Collaborative Post on Instagram: Reach a Wider Audience

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Instagram 101 | Sep 13, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Instagram collaborations are becoming a huge deal. Brands work with content creators to make more noise about their campaigns. Influencers and artists, on the other hand, collaborate to give themselves more exposure to new audiences. And what’s the best way to announce an exciting partnership? By creating a collaborative post on Instagram, of course!

Instagram’s collab feature allows brands, creators, and even personal accounts to reach more people. You can get more eyes on your content by strategically partnering with another entity and publishing a collab post. Plus, you’ll get tons of collective engagement from your fanbase and your collaborating brand.

So, are collaborative posts a good idea for your Instagram collab? And how do you make one in the first place? Keep scrolling to learn all this and more.  

Two influencers agreeing on an Instagram collaboration.

What Is a Collaborative Post on Instagram?

A collaborative post on Instagram is a post that is shared by two different accounts. That means instead of one username popping up as the author on top of the post, it shows two names. The collab post shows up on both profiles and is served to the followers of both users. These joint posts are perfect for influencers and creators collaborating with other brands and labels.

You can use the collab feature on feed posts and Reels. Only one user uploads the content. Then, they will invite the second user to be a collaborator. After they accept the invite, the post will appear on both accounts.

Although the collab post appears on both profiles, the original poster will always be the primary creator. If either collaborator blocks the other, the Instagram collab will end. The joint post will only appear on the primary creator’s profile without the second user’s name. And if the primary creator’s account is on private mode, only their followers will see the collab post.

But you may be thinking—what’s the difference between collaborative posts and tagging someone on Instagram? Here are some of their biggest differences:

·   If someone tags you in a post, it will show up in your tagged photos tab, not your feed. If you’re part of a collab post, it will show up on your main feed.

·   Your followers won’t see your tagged photos unless they go to your profile. Collaborative posts on Instagram will show up on your followers’ feeds without having to visit your page.

·   You won’t be credited as a creator when someone tags you in a post. But if they publish a collaborative post, your username will be listed as an author alongside them.

 Influencer shooting creative content for her partnership with a fashion brand.

The Benefits of Collaborative Posts on Instagram

Collab posts are awesome for partnerships and brand deals for many reasons. Here are some of the top benefits you can reap by publishing collaborative posts on Instagram.

·   A wider audience sees your posts. Because collab posts are shown to two sets of audiences, they usually get a higher reach than regular posts. Collaborative posts get the highest reach when the specific target audiences of the collaborators are totally different. Let’s say you’re an influencer with a largely American fanbase. Then, you work with a French brand with a European fanbase. Because your followers don’t overlap, your collaborative post can reach way more people.

·   You can get collective engagement from two audiences. Since more people see your joint post, you’ll likely get way more engagement than usual. Fans from both sides of the partnership will like and comment on the post, boosting its engagement rate.

·   It builds credibility and social proof. Anyone can tag a brand in their post caption, but not everyone can collaborate with them. Having a popular, well-loved brand co-create your post can make you look more credible and trustworthy online.

·   It lowers content production costs. For brands working with influencers and creators, collaborative posts on Instagram can help reduce content creation costs. Creators are known to be super creative and resourceful when making Instagram content. You get high-quality content without mounting expensive production shoots by giving them creative freedom for your collab posts.

Two female influencers filming content for their collab post.

Who Should Use Collaborative Posts on Instagram?

Anyone who works with another brand or creator should definitely consider using collaborative posts on Instagram. That way, they can be credited for their work and reap the benefits of the collab feature. Here are some examples of users who will benefit from an Instagram collab.

Influencers Working With Brands and Other Famous Personalities

There’s no doubt that collab posts are most often used for influencer marketing efforts. When a brand taps Instagram influencers to promote their products, they use collab posts to make it happen. It’s mutually beneficial—the brand gains more exposure among the influencer’s followers, and the brand influencer looks more credible online.  

There are many ways for influencers to play around with the collab feature. For example, food influencers working with food brands can create a joint post for a recipe using the brands’ products.

Influencers can also use collaborative posts when they work with fellow content creators. If two influencers want to work together to hop on the latest dance challenge, they can post a collaborative Reel. That way, the Reel shows up on both of their profiles and will be served to both fanbases. 

Musicians can use collaborative posts to announce an upcoming duet or joint album.

Creatives and Artists Working Together

Independent creatives can also benefit from collaborative posts on Instagram if they work with other artists. This is an excellent strategy for artists who want to widen their reach so more people can discover their work.

For example, two painters working on a mural together can create a joint post to show off their work. Followers of both artists will be able to see the project. If they’re interested in the finished product, they might check out the other artist’s page and follow.

Another example is two famous musicians announcing a song they’re working on together. They might tease their fanbases with a collab post with each other to hint at the upcoming song. This is a great way to build hype around the project, especially if they work in completely different music genres. Because their fanbases are unlikely to overlap, the Instagram collab will reach two unique audiences.

Couples can announce a pregnancy to their friends and family through a collab post.

Friends and Couples Can Make a Collab Post, Too

It’s not just brands and social media personalities that can make joint posts. Friends and couples with personal accounts can collaborate on Instagram, too.

This is fantastic if you create a post with a friend and they want it on their profile as well. For example, travel collab posts are great for friends who visit new cities and create content together.

It’s also useful for couples who want to show off milestones in their relationship. They can do a collab post to announce their engagement or perhaps a baby on the way. That way, the friends and family of both parties will see the announcement on their feed.

Joining Forces: How To Collaborate on Instagram Post

Now that you know everything about Instagram collab posts, it’s time to make your first one. Here’s how to collaborate on Instagram posts on your feed, step by step:

1. Tap the plus icon on the bottom of your Instagram home screen and create a new post. Add the photos and videos you want to include in the post. Fill in all the other details, like the caption and location tag.

2. Click on “Tag people.”

3. Instead of tagging your partner brand on the photo, click “Invite collaborator”.

4. Look for the username of the brand or influencer you’re working with on the collab. Select their name and invite them to collaborate with you.

5. Then, click “Post”. At this point, the post will show up on your feed. However, you must wait for your collaborator to accept the invite you sent before it shows up on theirs.

Note that private accounts can only invite collaborators that follow them, whether the collaborator has a private or public account. On the other hand, public accounts can invite anyone on the platform to collaborate with them.

Maximizing Video Reach: How To Invite Collaborators on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. So, many brands prefer collaborating with creators skilled at online video editing and creating high-quality, entertaining Reels. Collaborating with another brand on an Instagram Reel can maximize video reach and get tons of views.

Collaborative Reels work pretty much the same way as regular collabs on the main feed. Here’s how to invite collaborators on Instagram Reels, step by step.

1. Create and edit the video you want to publish using the Instagram Reels editor.

2. When you’re happy with the Reel you’ve edited, click “Tag people” and “Invite collaborator”.

3. Look for the brand or creator you’re collaborating with and select their Instagram handle.

4. Post the Reel and wait for your collaborator to accept the invite. Once they do, you’ll be able to see the Reel on their profile as well.

Image of brand strategy materials, including a mood board, color palette, and design elements.

Pro-Tip: Add a Paid Partnership Label to Collaborative Posts on Instagram

Just because you have a collaborative post on Instagram doesn’t mean you should skip the paid partnership label. If a brand sponsors your post, you must declare it a paid partnership. This is a must under Instagram’s branded content policy to protect consumers.

Adding the paid branded content label on your collab posts lets you be transparent with your audience. They’ll surely appreciate that you’re being honest with your sponsored content. That way, you can maintain the trust your followers have in you.

Here’s how to add a paid partnership label to your collaborative post on Instagram:

1. Set up your feed post, including the photos and videos, caption, hashtags, and the collaboration invitation.

2. Click “Advanced settings”.

3. Look for the “Branded content” section. Then, switch on the toggle for “Add paid partnership label.”

4. Click “Add brand partner” and look for the account of the brand sponsoring your content. Then, click “Done”.

5. Hit “Post” to publish your content. It should have the collaborator’s name on top as well as the paid partnership label.

How To Add Collaborators on Instagram After Posting: Is It Possible?

Are you looking for how to add collaborators on Instagram after posting your Reel or feed post? Unfortunately, there’s no way to retroactively invite a collaborator to a post. It can only be done when posting content for the first time.

If you forgot to add a collaborator to your post, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to work around this.

One thing you can do is tag the brand you’re collaborating with on your photo or video. You can also mention their handle in your caption and add some of their brand’s hashtags.

You can also ask the person you’re collaborating with to share your post on their Instagram Story. That way, even if they’re not credited as a co-author of the post, their followers will still see it.

But what if the brand you’re working with is strict with being invited as a collaborator? If it hasn’t been long since you posted your content, you can simply delete it and start over. Don’t forget to invite your collaborator this time around before hitting “Post”!

Why Can’t I Make a Collaborative Post With Someone?

If you can’t invite someone to collaborate, it might be because they have their tags and mentions turned off. If this setting is turned off, they won’t be able to receive invitations to collaborate on Instagram. Ask them to go through these steps to ensure they can receive and accept Instagram collab invites:

1. Go to your Instagram profile.

2. Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Click “Settings and privacy”.

4. Under “How others interact with you”, click “Tags and mentions”.

5. If you have the “Don’t allow tags” option selected, people won’t be able to send you collaboration invites. Select “Allow tags from everyone” instead. Confirm your decision to change the setting in the message that pops up. And that’s it, you’re done!

Make a Collaborative Post on Instagram for Every Partnership

If you want more people to see your sponsored content and brand partnerships, use collaborative posts on Instagram. With a collab post, both you and your partner brand’s audiences will be able to see your content. You’ll be rewarded not only with high reach but tons of collective engagement as well!

You can use the collab feature whether you’re a brand influencer or a pair of best friends going on vacation. As long as you know how to invite a collaborator, the possibilities for collab posts are endless.

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