Spam Names for Instagram: Cute Finsta Handle Ideas for You

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Instagram 101 | Feb 26, 2024

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When you hear “Instagram spam,” you may think of unwanted DMs, promos, or encountering bot accounts flooding your feed. But spam doesn’t always pertain to something bad. On Instagram specifically, spam has a second meaning. A spam account can refer to a secondary profile where people post more candid, spontaneous content for a smaller audience. And every cool spam page starts with an interesting handle. So today, we’re giving you ideas for spam names for Instagram. Keep reading to see your options!

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What Is a Spam Account on Instagram?

There’s a huge amount of pressure to look stylish and have a certain aesthetic on Instagram. Over the years, users have started craving a safe space to be more authentic. They wanted to still be on their favorite platform but not have to post overly curated and manicured content. And so, the Instagram trend of spam accounts—aka “finsta” pages, or “fake Instagram” accounts—was born. But what is a spam account on Instagram anyway?

The BBC defines a finsta as a secondary account people keep showing their casual, “real lives” to close circles. They post content they’re too shy to post on their main feed, allowing them to be their most authentic selves. These accounts are typically private, and only a select few are accepted as followers.

Here, finsta owners post unfiltered, candid content, like silly selfies, wild photos, embarrassing videos, angry rants, secrets, and even memes. A 2023 study shows that people also use it to freely share positive personal updates without looking like they’re bragging.

It’s called a “spam” profile because people post without overthinking it, leading to lots of content on one page. Some might even use their spam pages to post all their cute photo dumps.

Spam pages might not be the most conventional way to use Instagram. But they do so much for the mental health and privacy concerns of many users. In your secret spam profile, you can post anything you want unapologetically and without being self-conscious. Only your besties get access to this page, so you never have to take anything too seriously. It’s like posting content for your IG Close Friends list but on a different private account.

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Why Do You Need a Good Handle for Spam Accounts?

A well-thought-out username or handle for your spam page gives it more personality. A clever spam name makes your page more enticing to follow. It also establishes your identity, so your close friends know it’s a secondary account you own.

You can also use spam account names to hide your identity if you wish to keep it an anonymous account. This allows you to maintain privacy while reaping the benefits of a spam page where you can post unfiltered content. Be as creative as possible to end up with a cute username that doesn’t reveal sensitive information.

Spam Names for Instagram for Girl Accounts

Spam names for Instagram for girls vary depending on a woman’s personality or purpose of owning a finsta. Some might incorporate nicknames they don’t typically use on their main page, making their spam profile feel more authentic. 

Meanwhile, others might mask their identity with a handle that has nothing to do with their name. Whichever you prefer, think of a cute spam name that gets you excited to post on this second account.

Think of all the things you love and enjoy. Do you have any specific niche interests, like zodiac signs, theater, or reading romance books? Are there any symbols or design elements people associate with you, like sparkles or cats? Think of incorporating those in the Instagram usernames you craft. They give your handle extra pizzazz while giving potential followers an idea of the candid content themes you’ll post.

Are you stumped about what you should name your spam page as a girl? Here are a few username ideas you can draw inspiration from:

  • CapricornQueen (for zodiac-loving girls)
  • RhiannonReads (for girls who love to read)
  • SparkleSister (for women who love all things sparkly)
  • PrincessOfNaps (for nap lovers!)
  • YoungCatLady (for girls who can’t live without their cats)
  • CupcakeDevourer (for dessert lovers)
  • SassyCassie (a catchy handle incorporating a distinct trait and a nickname)
  • GlitterObsessed (for girls who love glittery objects)
  • SeattleSongSiren (a name that incorporates your location and a special hobby)
  • DoodleDreamer (for art lovers who post their doodles or creations)

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Spam Names for Instagram for Guys

Spam pages aren’t just for women. Even guys get pressured to present themselves a certain way online and might want to dabble in posting unfiltered content.

Guys aren’t usually as expressive as women, though. So, coming up with ideas for names for their spam page might not come as naturally.

As with our handles for women’s pages, guys should think of elements that can reflect their personality for their username. These include hobbies like tech, photography, gaming, cooking, or whatever you love doing. You can also add a veil of mystery by using descriptive nouns that don’t give away who you are.

Here are some cool spam names for Instagram for guys:

  • ValorantVirtuoso (for gamers who love spamming gaming content on their page)
  • CasanovaCarter (for guys who like posting dating content)
  • TechNinja (for tech lovers)
  • BrainsAndBrawns (for men who are smart and strong!)
  • SlickSammy (incorporates a trait and a nickname)
  • UrbanLensGuy (gives people an idea that you’re likely to post city photo dumps)
  • RogueInRome (a cool way to show friends where you’re based)

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Good Spam Names for Instagram When You Want To Stay Anonymous

Not everyone wants their identity known on their spam page. Some people use their finstas as an outlet for the content they don’t want even their friends to see. This is super valid! And luckily, it’s easy to come up with good spam names for Instagram users who want to stay anonymous.

If you don’t want anyone finding out who owns your spam page, don’t include any indication of your name. Try not to use numbers that can be associated with you, such as your birthday or your zip code.

Instead, consider using pseudonyms or handles that have no name at all. Of course, you should still be as creative and imaginative as possible when making your anonymous spam handle. That way, strangers will still be attracted to the account and might give you a follow.

Here are some ideas for spam account handles that keep you anonymous as you post content without being self-conscious:

  • SecretFashionista (for OOTD posts that don’t include your face)
  • AnonymousNewYorker (for a random dump account for city photos)
  • StealthySongwriter (for artists who want to post their work but stay anonymous)
  • InvisibleDogWhisperer (for spam pages of pet or dog photos while retaining your private info)
  • TheMaskedPoet (for poem spam pages)
  • VigilanteVegan (for healthy food content without revealing your identity)

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Instagram Spam Account Name Ideas for Accounts Run by Couples

A lot of people roll their eyes, cringe, and get annoyed by online PDA. And a lot of couples know this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t post sweet date night photos or virtual love letters for your beau on Instagram. If you want to post freely about your relationship, consider creating a spam page dedicated to the couple’s content.

You can post as much as you want on your spam page about your partner and your adventures together. This eliminates the awkwardness of posting too much about your lover on your main profile while showing online affection whenever. Allow only your closest friends who might be in couples too to follow the page.

There are tons you can do to come up with a cute username for your couples spam page. You can incorporate a combination of your names (a la Brangelina), pet names, anniversary dates, your children’s names, and more. Here are some Instagram spam account name ideas for couples to inspire yours:

  • TheSmithsInLove (for married couples)
  • TinaAndTimTravels (for traveling couples)
  • MyDayZero
  • AnnoyingTwosome
  • GeorgiasFaveCouple
  • TwoPodsInAPea
  • MyLoverGirlEra (for a girl’s spam page posting PDA for her beau)
  • FiancePhotoDumps (for engaged couples)

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Baddie Spam Names for Instagram Finstas With Tons of Attitude

You can’t always post your best baddie content on your main feed. Maybe your parents follow you, or you’re hiding scandalous stories and photos from a toxic ex. And it can be suffocating being ultra-conscious about how they’ll perceive your content online.

A spam finsta showing off all your rebellious adventures is perfect for these types of situations. You can post as much as you want about partying, your juicy dating life, hot selfies, and even secret tattoos!

Of course, you’ll need to pair this edgy content with baddie spam names for Instagram. Make sure yours is packed with attitude and personality to reflect the carefree, in-your-face baddie you are! Here are just a few of these spam account name ideas that might pique your interest:

  • PrincessOfTheRebellion
  • SarahsLateNightsXOXO
  • SavageSelena
  • AlwaysInked (for tattoo care spam pages)
  • ViennaVixen
  • TheVogueRogue (for rebellious yet stylish travelers)
  • GrungeGoddess
  • HearMeRoar (for spam pages full of rants and thought pieces)
  • HeartbreakerInHawaii

Remember to add baddie captions to your posts to really emit that bold, fierce, and fearless energy in your content!

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Charming, Funny Spam Names for Instagram

Humor is always a terrific element to add to Instagram content to make it more engaging. It’s even more applicable to spam pages, where many finsta owners post silly, unfiltered, unpolished photos and videos for friends. If this is the energy you want on your finsta, hit the ground running with funny spam names for Instagram.

Inject some self-deprecating humor to make your friends laugh. Create a hilarious pun of your nickname and a defining trait of yours or something you love doing. You can go as silly or absurd as you want, as long as you keep it clean and make people laugh.

Are you not confident in your funny bone? Here are some funny spam handles you can try using for your secondary account:

  • AnxiousAllison
  • MessyMichelle
  • AdeptAtAwkwardness
  • ChaoticCarla
  • TheArtofDadJokes
  • GoofballGloria
  • TheWeepingIntrovert

Spam Accounts Are Fun, But Never Neglect Your Real Insta!

Thinking of a clever spam name is one of the most fun things about making a secondary account. You can use your handle to mask yourself in anonymity or make people laugh with a silly description of yourself. You can be as creative as you want with your name. After all, it’s your private account where you can do whatever you want without worrying about the repercussions. And if you don’t know what to name your second account, just check out the spam names for Instagram above.

That said, even if keeping a spam page is fun, you also never want to neglect your real Instagram account. In the back of your mind, you should always be thinking of ways to continue growing your main profile.

You can do that with Path Social. We hunt down your main target audience and promote your content for them to see. As a result, you’ll get tons of new followers and post engagements. While you’re keeping your personal posts private on a spam account, your real, public page grows quickly. Gain more followers today!