What Does Navigation Mean on Instagram? A Brief Guide

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Instagram 101 | May 23, 2024

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Learning navigation is key in social media, where every swipe and tap leads to a discovery. Instagram boasts several unique features, such as follow-for-follow, Instagram Analytics, and Stories Navigation to maximize user experience. So, what does navigation mean on Instagram? Let’s explore for a richer, more immersive experience.

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What Does Navigation Mean on Instagram?

Understanding the navigation on Instagram and the metrics associated with Stories is crucial for businesses and creators. It helps businesses in gauging audience engagement and improving their content strategy. Instagram has business accounts and professional accounts, each providing features like insights, contact information, and promotion options. Users can easily turn on this feature through account settings.


Impressions refer to the total number of times a user views your Instagram Story. This metric is crucial as it reflects how many views your content has received. Impressions do not differentiate between unique viewers and repeat views by the same user. It’s a key indicator of your Stories’ reach.

Forward Taps

Forward Taps indicate how often users tapped to move forward to your next Story. This metric shows the level of interest and engagement in your content. A high number of forward taps may suggest that your content is engaging and captivating. In contrast, a low count indicates the need for more compelling visuals or narrative.

Back Taps

Back Taps represent the number of times users tap to return to the previous slide. This metric is valuable for understanding which parts of your Story users find interesting. Analyzing back taps can help identify content elements that need improvement or clarification.

Next Story Swipes

Next Story Swipes track how often users swipe left to move to the next user’s Story. This metric is essential for evaluating the flow. Moreover, it helps maintain the continuity of your content within the broader context of users’ feeds. Usually, next story swipes indicate that users don’t find your content interesting, prompting a reassessment of content strategy.

Exit Rate

The Exit Rate measures how often viewers leave your Story before reaching the end. This can be an important indicator of content’s effectiveness. A high exit rate may suggest that viewers lose interest or find the content unappealing.

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What Does Navigation Mean on Instagram Story?

Wondering, “What does navigation mean on Instagram Story?” Instagram Stories are crucial for daily updates. Effective navigation improves user experience, discoverability, and engagement, enhancing storytelling on Instagram. The “Previous Story” feature allows quick access to recently viewed content.


  • Navigation on Instagram Stories enhances user experience and engagement by making it easier for users to interact with content.
  • It fosters a more enjoyable and seamless experience, increasing the likelihood of users following your page or profile.
  • Navigating Instagram enhances storytelling by linking multiple stories, creating a more immersive and interactive experience. This leads to higher engagement and stronger connections with followers.

How To Use?

Instagram Stories offers a powerful navigation tool that enhances user experience and engagement. Here’s how you can use it:

  • To create a navigation element, select the story you want to upload. Use the drawing or text tool to add a prominent button or link.
  • Add links to your story using the link tool and include a call-to-action to encourage users to follow the link.
  • Use the swipe-up feature to drive traffic to your page or profile by adding a link to your story.

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What Does Navigation Forward Mean on Instagram Insights?

Are you wondering what forward navigation means on Instagram Insights? Instagram Insights is a powerful analytics tool that offers detailed insights into user engagement with Instagram Stories. Additionally, Instagram Business provides essential features for business profiles. This includes contact information, opening hours, and location details, empowering businesses to connect with their audience effectively. This feature is accessible to Business Accounts and Professional Accounts.

Arrow Icon

Instagram Insights’ arrow icon represents the “Click-Through Rate” (CTR). It measures the percentage of users who clicked on a link in your profile bio or Story. You can monitor CRT with call-to-action quality, link relevance, and engagement. Clear, compelling calls entice users while aligning link destinations with content and expectations to boost engagement rates.

Profile Visits

Profile visits are crucial for understanding user engagement and interest in content. Factors influencing visits include engaging content, consistency, and profile completeness. Resonating content, regular posting, and a well-curated profile with a clear bio, picture, and highlights encourage visits.

Forward Icon

Instagram Insights’ forward icon indicates the number of times users tap to view a story or post. Factors influencing forward icon engagement include compelling content, logical story sequencing, and relevance and consistency. The content should be engaging and aligned with your brand message, ensuring a logical flow and maintaining user interest.

 Backward Icon

Instagram Insights’ backward icon indicates the number of times users revisit a previous story or post. This shows which content resonates with the audience. 

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How To Use Instagram Insights?

This tool provides valuable insights into your audience and content performance. Understanding how to navigate this feature can help you make informed decisions to enhance your Instagram presence. 

  • Accessing Instagram Insights

To begin, open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile page. At the top right corner, you’ll find a graph icon – this is your Insights. Tap it to access a wealth of data about your account’s performance.

  • Navigating to Stories Insights

To view Insights for your Stories, scroll down to the “Content You Shared” section and tap “Stories.” This will take you to a detailed analysis of your Story performance.

  • Metrics for Stories

You’ll find metrics like Impressions, Reach, Forward Taps, Back Taps, Next Story Swipes, and Exits. Each metric provides valuable information about how viewers engage with your Stories.

  • Analyzing Impressions and Reach

Impressions indicate how many views your Story received, while Reach represents the number of unique accounts that viewed it. Understanding these metrics helps you gauge your Stories’ overall visibility and impact.

  • Engagement Metrics

Forward Taps represent the number of times viewers tapped to progress through your Story. Back Taps signify how many times they revisited a previous slide. A business account can significantly boost link clicks. This enables businesses to drive traffic to external websites effectively and enhance their online presence.

  • Next Story Clicks and Exits

Next Story Clicks show how often viewers move on to the next user’s Story. It offers insights into the flow and continuity of your content. Exit Rate measures how often viewers leave your Story before completion, providing valuable feedback on content effectiveness.

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Instagram Posts VS. Instagram Stories

Instagram offers various content-sharing options, including posts and Stories. Each has its advantages and serves different purposes. Instagram posts are permanent content that remains on your profile indefinitely, making them suitable for content showcasing your brand’s aesthetics. They offer greater reach and engagement potential as they appear in user feeds, the Explore page, and search results. Posts allow users to integrate hashtags and longer captions for optimized discoverability and meaningful interaction through likes and comments. 

In contrast, Instagram Stories are ephemeral, disappearing after 24 hours. They are for casual, authentic content, giving followers a glimpse into daily life or sharing time-sensitive updates. Stories encourage direct interaction with your audience through features like polls, questions, and swipe-up links. This makes them ideal for promotions and creating a sense of urgency. By leveraging both posts and Stories, users can maximize their Instagram presence, tailoring content to suit the strengths of each.

Which Is Better – Posts or Stories?

Instagram stories and posts are two different types of content for different purposes. Posts are evergreen content, such as product launches or portfolio pieces. In comparison, Stories are for timely updates and interaction. Posts are for long-lasting content. Stories are for instant updates or an authentic glimpse into daily life or business accounts. An effective Instagram strategy often combines posts for high-quality content and Stories for updates and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Understanding Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories analytics provide valuable insights into audience engagement. Key metrics include Impressions and Reach, which measure the visibility and uniqueness of views. Engagement metrics provide insights into viewers’ interactions with your Stories. These metrics measure progression, revisits, content flow, and where viewers drop off, helping you understand the performance of your Stories.

  • The Difference Between Reach & Impressions

Understanding the difference between Reach and Impressions is crucial for analyzing Story performance. Reach refers to unique accounts viewed, while Impressions represent the total number of views, including repeat views. This knowledge aids in content strategy, reaching a wider audience, or targeting specific audiences.

  • Instagram Stories Completion Rate

The Stories Completion Rate is a crucial metric that indicates how many viewers watched your entire Story. Users can calculate it by dividing the number of viewers who watched the slide by the total number.

  • Measure Hashtag & Location Stickers with Instagram Stories Analytics

Hashtags and Location Stickers improve discoverability. You can measure hashtag performance by monitoring views to gauge their impact on reaching relevant audiences.

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