New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Kick Off the Year Right

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Instagram 101 | May 23, 2024

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As the holiday season comes to a close, we’ll see fewer photos and captions about Christmas and winter on Instagram. But just because the year is ending, it doesn’t mean the festivities are over. There is still room for bright, lively, wild New Year’s parties. As people contemplate starting anew and having a clean slate in 2024, New Year’s resolution ideas will float about.

With a brand new year just around the corner, it’s time to buckle up and think of your 2024 goals. Attainable goals that help you grow as an individual are key when cooking up this list.

But at the same time, this season might be an opportunity to share your resolution ideas with your followers online. For all you know, you could motivate them to kick off their year strong with their own goals!

Need ideas on fun yet realistically achievable resolutions to set for yourself and talk about on social media? Keep reading for some resolution inspiration as we ring in the new year.

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What Is a New Year’s Resolution, and Why Make One?

It’s not natural for every single person to want to set new goals at the start of the year. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t do that, you may be asking, what is a New Year’s resolution?

Simply put, a resolution is a personal goal someone sets at the beginning of the year. It can be a quantitative goal, like reading a specific number of books before the year ends. It can also be a positive change you want to incorporate into your life. Common resolutions include spending more time with family or going on a healthier diet.

The tradition of writing up resolutions stems from the notion that a new year equals a clean slate. It’s a chance to start fresh and do things right — a reset from the tiring year that just passed. So, people feel more inspired to change for the better and improve their lives in the ways they’ve always wanted.

Creating resolutions lets you build habits and discover hobbies you’ve always wanted to get into. Sure, you can start new things at any time of the year. But doing it at New Year’s makes it feel even more special since you’re starting a new chapter off strong.

For type A personalities, goal-setting for the year creates a clear vision of their life for the next 365 days. Actionable resolutions allow them to work towards realistic, attainable goals. Then, at the end of the year, you can look back on the resolutions you successfully achieved. This can be super fulfilling and lead you to be more grateful for the year that was.

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Why Share Your Resolutions on Social Media?

Most people might keep their resolutions private. They’ll jot them down in their diary or Notes app and come back to them throughout the year. After all, resolutions are about personal and individual growth.

But other people love to announce their resolutions for the New Year on social media. On Instagram, creators might post Reels about their yearly goals or maybe a carousel to list every resolution they have. And while this may be cringey for some, it works incredibly well for others in meeting their goals.

First off, sharing your resolutions with friends and family on social media gives you a sense of accountability. Because so many people know about the promises you made on New Year’s, you’ll feel more motivated to keep them.

Your followers might even encourage you to follow through with them if you feel like giving up. This kind of social support is terrific for sticking to your resolutions with ease and positivity.

It also allows you to document your journey towards meeting each resolution. By taking photos and videos throughout the year of your progress, you can see how far you’ve come. You might even inspire people to start doing the same resolution if they see how well you’re doing on yours.

Posting about your yearly resolutions might also boost your community engagement on Instagram. By being vulnerable and open about your personal goals, you’ll seem more authentic and relatable as a creator. Plus, talking about your New Year goals is a way of trendjacking a super fun holiday. All these elements can lead to an uptick in likes and comments on your New Year’s content.

Common New Year’s Resolutions People Post About

Are you making resolutions for the first time and don’t know where to start? Get inspiration from the resolutions almost everyone is putting on their list. Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions people commit to each year and post about online.

A woman wearing workout clothes slicing some gourd in the kitchen to whip up a healthy meal.

Exercising More and Trying To Be Healthier

According to Statista, the most common resolution for New Year’s in the US is exercising more. Some people do it to improve their overall health, while others have a goal weight in mind. Regardless of your reasons, moving more and getting fit is a terrific way to start the year on a healthy and positive note.

People also try their hardest to eat healthier after New Year’s. This can be quite hard, especially coming from all the holiday parties with tons of decadent food and drinks. But going on a healthier diet is a great way to care for your mind and body.

Pro-tip: if you’re a fitness influencer, New Year’s is an excellent time to put yourself out there. People might be more interested in following fitness creators for their workouts and health tips. Try engaging more users and posting resolution content towards the end of the year to gain more followers!

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Spending Less Money To Grow Their Savings

Another of the most typical resolutions each year is spending less and saving more. Maybe you spent too much on that summer vacation in Greece last year. Or maybe you blew your shopping budget on one too many dresses or pairs of shoes. To make up for it, you might want to discipline yourself with how you spend your money.

People try to save money at the start of the year for various reasons. Some want to pay off their student debt as fast as possible. Others just want to be more financially responsible and save money for their future. Whatever your financial goal is, setting a resolution for it is a terrific way to get into the money-saving mindset.

Do you want to engage followers who are looking to save more money in the next year? Create content that can help them achieve their goals. Teach them tips and tricks on how to save money throughout the year. Think of creative suggestions, like putting away five bucks every day for 365 days as a yearly challenge.

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Trying To Be on Social Media Less Often

In this day and age, many people experience social media anxiety. People are worried about how many views or likes they get on every single post. Instead of having fun online, they may end up feeling burnt out just swiping through their feed.

So, some people resolve to spend less time on social media for their mental well-being. This is an excellent idea not just for your mental health but for spending your time wisely offline. Less screen time means more opportunities to bond with friends and family or take up a new hobby.

Just remember to give your followers a heads-up on Instagram if you do plan on being online less often. A quick Instagram Story to fill them in on your plans will be greatly appreciated. That way, your fans will know not to worry if you haven’t uploaded content in a while!

Unique New Year’s Resolutions To Stand Out From the Crowd

Don’t want to post typical resolutions that will likely be the same as everyone else’s? Try coming up with more unique New Year’s resolutions more suited to your personal goals. Here are some niche, ultra-specific resolutions you might find interesting.

A Personal Monthly Challenge: Try Something New Every Month

Challenge yourself at the start of the year to do a specific thing at least once each month. It can be anything from learning a new skill to reading a book in a different genre every month. Here are other ideas for this type of resolution:

  • Visit a new city every month.
  • Try a trendy brunch restaurant with the girls every four weeks.
  • Make at least one new friend for each month of the year.

These monthly challenges are a great way to take the pressure off of sticking to a resolution consistently and 24/7. Not only is it fun, but it also makes your goals for the year more attainable.

Getting Into Mindful Eating Instead of Crash Dieting

While many people look into crash diets to start the year, they have a more positive take on eating. Practice mindful eating and listening to your body. Eat whenever you feel your hunger cues, and savor every bite you take so you don’t eat guiltily or overeat. This can help you have a fantastic relationship with food and avoid those dangerous New Year’s diet fads.


Someone drawing intricate doodles of a flower on a notebook.

Creating Art or Doodles and Posting It for the Next 365 Days

If you love drawing and sketching, try to doodle even something small every day of the year. You don’t have to create a portrait each time. Even cute little doodles on Post-its are more than enough. Then, share your daily doodle with your followers on your art account. It helps you keep track of your progress while putting a smile on your follower’s faces when they see it.

This resolution idea is fantastic for artists who feel like they haven’t been consistent with creating art. It allows you to keep practicing your skills while having a bit of fun for a few minutes every day.

Learning a New Phrase From a Language of Your Choice Every Day

Learning a new language is one of the most intimidating things ever. It could take months or even years to speak or even understand a new language. So, take it easy and do something a little easier. Instead of pressuring yourself to know French or Korean by the year’s end, learn one new phrase a day.

There are plenty of apps you can use to learn a word or two of any language each day. Then, make it a point to use that new phrase at least once throughout your day. You can even share your daily phrases with others by posting them online. You’ll document your progress and share the experience of learning a new language with your followers at the same time.

A couple making silly, expressive faces while taking a selfie.

Amusing, Funny New Year’s Resolutions To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

While most resolutions are serious and are meant for personal growth, you can also be lighthearted about it. Not every resolution has to be huge and impactful. You can also promise to do silly little resolutions for the LOLs on social media.

Here are some funny New Year’s resolutions you can post about online to get people laughing throughout the year:

  • Post silly selfies every Monday for the entirety of 2024.
  • Add a cringey dad joke or pun in every post caption you upload this year.
  • Recreate funny and awkward childhood photos every week of the year for Throwback Thursday.

Sticking to funny resolutions and amusing daily habits like these gives you an excuse to post engaging content online. Turn your funny resolution into a series of posts your followers can look forward to from time to time. Not only will you build a reputation as a humorous creator, but you’ll get a boost in engagement, too.

Be Honest and Make People Laugh With New Years Resolution Meme Posts

Not a fan of making resolutions you know you’ll end up breaking a month into the new year? That’s alright. You can still join in on the fun with New Year’s resolution memes that poke lighthearted fun at the tradition.

These memes can include “expectation vs. reality” posts about wanting to hit the gym every day but failing miserably. You can also do a “January 1 vs. January 2” post depicting how quickly you gave up on unrealistic resolutions. It’s lighthearted and relatable—two traits of engaging content on Instagram.

The idea of these memes isn’t to be defeatist or negative about resolutions. Not everyone can be consistent with exercise or have the wiggle room to save as much money as they want. Posting funny, self-deprecating, hilarious memes can help others feel better about not being perfect at keeping up with their resolutions.

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Don’t Forget To Add New Year Instagram Captions To Keep Your Posts Festive

One last thing! Don’t forget to add a festive New Year Instagram caption on any post you publish about your resolutions.

Sure, setting goals at Near Year’s is important to start the year strong. But remember that it’s also a celebration, not a time to pressure yourself to be perfect in the coming year. Kiss the exhausting year that just passed goodbye and make your best puns for “twenty-twenty-four”. And, of course, you can wish everyone the best as they start incorporating their resolutions into their everyday life!

Post About These New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Get More IG Engagement

Sharing your resolutions for the year with your followers is a terrific way to gain engagement online. Many people need inspiration to help them figure out their own goals, too. Plus, if you post about unique, funny, or relatable goals, you could get tons of likes, comments, and shares. So, don’t be shy — share your New Year’s Resolution ideas with your followers!

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