Non-Drop Instagram Followers: Keep Your Fans Forever

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Karen Lin

Instagram 101 | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

It’s difficult to scoop up some new followers on Instagram. But it is even more frustrating that your followers will often unfollow you after a while. Want to avoid a drop in your follower count after gaining new followers? Maybe it’s time to look into non-drop Instagram followers.

It’s easy to buy Instagram followers on a whim. They’re fast, affordable and easy to find online. However, these followers can choose to unfollow you at any time.

This is probably when they find your content boring or if they want to lower their following-to-follower ratio. Either way, it still sucks to lose active followers.

Having issues with followers that hit that “unfollow” button after a while? You should probably consider shifting your Instagram growth strategy to focus on non-drop followers. Keep reading to learn about these followers that stick around forever and never disappear from your follower count.

It can be super frustrating seeing people unfollow you. Luckily, non-drop Instagram followers stay forever.

What Are Non-Drop Instagram Followers?

First things first. What are non-drop Instagram followers, anyway? To put it simply, non-drop followers are permanent followers. When these users follow your profile, they won’t unfollow you.

Have you ever seen an account follow you, and then as soon as you follow them back, they unfollow you? Not only is this a manipulative tactic to get more followers, but it’s rude, too.

This kind of thing can happen when buying followers online as well. You’ll make secure payments on a website you trust to get more Instagram followers. Then, the followers come rolling in, and you’re happy because of your high follower count.

A few days later, your follower base is lower than before. That means some of the real followers you paid for have already unfollowed you. It’s a waste of time and money. Worst of all, it can be a blow to your confidence.

That’s why non-drop Instagram followers are becoming more popular today. Instead of buying low-quality bot followers online, some people are looking to gain non-drop followers to maintain a consistent follower count.

Permanence in your follower count greatly affects your performance as a brand or content creator. Having a consistently high number of real followers means many people will continuously see your posts. It also increases the chances of getting more engagements and interactions on your posts.

A large following that never dwindles can also serve as social proof that you are well-loved and highly influential. The more followers you have, the more popular and relevant you look. This is awesome if another brand is looking into your profile to see if they want to collaborate with you.

More followers create the illusion of popularity because it signals to others that you have lots of friends and fans.

Are Non-Drop Accounts Always Active Instagram Followers?

Active Instagram followers refer to real followers that are on the Instagram app regularly. That means these followers are the ones that see your posts and interact with them. These followers are essential to your brand, as they organically boost your engagement and relevance on the platform.

But do non-drop Instagram followers always equate to active followers? Not always.

It’s easy to associate non-drop followers with active followers. After all, why would people stick around and follow you on social media if they don’t like and interact with your content?

But while many non-drop followers are real people that are active on the platform, it’s not always the case. There are still websites that sell followers they label as non-drop but can give no guarantee that they will never unfollow you.

If you’re lucky, you can have high-quality non-drop followers who always interact with your posts. They’ll sprinkle likes and comments all over your Instagram feed.

But if you buy low-quality fake followers from sketchy websites, you might end up with more unfollows than you can count. So, you need to be careful where you source your non-drop followers. You want to be extra sure that they are real, active followers, not bots.

Is Buying Non-Drop Instagram Followers Recommended?

If you must buy Instagram followers from a third-party website, premium, non-drop Instagram followers are an excellent choice. You’ll invest your money in something that can serve you in the long run. That is if the website you choose is legitimate and the followers you buy are true to their word of being non-drop.

However, when you buy non-drop followers, they are still inauthentic purchased followers. And Instagram hates inauthentic activity. The platform does not condone any activity like that, whether it’s spam comments or buying likes and followers.

Don’t worry, though—Instagram isn’t likely to ban you from the platform if they catch you buying followers once or twice. The worst they’ll do is probably put you on an Instagram shadowban.

When you’re shadowbanned, your content won’t appear on your followers’ feeds—no matter how relevant or high-quality.

That means your reach and engagement will take a nosedive. Your business, campaigns and brand partnerships can suffer with lower visibility on the feed. Think of it as Instagram’s way of punishing those who cheat the system and buy followers instead of gaining them organically.

It can also hurt your image if you’re caught buying followers, even if they’re real followers or non-drop accounts. People and brands that originally wanted to partner with you might trust you less. And it can be really difficult crawling your way back up from there.

Active, non-drop followers will leave likes and other interactions on your posts.

How To Get Free Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Digging into your pockets for cash and buying non-drop followers isn’t the only way to get them. You can organically get free non-drop Instagram followers if you set your mind to it. That said, it requires a lot of effort.

The easiest way to get permanent followers for free is to befriend and build relationships with other users online.

To do this, look for accounts with content that you like. Target people who have similar interests as you. That way, it will be easier to make a connection with them.

Give them a follow and interact with their posts organically until you form a friendship with them. Over time, they may give you a follow-back and authentically engage with your content.

Because you’ve built rapport with them, they will be unlikely to unfollow you in the long run. Et voila! Organic non-drop Instagram followers right at your fingertips. The best part is that they are real followers, never bots.

Not willing to put in that much work to get permanent followers? You can also get non-drop followers as part of a bundle when you order social media marketing services from some websites. Keep an eye out for sites that offer non-drop followers as an add-on to their main services.

Investing in Permanent Followers: Where To Buy Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Building relationships so your followers don’t drop you is the most cost-efficient way to get loyal followers. But if you do want to invest money and buy non-drop Instagram followers, you’re in luck. Several websites sell these permanent followers as well.

Granted, not many sites will advertise these followers as “non-drop.” After all, the term is still quite new in the social media space. You’ll have to read between the lines and look for high-quality followers that aren’t likely to unfollow you after a few days.

We highly recommend getting the services of a team specializing in Instagram growth, not just giving out followers. That way, you can be sure you get followers that won’t drop out. This is something we at Path Social can help with. Our targeting tool helps connect your content with people who will like it. That means they’re less likely to “drop” and unfollow you after a while.

Want to buy non-drop followers that will get you that higher follower count fast? We have recommendations for that, too. Here are a few websites where you can purchase non-drop Instagram followers and see results quickly:

UseViral: Get Non-Drop Instagram Followers That Fit Your Target Audience

If you want followers in a specific demographic, UseViral is a terrific option for you. This website allows you to choose a specific target audience for the permanent followers they provide. You can choose from filters on gender, age, ethnicity and many more before making secure payments and getting your new active, non-drop followers.

Viralyft: Slow and Steady Growth of Instagram Non-Drop Followers

Viralyft is another website where you can buy real followers that won’t unfollow you. They value authenticity in their customers’ followers. So, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality, active followers with every purchase from them. Prices start at around $3 for 100 followers.

The only con is that, unlike other websites, Viralyft takes a while before delivering your non-drop Instagram followers. You may take 1-3 days to see them rolling in. This means that the website is taking its time finding the best, most high-quality followers for you.

SocialPros: For Cheap Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Next, we have SocialPros—our top pick for those who want cheap non-drop Instagram followers. Their prices start at $2.50 for 100 real followers. And for a whopping 150,000 high-quality followers, you can pay as low as $149. What a steal!

This website provides more than just followers. They also have many social media marketing services available. You can purchase likes, comments and even Instagram Reel views from them whenever you want.

FollowMeter: Non-Drop Instagram Follower App for Monitoring Permanence

FollowMeter isn’t exactly a place you can buy followers. However, it’s a non-drop Instagram follower app we highly recommend for monitoring whether your followers are unfollowing you. That way, you can track whether your investments from the previous three websites are actually worth it.

With FollowMeter, you can check who has recently unfollowed you, which among your followers aren’t following you back and who has blocked you. You’ll also see the active followers that interact with your content the most. Overall, it’s an awesome way to supplement your hunt for legitimate, authentic non-drop Instagram followers.

A fun, creative, innovative Instagram aesthetic will keep your followers interested, preventing them from unfollowing you.

After You Get Non-Drop Instagram Followers, Fight To Keep Them

Many social media marketing services and websites advertise their followers as non-drop. But if we’re being honest, there’s no way to know for sure that these users will never unfollow you.

So, as soon as you get non-drop Instagram followers from a purchase, make sure you fight to keep them around. Don’t get complacent. Just because a random website tells you these people will never unfollow you doesn’t make it true. The best thing you can do is cover your bases and give them no reason to unfollow you at all.

You can never be too sure that the followers you bought online will stay with you forever. Here are our top tips for getting your non-drop Instagram followers to stick around long after they first followed you:

Create Aesthetically Pleasing, Relevant Content

Make your content as relevant and aesthetically pleasing as possible. That way, your active followers will crave more of your content. By creating beautiful content that people find interesting and engaging, you can rest assured that they won’t unfollow you.

It’s smart to stick to an aesthetic that encapsulates your brand personality when creating content. If you have a bright and bold persona, post vibrant photos and OOTDs. If you’re calmer and more laid back, see if you can pull off a minimalist vibe with a nude color palette.

Find your signature style. This can capture your followers’ attention and make your content more enjoyable. And when you captivate them, they will never “drop” you. 

Engage With Your Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Another way to get followers to stick around forever is to bond with them. When they interact with you through a comment on your post or a direct message, make sure to reply to them. If they tag you in a Reel or Story, repost it to your profile.

If you’re a brand, strengthen your connection with customers by answering their queries and comments. If they happen to post user-generated content unprompted, acknowledge and incentivize it. Make them feel like they’re part of your brand so they never unfollow you. Not only will it allow you to keep them forever, but it can even drive sales and conversions.

Build camaraderie and genuine friendships on Instagram. These are your secret weapons in keeping non-drop Instagram followers forever. 

Collaborate With Other Brands To Pique People’s Interest

Another way to catch your active followers’ attention is to collaborate with other brands they might be interested in. This will make them keep their eyes on you, so you never have to worry about them hitting that “unfollow” button.

The awesome thing about working with another brand is that you might also get a few new followers from their community. And because they are real, active followers, there’s a high chance they’ll end up being non-drop followers.

Host Fun Contests for Your Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Keep your engagement rate high by hosting giveaways and contests for your community when you can. People are always stoked about free stuff, especially if it’s from a brand they’re interested in. When people see that you regularly post content like this, they’ll be less likely to unfollow you.

Experiment With Trendy Instagram Post Formats

Lastly, experiment with different post formats, like Instagram Stories and Reels, to keep your non-drop Instagram followers. Switching up what kind of content you put out keeps your followers on their toes. They won’t know what to expect from you, so they’ll always be excited about what you come up with next.

Having a good bond with your followers will get them to stay permanently. They’ll send likes and comments your way, too.

Non-Drop Instagram Followers Are the Key To Consistent Growth and Engagement

Non-drop Instagram followers are awesome for any Instagram content creator who wants a consistently high follower count. Since they stick around forever and don’t unfollow you, you never have to worry about your number of followers dropping.

There are plenty of websites online to buy non-drop followers. The best part is that they’re not too expensive.

You can also turn your organic followers into non-drop followers by putting out compelling, high-quality content and building a relationship with them.

Another way to get non-drop followers is by working with Path Social. Our advanced AI algorithm works to serve your content to real people who will love your content.

As a result, you’ll get an uptick in engagement and active followers. And because these are real followers who enjoy your content, you can bet they’ll be non-drop Instagram followers. So, what are you waiting for? Grow your community of followers today with Path Social!