Instagram Marketing Service: Get Help So Your Brand Shines

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Instagram 101 | Oct 06, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Having an online presence does wonders for a brand. Being on a social media platform helps businesses reach potential customers, close sales, and reach their marketing goals. But the bigger your business gets, the busier you become, too. It sometimes gets to a point where you can’t handle the daily tasks of posting content or replying to DMs. When the load becomes unbearable, it’s time to consider hiring an Instagram marketing service to help you out.

Many kinds of digital marketing agencies can help with your Instagram marketing needs. They can help you churn out high-quality content, manage your community and even recruit influencers for your campaigns. That way, you can focus on what really matters—running the business you love and leading it to success.

Today, we’ll look at the different marketing services that can help you meet your brand goals. Stick around to learn what agencies might be helpful for your brand and how much these services will cost you.

A marketing service team working on a client’s social media strategy.

Hiring Social Media Marketing Services Can Help You Run Your Business Easier

Although social networks are awesome marketing tools, they can take you away from the hustle of running a brand. Creating content, posting schedules, ads, and answering people’s DMs takes a lot of time. If you focus only on those tasks in a day, you won’t have time to run your business.

So, it’s not a bad idea to hire social media marketing services to help you execute your digital marketing strategy. Professionals with expertise in Instagram and other social platforms make up the teams in these agencies. As long as they know your long-term brand goals, they can work their magic and help you run your Instagram.

Turning to marketing services may feel like a cop-out, especially if you’ve always been hands-on with your brand. But that’s not true at all! Digital marketing agencies are known for stellar work, whether they specialize in content creation, influencer marketing, ads and more. Plus, you’ll still always have the final say in everything, so it’s not like you’re not part of the process.

The best part is that there are tons of marketing services you can choose from. According to 2023 research, the number of American digital agencies has grown by 54% over the last five years. That means there are plenty of agencies out there ready to help you run your brand online!

A brand owner shaking hands with the marketing team she just hired for her business.

What’s the Best Instagram Marketing Service for Your Business Needs?

There are many kinds of digital agencies out there willing to help you run your brand’s online presence. But what’s the best Instagram marketing service for you? Check out these different marketing services you should consider for your business and what they can do for you.

Social Media Strategy Agency To Pin Down Your Target Audience and Game Plan

Before you even make accounts for your brand on social platforms, you need a solid social media marketing strategy. That’s one niche marketing service you can get to meet your Instagram goals.

A digital marketing agency specializing in social strategy helps you develop your online game plan. Your Instagram marketing strategy is the backbone of your online presence, so you must get a good team for this.

Professionals working in this service will help you map out all the elements of a good marketing strategy. They’ll help you identify your target audience and determine your key marketing goals. These goals include brand awareness, driving sales, growing your follower count and more.

From there, they’ll create a social media marketing strategy. They’ll recommend what kind of initiatives and content you should consider creating for your brand online to meet your goals. This strategy is something you and other marketing services will follow in every move you make on social media.

A marketing service team working on a brand’s social media strategy.

Creative Social Media Marketing Agency for Content Creation

Once you have your strategy down pat, the next step is to populate your social networks with content. If you need help with content creation, consider hiring a creative social media marketing agency.

Creative agencies are known for their knack for producing aesthetically pleasing photos and videos and writing awesome copy for brands. Their teams comprise creative directors, photographers, graphic designers and copywriters to make captivating content for your page.

They can help you churn out high-quality content on Instagram that can catch the eye of potential customers. These include regular feed posts, but also Instagram Stories, Reels and other trendy formats on the social platform.

The goal of a creative agency is to produce content that is relevant to your target audience. You’ll know you and the team are producing top-notch content if your engagement rates are high. That means more people interact with and love your brand and its posts. The more helpful, entertaining, and creative the content you have on your page, the more likely it will grow.

A content creation team producing a video for a client brand

Social Media Management Agency for Everyday Operations

Now that you have high-quality content that your followers will love, it’s time to post it. That’s where social media management services come in.

This service helps with running your daily operations on Instagram, from posting your content to replying to people’s comments. It’s pretty much the execution of your social strategy and content creation.

Here are just some of the tasks you can expect your social media manager to deliver:

  • Create a content calendar to space out when your posts should be published. The social media manager will strategize which posts come before which for creative storytelling.
  • Scheduling posts in advance, especially if you have plenty of posts on a certain week or month.
  • Community management includes replying to your followers’ DMs and commenting on your posts. This can help boost engagement rates and build rapport with your loyal customers.

Your social media management team will have constant, direct communication with your potential customers every day. So, make sure to invest in a high-quality team for this, as it can make or break your reputation online.

A social media manager working on a client’s content schedule.

Digital Advertising Agency To Manage Ad Content

Don’t know how to advertise on Instagram? Don’t worry—you can hire a marketing service for that, too!

Some digital marketing agencies specialize in running and managing Instagram ads for brands. They’ll set up your ad campaign online according to your marketing goals, budget, target audience, and campaign duration. This helps you reach your target audience, driving both brand awareness and potential sales.

Professionals involved in this marketing service are experts at optimizing your campaigns to ensure you reach your goals. They might even offer ad testing services to help you determine the best-performing content for your brand. They’ll help you get your return on investment on your ads.

After running your ads, these services might also offer analytics reports on how your campaign performed. You can then use these learnings to inform your future ad campaigns to make them even more successful.

Instagram Growth Service To Grow Your Follower Count

If your ultimate Instagram marketing goal is to gain more followers, consider working with an Instagram growth service. These services work to grow your online community, reeling in as many new potential customers as possible.

One of the best growth services today is Path Social. Our service attracts new followers to your page by pushing out content to your niche target audience. That way, you don’t just get a bunch of random bot followers like sketchy automation sites will give you. Instead, you get 100% real, authentic followers who will enjoy and engage with your content.

With a bigger fanbase, it will be easier to meet your marketing goals. You get more eyeballs on your branded content, putting your products on the map. This means you get higher chances of making sales and turning a profit.

Influencer Marketing Agency To Get You the Best Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing is very popular among brands today. Unlike traditional ads, seeing branded content from Instagram influencers feels more authentic because they come from real people. This makes influencer content more effective and interesting, especially to younger audiences.

You can work with a marketing service to help you build and execute your influencer-led campaigns. They’ll identify which influencers are most impactful for your target audience and have high engagement rates. Then, they’ll contact and liaise with these influencers to see if they’d like to work with your brand. If all goes well, the team will draw up a contract and get that creator as your brand influencer.

But their services don’t stop there. A team like this can also be in charge of brainstorming influencer content and tracking your brand ambassador’s sponsored posts. They’ll also be the ones constantly communicating with your influencers to build a lasting relationship with them.

Your influencer marketing team is also in charge of complying with all of Instagram’s regulations for branded content. For example, they’ll ensure that your creators always add the “paid partnership” label on their sponsored posts featuring your brand.

A female brand ambassador shooting content for a client.

Analytics and Social Listening Agency To Get Big Data

The best way to improve your content creation on Instagram is by learning from big data. This is something a digital marketing agency specializing in analytics and social listening can help you with.

These teams crunch the numbers to show you important insights about your posts and public sentiment about your brand. Then, you’re free to use this data to tweak and improve your social media marketing strategy and content creation.

Analytics services can track how your previous Instagram posts perform. They can tell you what content buckets work great and which formats don’t fare as well as others. They’ll also show you whether your results actually helped you meet your marketing goals. Reports will usually include key metrics like engagement rates, impressions, reach, new followers, and more.

Aside from performance tracking, this marketing service can also provide social listening reports. These reports show how people talk about your brand online and reflect public sentiment and topics often associated with it. Social listening reports can help you understand what your customers think of you. It also allows you to build a strategy on how you can maintain or improve that sentiment.

Lastly, this service can help immensely with scoping out trends that your brand can jump on. They’ll recommend hot topics and trends that you can incorporate into your content creation to boost your engagement rates.

360 Digital Marketing Agencies for All-Around Social Media Services

You might be interested in two or more of the marketing services we’ve already mentioned. However, it can be stressful liaising with multiple agencies at a time. So, if you need help with many kinds of digital marketing services, it’s best to look for a 360 agency.

A 360 agency offers all-around social media services for your brand. They can do everything related to your online presence, from crafting your strategy to finding influencers to running your ads. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for brand owners who need help with everything related to social media.

And it doesn’t just stop at social media platforms. These 360 digital marketing agencies can also help with other online efforts. Other services they may offer include SEO for your website, email marketing to reach your target audience, and even e-commerce.

How Do You Choose Which Marketing Services To Get?

Now that you know the different marketing services you can get, it’s time to choose the best ones for you. But how do you even choose from all the awesome, convenient services out there?

First things first—you need to define your marketing goals clearly. Without knowing your brand’s basic needs and objectives, you can’t choose the best marketing services to help it flourish.

For example, if your main goal is to populate your social media platforms with content, hire a creative agency. Then, look for a social media management service to execute the content and publish it for your target audience to see.

If you’re having trouble gaining more followers, go for a trusted Instagram growth service. This helps you create a solid fanbase to ensure people can see all the content you post.

And if you’re a start-up that needs a little bit of everything—from crafting a strategy to running ads—hire a 360 marketing service. That way, you can work with a single digital marketing team for every step of your social media plans.

When you know your marketing goals and what services you want, it’s time to choose agencies to work with. Create a shortlist of the top digital marketing agencies you want to hire for your brand. Do a background check of their legitimacy online. You might also want to check their portfolio and work for previous clients to see the quality of their service.

If everything’s good, reach out to them via email. Legitimate marketing services will also usually have websites where you can send inquiry forms about your needs. Then, all that’s left is to hop on a call and see if they fit your brand!

A brand owner looking at a marketing agency’s service offerings on their laptop

Instagram Marketing Service Cost: How Much Do Agencies Charge?

Of course, none of these marketing services are free. These services come at a hefty cost for the convenience and social media expertise you’re getting from them. But how much exactly does an Instagram marketing service cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all price for these services. Each agency will have its own rates for its services. The final cost will depend on multiple factors. These include the scope of work you need them to do and how competitive your industry is.

You should also expect to pay a little more for big, renowned digital marketing agencies. For example, your budget should be bigger for multinational creative ad agencies vs. for a freelance social media manager. Remember—you’re paying not just for their services but also their reputation and prestige.

There are many different pay structures for marketing services on social media platforms. Some agencies might offer a monthly retainer fee that allows you to work with them on a monthly basis. For a pay structure like this, expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000 per month.

Smaller agencies and freelance professionals, on the other hand, might charge you hourly rates. These will typically range between $35 to $200, depending on the kind of service they provide and their experience. Project-based pricing is also common for independent contractors.

Allow Your Brand To Flourish the Help of Social Media Marketing Services

Any busy brand owner can tell you how time-consuming it is to run a business. The daily grind can get so daunting that you might not have time to run your social networks anymore. But with the help of a few digital marketing agencies, you can streamline your brand’s day-to-day Instagram operations.

There are plenty of marketing services you can turn to if you need help with Instagram marketing. Hire a social media marketing strategy team if you need a clear game plan. If creating content isn’t your forte, recruit a creative agency to help with aesthetic brand content. Want to see what sentiment the public has about your brand? Enlist the help of an analytics and social listening service. Whatever you need for your business, there’s always a service for you.

And if you want to grow your Instagram page, get the help of a growth service like Path Social. Our Instagram marketing service pushes your content out to your target audience to ensure the right people see it. This earns you lots of likes and comments on your posts, new followers, and potential customers. Grow your community and meet your marketing goals today with our help!