Yellow Duck: How To Stream on IG Live From Your Desktop

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Instagram 101 | Apr 03, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Going on Instagram Live is a terrific way to engage your followers and strengthen your connection with them. You can showcase your brand’s products, answer questions sent in by fans in real time, or simply hang out online. Whether you’re a business or influencer, Yellow Duck is an app you’ll want in your repertoire of streaming software.

One of the biggest problems creators face when live streaming on Instagram is having to use their phones. After all, these are the only devices you can use to go on Instagram Live instantly. Creators typically have to sacrifice production value, audio quality, and more just to stream through their phones.

Thankfully, today, there are plenty of new apps and intermediary software that let you stream on Live with any device. They give you the flexibility to stream in a more dynamic, high-quality way with the effects and settings you want. Yellow Duck is a part of this roster of programs.

Do you want to discover more about this software and how it contributes to better streaming experiences on Instagram? Keep reading this guide to learn more about it.

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How Live Streaming on Instagram Helps Boost Your Brand

Most brands and influencers on Instagram spend most of their time curating the perfect feed design. But cute photos and funny videos aren’t enough to make you stand out on the app anymore. This is something every creator does. If you want to give your brand a leg up on Instagram, you must engage your followers in other ways.

One of the best audience engagement strategies is setting up an Instagram Live session on your page. This allows you to interact with your fanbase in real time, not just through curated feed posts.

By talking to your followers directly through a live stream, you can show off your personality and authenticity. It also strengthens your relationship with fans when you show that you care about spending time with them.

Live streaming also presents opportunities for brands to promote their business in a creative way. From Q&A sessions with experts to live shopping streams, there are many ways to boost brand visibility through IG Live.

Going on IG Live also increases your visibility on your followers’ feeds. Any time someone you follow has a Live video, it appears at the very top of the Instagram Stories pile. If you host an IG Live, there’s no way your followers will miss it!

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Introducing Instagram Live Producer—IG’s Newest Feature for Seamless Streaming

As mentioned earlier, live streaming on Instagram can be difficult for some because it’s limited to streaming with a phone. In recent years, Instagram has acknowledged this. So, they came out with Instagram Live Producer—a feature that allows users to livestream on IG from any device.

Live Producer works as an intermediary site that integrates your favorite streaming software with your Instagram account. That way, you can run your Live “show” on flexible, creative software on devices like your tablets and desktops. This paves the way for high-quality productions, scene-switching, better microphone settings, multi-source video layouts, and more on Instagram Live.

Here’s how to use Live Producer to stream on Instagram from a streaming software, step by step:

1. Open your favorite streaming software, like OBS Studio or Restream.

2. Make sure that the video settings in your software are compatible with Instagram’s specifications. Check the official Live Producer website to see specs on aspect ratio, frames per second, resolution, audio format, and more.

3. Find the part of your software that allows you to input your unique stream URL and stream key.

4. Open the Instagram website on your desktop or other device and start a Live video to access Live Producer.

5. The screen that pops up before you start your Live session should contain a URL and stream key. Input those details into your streaming software to link your Instagram account to your live stream.

6. Check on the Live Producer viewer to see how your stream currently looks.

7. Once you’re happy with how the stream appears on the screen, hit Go Live to start your stream.

Currently, Live Producer is available only on Instagram and cannot simultaneously cast on its partner platform, Facebook.

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What App Can Be an Awesome Alternative To Live Producer?

Although Live Producer is extremely convenient and helpful for streaming, it’s sadly not available universally. Meta is still currently rolling it out, so many regions don’t have access to it.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternative intermediary apps that can link streaming platforms to your Instagram account. One of these apps is Yellow Duck, a program that lets you stream from your desktop to Instagram Live.

This California-based company and app allows anyone to broadcast from their streaming platforms straight to IG Live. It’s basically a bridge between your favorite streaming app and the Instagram platform. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows and works well with top streaming platforms like OBS Studio, Wirecast, and more.

What’s awesome about this app is that it’s absolutely free. That means you don’t have to spend big bucks just to give your followers a pleasant, convenient streaming experience. So, if your region doesn’t yet have access to Live Producer, consider the Yellow Duck Instagram setup instead.

How To Use Yellow Duck for Instagram, Step-by-Step

One might think that because it is a third-party app, it’ll be more difficult to use than Live Producer. But that’s far from the truth, as the software is actually pretty easy to set up. Here’s how to use Yellow Duck for Instagram Live streams on your Mac or PC in a few simple steps:

1. Download the app from their official website.

2. Run the application and install it on your desktop.

3. When the installation process is complete, open the program.

4. Log into the software using your Instagram credentials. This step is crucial because your authentication is the key to integrating your stream with your Instagram account. Don’t worry; the app will keep these details safe!

5. Find the Live URL and stream key on the app.

6. Open a streaming platform like OBS Studio and set up your stream.

7. Reconfigure your platform’s settings so that you can choose a custom streaming server. Then, copy and paste the URL and stream key from Yellow Duck to your streaming software. Note that these codes expire after a few minutes, so do this step as fast as you can!

8. Click Start Streaming to transmit your stream to the intermediary app and, consequently, IG Live.

And that’s it, you’re done! It’s easy, right? When you’re all done with your stream, simply click the logout button on the program to close it.

Is Yellow Duck Safe To Download and Use?

To use the app, you’ll need to provide your Instagram username and password. For many, this already raises red flags as this can make your page vulnerable to getting hacked and compromised. So, you might be wondering, “Is Yellow Duck safe to use?”

According to the software, it doesn’t store your Instagram login information at all. As soon as you click the logout button after your stream, the link between your account and the software ends. You’ll see a confirmation message to reassure you of this, too. They won’t have access to your account, nor can they log in with your details.

However, there are still a few online reviews from users allegedly receiving emails about suspicious logins after streaming on Instagram. The app assures users on their website that this is usual when using their software for the first time. It’s because instead of logging in straight from Instagram, you’re doing so from a third-party app.

Also, a few people on online forums speculate that using an intermediary software for streaming might raise alarms on Instagram. After all, even the app itself reminds users that they are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram. Because it’s a third-party app, it can potentially alert Instagram that your stream goes against their terms of service.

Of course, this hasn’t been proven. But it’s best to be vigilant of issues that could arise from using these outside apps.

Yellow Duck Not Working: Quick Fixes for When Something Goes Wrong

Is Yellow Duck not working for you even after following our how-to guides above? Here are some issues that might be causing technical difficulties and how to solve them.

  • You haven’t given the app camera and mic permissions. If you don’t grant these permissions, the software won’t transmit your video and audio. Open your desktop or browser settings to ensure you have these in place before streaming.
  • You’re using outdated software. Check the official websites of both the streaming platform and intermediary app you’re using for your streams. Make sure you have the latest versions of these to avoid any performance issues and glitches.
  • Your internet connection might be weak. Sometimes, weak internet can mess up your stream. Double-check if your Wi-Fi or mobile data is stable. You can also use free online internet speed checkers to get an idea of how fast your internet currently is. For important, high-stakes streams, it’s best to use a wired connection.
  • A firewall might be blocking the streaming software. Antivirus apps, firewalls, and other protective desktop features are awesome for maintaining cyber safety. But they can end up blocking your streams—especially ones from third-party apps—from working successfully. Remember to whitelist the streaming programs on your device before starting your IG Live.
  • There might be server-related bugs and glitches on your apps. Visit the official websites and social channels of your streaming apps to check for ongoing technical problems on their end. If there are any, wait patiently for them to resolve the issue. You can temporarily use a different streaming app until they fix the issue.

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