Can You Buy Instagram Followers? Boost Your IG Community!

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Instagram 101 | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Some brands and content creators measure their success on social media by the number of followers they have. They believe that if your follower count is high—and continues to get higher—your star on Instagram shines bright. But what if you’re a new account with zero followers or are having a hard time seeing growth? Can you buy Instagram followers?

Every Instagram profile started from somewhere. Even huge stars and personalities can now tell you that gaining Instagram followers through organic growth can be challenging. You need a stellar social media strategy and a knack for enticing real people to engage with your content.

Because it’s so hard to get lots of Instagram followers, some people think of other ways to get followers. Perhaps the easiest way to boost your follower count is to pay money for them. But is this possible? And if yes, are there any consequences tied to it?

Today, we’ll talk about whether you can (and should) buy Instagram followers.

For many brands and influencers, paying for a follower boost is an investment.

Can You Buy Instagram Followers on the Internet?

Let’s answer the burning question: can you buy Instagram followers? Is it really that simple to get an uptick in your follower base?

If we’re being straightforward, yes, it is possible to buy Instagram followers online. It’s completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about getting tracked down and sued because of it. But is it necessarily good for your profile? We’ll touch on that in a bit, so keep reading.

Many people buy followers, all for different reasons. Some do it for social proof; if they have lots of Instagram followers, people will think they’re popular.

Others might want to fool brands into thinking they have massive reach and influence over their target market. This gives them more opportunities to work with brands through collaborations.

New accounts might buy followers to give themselves an initial boost, making it easier to grow their community. They’ll get a kickstart in their following and then work on a social media strategy to engage their new followers. They can focus on organic growth using their successful marketing strategy.

You Can Buy Followers on Instagram, But It May Do More Harm Than Good

But just because you can buy followers on Instagram doesn’t always mean you should. There are probably more cons than pros when buying Instagram followers.

The biggest risk when buying Instagram followers online is that you can end up with bot accounts as fake followers. These accounts aren’t real people—just automated accounts that contribute to your follower count but don’t interact with your content.

One way to tell your followers are fake is by checking their profiles. It may be a fake account if they have no profile picture, gibberish in their bio, no posts, and a weird follower-to-following ratio.

If your real followers dig into your profile and realize you have so many fake followers, it won’t bode well with you. You may lose your followers’ trust and destroy your online credibility.

Having too many fake followers can also hurt your posts’ engagement. Because your “followers” don’t interact with your content, Instagram bumps it further down the timeline. Fewer people see it, leading to low reach and engagement rates.

Plus, having bot accounts in your community makes you more vulnerable to spam. Whether in your post’s comments section or through direct messages, spam can be super annoying. At times, they can even be dangerous.

Real followers will interact with your content through likes and comments.

Can You Buy Instagram Followers According to Your Needs?

Everyone has reasons for wanting to buy Instagram followers. Some care only about the vanity aspect of it; they just want to see a large number of followers on their profile. But others prioritize having real, active followers that can engage with their posts. So, can you buy Instagram followers according to your brand’s goals?

While selling Instagram followers isn’t exactly an honorable business, they are, in all fairness, quite flexible. There’s a good chance you can find a third-party website willing to sell you followers according to your budget and goals.

Let’s look at some of people’s most common preferences when buying followers.

No Bots Allowed: Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Some people are willing to pay extra money to make sure they don’t get fake followers in the form of bot accounts. These content creators look for premium followers and real people who can like and comment on their posts.

Unfortunately, the market is overflowing with services that only sell ghost followers. In this landscape, can you buy real Instagram followers online?

Thankfully, yes. You can buy followers on Instagram that are real people, not bot accounts. However, it can be difficult to find sites that sell premium followers. Instead, we suggest working with a team that specializes in Instagram growth.

Path Social is one such team. Our expert strategists work with you to determine your brand goals. From there, we work on a social media strategy to push your content out to real people who will care about it. This gives you more followers and more likes and comments on your posts. You’ll get real followers—never fake ones—through well-thought-out, organic growth.

Just for the Numbers: Can You Buy Fake Followers on Instagram?

Others aren’t ashamed to say that they only care about their number of followers, not how much they’ll engage with their content. And that’s totally valid. If you only care about your follower count for appearances’ sake, you should have no issues buying fake followers.

So, can you buy fake followers on Instagram? Yes, you can. Plenty of websites sell these fake followers, so they’re a dime a dozen.

Remember that these fake accounts are unlikely to engage with your content. If you’re alright with that, you’re free to go crazy with buying those Instagram followers.

Fake followers won’t engage with posts, leaving you with fewer likes and comments.

Warm Bodies: Can You Buy Active Instagram Followers?

Some people don’t care if their followers are real or fake. All they care about is if they’re active. After all, inactive accounts will never interact with your content. Active accounts do, whether automated or with real people behind them.

Can you buy active Instagram followers? Yes, you can buy followers on Instagram that are currently active. We get it—everyone wants likes and comments on Instagram. Active followers can help with that. But again, this falls into premium followers, which may be a little more expensive.

Third-party websites don’t usually disclose if the followers you’re buying are active. Your best bet is to work with sites focused on organic growth to make sure you’re targeting real people.

Chasing Your Target Audience: Can You Buy Instagram Followers From a Specific Demographic?

If you’re a fashion brand that sells women’s clothing, a bunch of male followers will be of no use to you. It makes sense to only want female followers. But can you buy Instagram followers from a specific demographic only?

Yes, plenty of legitimate websites that sell followers allow you to select your target audience. The followers you end up with from the service will all fall under that demographic. That way, you’re getting your money’s worth. It might be for more premium pricing, but it’s worth it.

On a Budget: Can You Buy Instagram Followers Cheap?

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend to buy Instagram followers. Some brands and content creators are on a small, tight budget. If you’re one of them, you may ask, “Can you buy Instagram followers cheap?”

Good news! Yes, you can buy followers on Instagram for cheap. Many websites sell them for affordable prices. If you look hard enough, you might find sites that sell 100 followers for a dollar. Some might even sell them for less if they’re on sale.

By finding the most cost-efficient site to buy Instagram followers, you could trick people into thinking that millions of people follow you.

Note, however, that buying cheap followers often means they won’t be high-quality. You’ll almost always end up with inactive bot followers. If you don’t mind the lack of engagement, buying Instagram followers for cheap is a good strategy for you.

Many sites selling followers are perpetually on sale, giving you Instagram followers for a very affordable price.

In It for the Likes: Can You Buy Followers and Likes on Instagram?

Although most people prefer getting more followers, others love getting likes on their posts too. Can you buy followers and likes on Instagram at the same time?

Yes, you can buy followers on Instagram while getting a bunch of likes on previous posts, too. Some websites provide both services. You’ll need to link to specific posts you’ve already published to buy likes.

How To Buy Instagram Followers Online: Can You Buy Instagram Followers Easily?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Can you buy Instagram followers online?” let’s talk about how to do it.

Buying Instagram followers is straightforward. For most websites, it only takes a few minutes and clicks to go through the entire process. Want to know how it usually goes? Here’s how to buy Instagram followers, step by step:

1. Find a trustworthy website that sells Instagram followers. Read reviews to see other people’s experiences purchasing from these websites.

2. Then, check out the website’s packages. Basic packages are cheaper than premium plans, but the latter usually get you more high-quality followers. The fewer followers in the package, the more cost-efficient it is. Choose the plan that fits your budget.

3. Narrow down your target audience. Select the demographic of followers you want for your account.

4. Select any add-ons you might want. Some sites offer other services like social media tools, analytics reports or likes on previous posts.

5. Proceed to payment. Make sure you only give your card details to trusted payment gateways.

6. Then, sit back, relax and wait for your new Instagram followers to roll in.

Where To Buy Followers on Instagram: Our Top Picks

Buying Instagram followers isn’t exactly a secret strategy. Many people do it. That means there are a bunch of websites that sell followers.

Where to buy followers on Instagram? You can buy followers on Instagram from our top three picks for fast followers listed below:

·   Twicsy: This website sells real followers only, never bot accounts. Even if their pricing is quite premium, you won’t regret buying followers from them. These followers are likely to interact with your posts later on. They charge around $3 for 100 Instagram followers and sell likes and comments per post.

·   Buzzoid: Buzzoid also sells real followers only. What’s great about their service is that you can get 30-day refills, meaning you can continuously grow your community. They also have a support team ready to speak with you 24/7.

·   UseViral: Lastly, there’s UseViral. This service allows you to narrow down the followers you purchase according to their gender, ethnicity and more. However, there’s no guarantee that followers from this service will engage with your content.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers Online? Be Wary of Scammers!

A word of warning: many websites out there lure you in with the promise of real followers only to scam you. They may try to steal your Instagram login credentials or worse, your credit card details.

Scammers may try to do this in the form of phishing pages. They’ll say the final step to buying followers is giving them your username and password. This is a red flag. Exit the page as soon as possible. If your account gets hacked, you may be vulnerable to identity theft—a bigger problem than having few followers.

Now, you may be wondering — is it safe to buy Instagram followers online? Can you buy Instagram followers without putting your Instagram profile and bank account at risk?

Be careful which websites you share your credit card information with when buying followers.

You Can Buy Followers on Instagram Safely if You’re Extra Vigilant

Here are some things you can do to be extra careful and vigilant when buying Instagram followers online:

·   Only buy from well-known, reputable websites. Check out forums and review sites to see if they’re legitimate.

·   When inputting your credit card details for payment, check if the website is secure and has “https” in the URL. This is a sign that the website uses data encryption, which keeps your information safe.

·   Never give anyone your Instagram username and password.

·   Don’t click random links people who sell followers send you. Perform background checks before opening any link.

The Biggest Consequence: Can Buying Instagram Followers Get You Banned?

Lastly, let’s talk about the consequences of buying followers. Sure, you can buy followers on Instagram for a quick boost. But does the algorithm punish you for it?

Some people worry more about getting canceled by their peers for buying followers or losing their credibility as a brand. But there’s one more consequence people dread. Can buying Instagram followers get you banned?

As of right now, no. Instagram doesn’t ban you from the platform for buying followers. However, Instagram is vocal about inauthentic activity going against its terms of service. So, when they see people with suspicious activity in their profile, they may impose a shadowban.

If Instagram shadowbans you, they’ll hide your content from people’s feeds. This results in a significant decrease in engagement, even if you have real followers that usually like and comment on your posts.

Can You Buy Followers on Instagram Without Getting an Instagram Shadowban?

So, can you buy followers on Instagram without fear of being put on a shadowban? Yes. If you play your cards right, you can still get away with buying Instagram followers without it resulting in an Instagram shadowban.

To do that, make sure you’re not buying fake followers too frequently. Doing this repetitively over a short period can ring alarm bells for the platform. If they look into your profile and see that you’ve been buying followers often, they might impose a shadowban on your account.

The best way to avoid getting shadowbanned is by buying premium followers, aka active accounts owned by real people. The key is to do it just once and then focus on organic growth afterwards. That way, there’s a chance Instagram won’t even notice the inauthentic activity on your profile.

Here’s How You Can Buy Followers on Instagram and Engage Them Afterward

Want to focus on organic growth after the initial boost in your following? Here are some things you can do to engage your new followers after you’ve bought them:

·   Post compelling, engaging content that your followers will find relevant.

·   Interact with your followers when they comment on or message your posts. This helps build a solid relationship with them, increasing their loyalty to you.

·   Encourage user-generated content by throwing contests and giveaways for your followers.

·   Use hashtags when posting niche content to make your page more discoverable.

Can You Buy Instagram Followers? Yes, But It’s Not Always Recommended

So, can you buy Instagram followers just like that? Yes, you can. However, it’s not always the best option. You might beef up your community with fake followers instead of real people. This can hurt your brand later, especially if Instagram imposes a shadowban on you.

The best way to go about buying Instagram followers is to buy premium followers, aka real people that will engage with your content. Use it as an initial boost only. Then, craft a social media strategy that focuses on organic growth. That way, you can maximize the real followers you bought and grow your Instagram account the right way.

One way to get more Instagram followers through organic growth is by working with Path Social. We help push your content to real people’s screens. As a result, you get more engagement on your content and a significant uptick in followers. Learn more about what our advanced algorithm can do for you so you can start gaining real followers today.