first. Adopting ethical practices of Instagram-saved stories can help make the Internet a better place for everyone.

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