Get Likes on Instagram App: Steal “Hearts” With Your Content

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Instagram 101 | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

There are few things more satisfying than watching the Instagram likes roll in after you post your photo or video. Likes are a testament to how interesting and relevant your posts are. So, brands and content creators clamor to get more likes on their content. But how do you get likes on Instagram app posts in the first place?

Today, we’re sharing our top tips on how to grab likes for your high-quality content. And we’re not talking about fake likes. We’re in the business of helping you get organic growth and real likes from genuine people. So, buckle up and learn the ins and outs of getting likes on your Instagram content.

Phone with a heart symbolizing the iconic Instagram “like” action.

Why Getting Likes on Instagram Is Important for Any Brand

Getting a lot of Instagram likes is a must if you want your brand to succeed on Instagram. When someone likes your content, it increases your engagement rate.

As a result, the Instagram algorithm bumps up your account’s ranking on the feed. This leads to more visibility and views for future posts, allowing you to reach as many people as possible.

Having tons of likes on your posts is also a form of social proof. If people see that you have a high number of likes on your content, they will see you as credible. This leads to higher trust scores for your brand, making you more attractive to potential new followers.

And it’s not just new followers you might rake in if you have plenty of likes on your posts. If you consistently have high engagement rates, you could also reel in brand partnerships and collaborations. This is great for influencers and creators trying to make a name for themselves by working with their dream brands.

Overall, getting likes on Instagram is important if you want to do well on the platform. It boosts engagement, shows people that you’re a legit brand, and gives you more growth opportunities on Instagram.

Elevate Your Content: How To Get More Likes on Instagram

Many people who aren’t patient enough for organic growth pay big bucks to buy Instagram likes. However, this isn’t always a smart move.

Buying fake likes will give you inauthentic engagement, not genuine interest from your target audience. It also lessens the value of real likes from real people. Plus, if Instagram finds out that you’ve been buying inauthentic likes, there’s a possibility of them shadowbanning you. Yikes!

So, it’s always better to get likes on Instagram that are real and genuine. Not sure how to get more likes on Instagram without resorting to purchasing fake likes? We’ve got you. Here are nine ways to drive authentic likes on your posts.

1. Get Free Likes on Instagram App With Relevant, Trendy Content

The easiest way to get free likes on Instagram app posts is by posting relevant, trendy, quality content. The goal is to constantly churn out content that will catch people’s attention and add value to their lives.

To ensure that you’re putting out high-quality content, use photos and videos that are high-definition and visually appealing. It’s way harder to capture people’s interest and grab likes if you use bad, blurry visuals.

Apart from quality, you should also look at how trendy your content is. The trendier the aesthetic of your post, the better it will fare in terms of likes. Relatable and funny content is always going to be a winner that will rake in tons of likes. Posts with glamorous aesthetics are also heavy hitters that tend to grab likes in copious amounts.

Two girls taking photos for trendy, aesthetic Instagram content.

2. Create a Diverse Content Mix for More Chances of Getting Likes on Instagram

Another way to get likes on Instagram is by experimenting with your content mix. The more diverse the formats you use for your content, the higher the chances of raking in more likes. When you use a mix of photo and video formats, you keep things fresh. So, when your new post pops up on your followers’ feeds, they get excited about it.

Feed posts are excellent if you want to show off beautiful photos. But it’s just as important to branch out and post video content.

Instagram Reels, for example, are getting super popular and are taking the platform by storm. This is where a lot of people spend most of their time on Instagram. Try your hand at editing a Reel and posting it for your viewers to watch and like.

For daily updates, consider posting Instagram Stories. Although these posts expire after 24 hours, your followers can still tap the heart icon to give them some likes. This still counts towards your overall engagement rate.

Someone taking vertical videos to add to their Instagram Stories later.

3. Using Popular Hashtags Can Help You Get Likes on Instagram

You can also get likes on Instagram posts by using relevant hashtags that make your content more discoverable.

Each hashtag has its page on Instagram. This page houses all the posts that mention this hashtag, whether it’s in post captions or on Stories. People who visit the hashtag page will be able to see your content here, even if they don’t follow you. As a result, your content can get way more likes than usual from people outside of your fanbase.

What’s awesome about hashtags in your posts is that you can use them as tools to reach your target audience. Look for hashtags that your niche audience likes to use. Then, include them in your captions. That way, the people who discover and like your content will likely be those who fall under this audience.

Post-it with the famous hashtag symbol written on it.

4. How To Get Likes on Instagram App With Collaborative Posts

If you’re working on content with a brand or making a post with a friend, publish it as a collaboration. Are you wondering how to get likes on Instagram app posts using collaborations? Here’s how it works.

Collaborative posts show up not just on your profile but on a collaborator of your choice. That means two different audiences will see your post. Since your content reaches a wider audience, you’ll have more chances of getting likes on your post.

And engagement on collaborative posts doesn’t stop at likes. If you have quality content, you could rake in lots of comments and shares from our collaborator’s followers, too.

5. Geotag To Get Likes on Instagram From People Interested in That Place

Tagging your location on your post can also get likes on Instagram. Like hashtags, location tags also have their pages on the platform. If someone visits a location’s page and sees your content, they might hit “like” on it.

Geotagging posts is especially useful for travel content. Picture this. Someone is planning their trip to South Korea. They visit the location tag for Seoul to find the most Instagrammable places to visit there. Then, they see the photos you took during your last trip to Seoul that you geotagged to that city. They’ll immediately find your content relevant and give it a like.

Tagging your exact location also allows you to grab likes from locals in that area. This is great for brand campaigns that target a local audience from a specific town or neighborhood.

Find your exact location to geotag your Instagram post for more likes.

6. Get Likes on Instagram Through Instagram Ads

You can’t get likes on Instagram if your target audience doesn’t even see your posts. One of the best ways to reach your niche audience is by running Instagram ads. By investing in ads, you are assured of increased visibility for your posts. And unlike buying fake likes, the money you use on ads will give you real likes, never inauthentic, automated ones.

Paid ads are a surefire way to reach your target audience and get them to like your posts. You can choose a specific audience demographic that your ads are shown to. As you set up your ads, you can also choose “engagement” as the main objective. That way, the Instagram algorithm will deliver your boosted posts and ads to people most likely to like your content.

7. Capture People’s Interest With Compelling Captions

Quality content isn’t all about pretty visuals. You also have to attract your followers to your posts with compelling captions. Even if you have a stunning photo, you might not get as many likes if you have a weak caption.

There are many kinds of Instagram captions that can capture your followers’ attention. Here are just some examples that can get you more likes on your posts:

  • Tell them an engaging story about the moment you took the photo you posted.
  • Share a life milestone that relates to the content you posted.
  • Evoke emotion by not being afraid to be vulnerable in your caption.
  • Share cool, educational, fun facts about the subject of your post.
  • Ask your followers a question and encourage them to answer it. Not only can this let you grab likes, but you get tons of comments, too.
  • Write witty one-liners, jokes, or pick-up likes to pair with your playful, funny content.

8. Check Insights for What Type of Content Can Get Likes on Instagram

Get likes on Instagram when you tweak your posts to improve them. To do this, check out your Instagram Insights page and look through the data there. The learnings in your Insights dashboard will give you clues on what types of content your audience likes. Use these learnings to make your future posts better. Note that only professional accounts will have access to Instagram Insights.

For example, you see that your most recent Instagram Reel garnered tons of likes and comments. This Reel was relatable, with funny content about relationship woes. Then, you see that a Reel you posted a few days ago—this time about fashion—isn’t doing as well.

That should signal to you that your followers love funny content. To get more likes on your content moving forward, play to your strengths and do more funny posts.

The Instagram Insights dashboard showing top learnings from the app.

9. Join an Engagement Pod To Get Likes on Instagram Posts Fast

Get organic growth and engagement in the form of likes by joining Instagram pods. These pods are small groups and communities that agree to like and comment on each other’s content. They’re usually housed on Instagram DMs and social media forums.

Using pods to get likes on Instagram may be unconventional, but it works. As long as you have a loyal, solid group that will continue to like your posts, it can be successful.

One of the best things about getting likes from people in your pod is that they give you instant engagement. As soon as you post content on your profile, message the group chat to notify the pod members. Active profiles who are online will immediately flock to your post to like it.

This gives you real likes within minutes of posting your content. As a result, you get a boost in your rank in the algorithm. This gives your post more visibility on other people’s feeds.

Ease Your Social Media Anxiety: How To Hide Likes on Instagram

Some Instagram users feel immense pressure to meet a certain like count on their posts. Instead of having fun on the platform, they unintentionally focus on getting likes on Instagram content. This can lead to a lot of social media anxiety, making content production a lot less enjoyable for them.

Not a fan of the liking culture on Instagram? Don’t worry. You can always hide your post’s number of likes to ease the anxiety and discomfort.

This is a feature that Instagram created to help ease people’s anxieties about like counts on their posts. By hiding your like count, you can focus on expressing yourself through beautiful content, not how many likes you get.

Here’s how to hide likes on Instagram so you can enjoy posting on the platform anxiety-free:

1. On your Instagram homepage, click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Create your feed post and fill out all the necessary details, like your caption and location tag.

3. Click on “Advanced Settings” right before you publish your post.

4. Turn on the toggle for “Hide like and view counts.”

5. Go back to the previous page and post your content.

You can also hide your total like count retroactively. Here’s how to do it on a post that you’ve already published:

1. Go to the post with the like count you want to hide from others.

2. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of your post.

3. Choose “Hide like count.” After selecting this option, your post should say “liked by [username] and others” instead of displaying the total like count.

Keep the total number of likes on your post a secret by hiding it.

Apps To Get More Likes on Instagram for Free

While focusing on quality content and organic growth is best for getting likes on Instagram, some people will cut corners. Instead of elevating their content, they’d rather buy likes for an instant boost in engagement.

If that sounds like you, we’re not judging. But we also want to be sure you’re getting likes from trusted apps and sites. If you don’t want to spend money to get more likes, you can always use a free Instagram likes app. Here are some apps to get more likes on Instagram for free:

  • Famoid: Famoid is a site that sells likes and some packages of followers for maximum growth speed on Instagram. But to lure customers in, they offer free likes, too. All you have to do is enter your Instagram handle and email address. Then, they’ll deliver likes to your latest Instagram post within 15 minutes. What’s great about Famoid is that they will never ask for your password, so using their site is risk-free.
  • GetInsta: Another app you can use to get likes on Instagram is GetIsnsta. This site gives you real likes without asking for sensitive information like your login credentials. Because they only give you real likes from genuine users, you don’t have to worry about getting shadowbanned. They also have 24/7 customer service.
  • Magic Likes Meter: As a bonus, we’re sharing this analytical iPhone software. Magic Likes Meter is great for knowing more about the people liking your posts. You can check on the most active profiles that like your content. This helps you gauge whether your content is well-liked by your intended target audience. While the app doesn’t necessarily get you more likes, you can use your learnings from it for future content.

Get Likes on Instagram App by Boosting Your Content With Path Social

Everybody loves getting likes on Instagram content. Whether you get yours by creating quality content or from an Instagram-like app, those hearts will bring you validation. The more engagement you get in the form of likes, the higher you’ll rank on the feed. So, lots of likes equals more visibility and overall success on the platform.

Another way to get likes on Instagram app posts is by letting Path Social take the reins on your account. Our organic growth service focuses on finding your niche target audience. Then, we’ll serve your content to them. So, the people who see your content are those who will genuinely enjoy it, leading to real likes and engagements. Boost your engagement rates and grow your Instagram community with us today!