How To Edit Instagram Post After Posting It—Beginners Guide

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Instagram 101 | May 30, 2024

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Instagram posts are editable. Instagram allows you to make post-posting edits to your posts. But to what extent? – from dazzling captions to spellbinding tags and even tweaking those snapshots of pure magnificence. Let’s explore the whimsical journey of post-posting magic. Learn how to edit Instagram post with us. But first, let’s go through the steps to publish your Instagram post. 

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How to Post on Instagram

Whether you want to share your mind-blowing travel escapades, drool-worthy culinary masterpieces, or skyrocket your business, Instagram is about to become your playground of endless possibilities. All you have to do is follow these fantastically simple steps to learn how to post on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
  2. Channel your inner photographer and capture a moment that screams “Instagrammable.” Or you can also choose a gem from your camera roll. It could be a photo or a video. You can also select multiple photos for the carousel, which is sort of an Instagram photo album post.
  3. Enhance your visuals with filters, brightness, and all the editing goodies to make your post pop like confetti on a birthday cake. While filters start at 100%, you can dial it down for a subtler touch.
  4. You can trim a video, edit it, turn it into a reel, and add some music. There’s a lot you can do.
  5. It’s time to write your Instagram caption. Don’t be shy. Let your creativity run wild and whip up a caption that hooks your audience faster than a catchy tune on the radio. If you miss anything in the caption, you can learn how to edit Instagram post captions in the latter part of this blog. 
  6. Boost your post’s reach by adding relevant hashtags that are on point for your photo. 
  7. Tag your friends, frenemies, or even your furry friends in your post
  8. Tag your location.
  9. Tap “Share” to post content.

Can I Edit an Instagram Post After Posting?

Are you wondering, “Can I edit an Instagram post?” For most edits, you don’t have to delete and restart from scratch. Just make edits to your post. Here are 10 ways to learn how to edit an Instagram post after posting. 

A person picks an Instagram post from their profile to edit and refresh it.

1. How to Edit Photos on Instagram After Posting

If you are wondering how to edit photos on Instagram after posting, there is currently no way to do this. Unfortunately, you can’t make any direct photo edits on your original photo or video on Instagram for now. But there’s always one way—delete, crop, and reupload to perfection. Give that photo a second chance to shine. 

Moreover, there are other elements on Instagram you can edit. Read on to find out.

2. How to Edit Instagram Post to Rewrite Caption

Your Instagram post might have old prices, a boring caption, or a typo you overlooked, which can be easily fixed. We have a way to help you rewrite your Instagram post captions and give them a makeover. 

Here’s how to edit your Instagram post to rewrite that caption in a whole new groove:

  1. Open up the Instagram app and head straight to your profile. Locate the post you need to upgrade the caption of and tap on it.
  2. Now, pay close attention to the top right corner of your post. You’ll spot three dots lurking in the corner. Give them a gentle tap, and you’ll see a pop-up with a list of options. Tap on “Edit,” and the caption box opens up, ready for your linguistic brilliance.
  3. It’s time to let your creativity run wild. Revisit your original caption and imagine the possibilities. Do you want to add humor, sprinkle a dash of wit, or drop a pun? 
  4. Once you’ve conjured your snazzy new caption, start typing away. Embrace your rewritten words’ fresh and funky vibes and add emojis to boost the post’s mood. Let your personality shine through.
  5. Read through your new masterpiece, ensuring it’s exactly the way you wanted. Don’t hesitate to make any additional tweaks or adjustments to perfection. This is your moment to shine, after all.
  6. When you’re satisfied with your revamped caption, hit the “Done” button. Instagram has now securely saved your Instagram caption.

3. How to Edit Instagram Post to Delete Single Image 

This used to be an impossible feat on Instagram. But with new updates, you can discard the unwanted image in your carousel. 

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Look at the top right of your post, where three dots await your attention. Tap, and watch as a menu opens up.
  2. Among the options, locate and select “Edit.” Prepare to dive into the realm of image manipulation and selection prowess.
  3. Now, with a simple swipe, navigate through the carousel of images on your Instagram post. As you explore, you’ll notice a little trash can icon perched on the top left corner of each picture. Tap on this icon when you find the image you want to delete.
  4. As you choose “Delete,” the unwanted image exits the carousel. Instagram will pop up confirmation. 
  5. Feel free to repeat this process and bid farewell to multiple images.

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4. How to Edit Instagram Post Location Tag 

Forgot to add your location tag? Let’s go on an editing adventure:

  1. Open Instagram and seek out the social post craving your location expertise. 
  2. Look up to the top right corner of the post with three dots. Give them a tap.
  3. Among the options that show up, tap on “Edit.” It’s time to work on your editing charms.
  4. Seek out the “Add Location” option and tap it. 
  5. Insert your location, explore the results, and choose the right one.
  6. With your chosen location in sight, tap “Done” in the top right corner. Instagram will save your changes.

5. How to Edit and Add Music to Instagram Post

Unfortunately, the task of adding music to a post after you have shared it is currently out of our grasp. You cannot add music to your existing Instagram post. But there’s a workaround if your heart is set on adding a catchy tune to your post.

You’ll have to take a tiny detour to add music to your post. Follow these steps to learn how to edit Instagram post to add music to Instagram post:

  1. First things first, bid adieu to your original post. You’ll have to press that delete button and let it go.
  2. Once you’ve bid your post farewell, it’s time to work your magic again. Repost your content with the desired music included this time. Choose the perfect tune, embrace your creativity, and let the music refresh post.

6. How to Edit Instagram Post Alt-Text

Here’s how to edit Instagram post and jazz up your Alt Text in a snap:

  1. Open Instagram and find that post that requires a touch-up.
  2. Spot those three dots in the top right corner, and tap.
  3. Choose “Edit” from the menu.
  4. Tap “Edit Alt Text” and work your creative charm.
  5. Edit the Alt Text.
  6. Wrap it up with a tap on “Done” in the top right corner. Your changes are locked and loaded.

7. How to Edit Instagram Post Reel Cover 

Your Reel cover deserves to shine like a star. After all, it will make your audience’s first impression. It needs to have that “wow” factor. If your current cover feels a bit lackluster, there’s good news—it’s now a breeze to change your cover photo:

  1. Head to your desired Reel, which needs the cover update.
  2. Click on the three dots.
  3. Select the “Edit” option from the pop-up.
  4. Find the “Cover” button and tap.
  5. Either select an existing still frame or upload your cover image.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your pick, tap on “Done.”

8. How to Edit Instagram Post that You Archived

You archived an Instagram post, but now you think a little editing can make it relevant and trendy. It’s possible. 

Here’s how to edit a post on Instagram that’s been lying in your archives for a while:

  1. Begin by visiting your profile page. Look out for three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Tap on them.
  2. Among the options that appear in the drop-down menu, select “Archive.” 
  3. Choose the “Posts” option from the top menu within the archive section. 
  4. Select the post.
  5. Tap on the three dots.
  6. From the options presented, select the “Show on profile” option.
  7. Once it gets back in the spotlight, press the three dots at the top-right corner of your post.
  8. Spot and tap the “Edit” option from the pop-up.
  9. Make the necessary changes to your post. Add your artistic touch and sprinkle some creativity.
  10. With your edits complete, tap “Done” in the top right corner of the screen. Your changes are securely saved, ready to impress the world.
  11. Instagram will prompt you to confirm your desire to update the post. Tap on “Update” to confirm. Instagram has now permanently saved your changes (until you change them again)

A person reading comments on their Instagram post.

9. How to Edit Instagram Post Comment

It’s about time to start taking control of your Instagram comments. Here’s how to keep things sweet:

  1. Open your Instagram profile and locate the post that’s gathering unwanted comments.
  2. Look up to the top of your post and spot the three-dot button. Give it a tap.
  3.  Among the options that appear, choose “Turn off comments.” Enjoy the blissful absence of unwanted chatter.
  4. If you don’t want to turn off comments for everyone, just restrict or block the followers dropping offensive comments.

10. How to Edit Instagram Post Visibility?

By adjusting the visibility of your Instagram post, you can control who gets to see your content and ensure it reaches the intended audience. 

Here’s how to edit the Instagram post visibility:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device and go to your profile.
  2. Find the post you want to edit the visibility of.
  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your perfect image.
  4. Select “Edit” from the menu options.
  5. In the editing screen, find the visibility settings.
  6. Depending on your privacy preferences, you can choose from the following options:
  • Public: Anyone on or off Instagram can see your post.
  • Followers: Only your approved followers can see the post.
  • Close Friends: The post will only be visible to a select group of followers you’ve added to your Close Friends list.
  • Favorites: This option may appear for certain accounts and allows you to share the post with your favorite followers.
  1. Select the desired visibility option for your post.
  2. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, tap “Done” or the checkmark icon to save your edits.

Instagram website on a Samsung laptop.

How to Edit Instagram Post on Your Computer

When using Instagram from your phone or computer, there are some nifty differences to keep in mind.

Here, we’ll guide you through editing on a computer. So, if you’re about to use your desktop to make the edits, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and head to Instagram. Log in to your account.
  2. At the bottom left of the screen, find the “Profile” option.
  3. Browse through your profile until you spot it, then fix your attention to the right side of the screen. You will find three dots. Click on them and choose the option that says “Edit.”
  4. With the editing interface at your fingertips, let your creativity flow. When satisfied, simply click “Done” to seal the deal.

How to Edit Instagram Post With iOS Web Layout on Computer 

Now, if you’re itching for that iOS web app layout on your computer, there is a way. We have a trick up our virtual sleeves:

  1. Find the post you want to edit and right-click. Among the options, choose “Inspect.” 
  2. Within the Inspector panel, seek the device toolbar. Activate it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M. You can see the iOS web app layout on your desktop screen.
  3. One final step to unlock the editing prowess. Refresh the page and watch as the features of the iOS web app reappear. Now you can edit and upload posts just like you would on your mobile device.

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Why Shouldn’t You Edit an Instagram Post?

When you post on Instagram, the algorithm rates your content based on initial engagement. The more likes in the first hour, the better.

With high engagement, your image reigns supreme in feeds, explore pages, and top search results.

But here’s where things can go downhill: Editing resets the engagement ranking. You’ll have to start fresh, with less boost this time.

While we’ve taught you how to edit Instagram posts, be cautious. Editing can decrease your Instagram engagement. Double-check your caption, tags, location, and hashtags before sharing.

If you mess up, don’t panic. Delete the post and reupload the next day for optimal results.

Remember, you must play the game wisely to conquer the Instagram algorithm.

Why Can’t I Edit Post on Instagram?

Oops. Stuck in the “No Edit Zone”? Here are possible culprits:

  • Weak Wi-Fi 
  • Unverified app permissions
  • Cache clogging up
  • Outdated Instagram version
  • Third-party app 
  • Space shortage 
  • Downtime 

No luck? Reach out to Instagram support.

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How to Edit Instagram Post in a Nutshell

By editing your Instagram posts, you’ll elevate your content’s quality and boost your connection with your beloved followers. Embrace the power of editing, and watch your Instagram presence thrive.

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