What Does NFS Mean on Instagram: The 4 Possible Meanings

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Instagram 101 | May 23, 2024

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If you hang out on social media platforms often, you’ll know there’s new internet slang to learn daily. Gen Z and Millennials are known to come up with new abbreviations for everything, from CFS to TTM. Most recently, we’ve caught wind of more people on Instagram using a new popular acronym—NFS. So, what does NFS mean on Instagram?

The simple answer is that it can mean many things depending on the context. Today, we’ll go through all of the possible meanings of this acronym. Keep reading to learn more. By the end of this guide, you might be using “NFS” more in your posts than you expect!

A man thinking and trying to decode internet slang he saw on social media.

Meaning 1: Not for Sale

Let’s jump right into the meanings of NFS with the most likely abbreviation for it. Arguably, the most common usage of the acronym “NFS” on Instagram is “Not for Sale.”

Many niche hobby accounts on the platform love to post collectibles. After all, Instagram is a terrific social media platform for sharing your hobbies and passions in a visually aesthetic way. These include things like paintings, expensive action figures, vinyl records, first-edition books, designer bags, K-Pop memorabilia, and many more.

One frustrating thing about showcasing collections like these is getting direct messages non-stop asking if you can sell them. So, collectors will often tag their posts with #NFS or #NotForSale in the post caption. That way, people won’t be inclined to message them about purchase inquiries anymore. They can then preserve their collection in peace.

Here are a few examples of how NFS is used to mean “Not for Sale” in captions:

  • “Bought my first Fendi bag to add to my collection! All bags pictured are NFS.”
  • “Added a new Funko Pop to complete my Avengers set. NFS as usual, sorry folks!”
  • “Sharing my latest painting here. I’m hanging it on my wall, so it’s #NFS!”
  • “Nothing makes me happier than a shelf full of K-pop merch. Look, but don’t touch! 😜 #NFS”

A collection of vinyl records someone might post on the internet with the caption “Not for Sale.”

Meaning 2: “No Filter” Hashtags

Instagram filters are excellent for enhancing the overall look of photos and videos and boosting your feed’s aesthetic. However, some people prefer simple, unedited photos that showcase the natural beauty of things. So, plenty of people use “No Filter” hashtags on their posts to show off their unedited, authentic photos and videos.

This leads us to the second meaning of NFS. Many people use this acronym to mean “No Filter” followed by something that starts with the letter S. Here are five common ways “NFS” is used.

No Filter Sky

According to Intuition Media Group, the most common usage of NFS as a “No Filter” phrase is “No Filter Sky.” People use this acronym when posting a photo of a sunset so beautiful and colorful that it needs zero filters. This often happens when the sky is clear and blue or has many colors, from orange to purple. Starry night skies will also often earn this hashtag.

A beautiful photo of a twilight sky that likely doesn’t need a filter.

No Filter Selfie

NFS can also refer to a “No Filter Selfie,” a selfie uploaded immediately without beauty filters or retouches. People who want to look natural online and advocate for body positivity might use this acronym in that way.

But while people refer to selfies like these as an “NFS” offline, they might not use it as a hashtag. Instagram users are more likely to use separate hashtags for #nofilter and #selfie in their selfie captions.

A beautiful photo of a twilight sky that likely doesn’t need a filter.

No Filter Skin

Related to “No Filter Selfie” is “No Filter Skin.” This phrase is used by people who post close-up photos of their skin without filters. The goal is to be confident in your skin (literally!) and embrace your flaws, pimples, and all. Those posting about their favorite skincare products might use NFS to mean “No Filter Skin.”

No Filter Sunset

Who doesn’t love sunsets? Many people who take photos of stunning, warm sunsets like to post them online straight from the camera. That means adding no filters to taint the sunset’s natural beauty. Some users call that special shot NFS — “No Filter Sunset.” These kinds of sunsets look like they’re straight out of a painting. They have reds, oranges, yellows, and lavenders to create a majestic shot.

A man standing on a tree with a stunning, unfiltered city sunset as his backdrop.

No Filter Sunday

Lastly, we’ve got “No Filter Sunday.” This trend is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Every Sunday, people upload photos and videos that have no filter. While the movement isn’t so popular, it’s still a great way to add authenticity to the feed. These #nofilter posts can be anything from sunsets and selfies to meals and photos of pets.

Meaning 3: Need for Speed

If you love Formula One or anything cars-related, this next one will be all but familiar to you. Car, driving, and racing enthusiasts often use “NFS” as an acronym for “Need for Speed.” Yes, this is the name of a popular racing video game. But it’s also that all-encompassing desire to go as fast as possible while driving a flashy car.

And while it’s most popular among car and racing junkies, some people also use it for adventurous activities. They refer to their “Need for Speed” as that need for adrenaline from snowboarding, skydiving, surfing, and running.

However, note that #NeedforSpeed is a more popular hashtag than #NFS in this context. Here are several ways car lovers will use the hashtag in their social media posts:

  • “Finally, the weekend! I can finally sit down and play some #NeedForSpeed 🎮🕹️”
  • “Can’t wait to fly to Singapore in a few weeks to watch F1 live! It’s going to be craaazy #NeedForSpeed 😎🏁🏎️”
  • “Taking out my baby (aka my BMW) for a spin (aka road trip with the girls) to satisfy my #NeedForSpeed 🚗”
  • “Quenching my #NeedForSpeed with a trip to the beach. The waves are gnarly, and I can’t wait to ride them!”

A white Chevrolet Camaro speeding down the highway.

Meaning 4: New Friends

Last but not least, NFS, when stylized as “NFs,” can also mean “New Friends.” Instagram users might use these in their captions and Stories when looking for friends on the platform. Sometimes, it’s used as a hashtag. People might also use “NFs” in texts and direct messages. Here are some examples of how it can be used in posts:

  • “Trying to get more followers on this app!! Need me some #NFs real fast 😢”
  • “Out on a night on the town! On the lookout for some NFs.”
  • “Hanging out with these girls again. We really need some NFs!! #NoNewFriends 😂”
  • “So glad I went to this event in support of Taylor Swift! Made some Swiftie NFs 💖”

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? Many Different Things, Apparently

NFS can have tons of meanings on Instagram, from “Not For Sale” to #NoFilterSky. It may be an acronym that’s just rising in popularity, but it’s better that you know what it means now. You don’t want to look super out of touch with slang when your friends use it on social media platforms!

Keeping up with internet slang is a must if you want to grow on Instagram. Using popular acronyms and trendy hashtags in your post can make you more relevant to audiences online. You also connect with a younger crowd who engage with your content if they see you speaking their language.

So, we’ve answered the burning question, “What does NFS mean on Instagram?” Use this trendy acronym however you please, whether through hashtags or post captions. Hopefully, you’ll receive tons of likes and comments for keeping up with social media slang.

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